March 08, 2005

MSN Search

     Once again Microsoft felt threatened, and once again they've done what they know best: Invested money into another field of the world in an attempt to make more money. What this time? Why the search industry of course! With google's stock skyrocketing and being one of the most trusted (not including gmail) and blantantly favorite utility of millions if not billions of people, how could Microsoft refuse? Honestly?
     I'm not kidding, the truth is that to maintain the amount of explosive stock growth that Microsoft stock holders expect, Microsoft has taken to the policy of violently inserting itself into many new markets. The best example of this was when Microsoft politely requested that Netscape creators that they sell their revolutionary browser to good 'ol Bill, but they laughed in his face. They said that in a nutshell, since Netscape held 80% of the browser market, and while Microsoft held a sound 0%, the creators basically DARED Microsoft to try and match the numbers that Netscape had. And so Bill did the most simple thing possible: He fixed many of the underlying problems in Windows 95, and re-released it as Windows 98. How did this challenge Netscape? Well, bundled with every copy of Windows 98 came a copy of Microsoft's latest and greatest in technology: Internet Explorer!
     The simpler minded of the market (also known as the masses) latched to Microsoft's browser simply because they were too lazy to upgrade or didn't understand the benefits of upgrading. So suddenly Microsoft's stock boomed (quadrupled to be exact), while Netscape's stock (the first internet company to go public) crashed and burned until finally they were bought out for a fourth of the amount that Bill Gates had offered. So what did we learn? Well, most of you are more likely to subscribe to the moral being: "Don't challenge Microsoft, they'll kick your ass." Well if you believe that then you've basically just said that the software industry should become giant wings of Microsoft. And if you haven't already noticed most of the software Microsoft turns out is crappy, and if anything is normally practically still in its beta (testing phase) due to the fact that they have such a death-grip on the market already that they are forced to release their products before they are ready due to mass demand. But more frightening then that is that often their products are INTENTIONALLY faulty to make sure that you invest twice. Why would they release intentionally faulty products? Glad you asked!
     Because Microsoft now holds so many different software markets they have trouble finding new things to produce revenue. So what they've started to do is milk their current customers for every dollar they can. Mainly this includes forcing people running older versions of Windows to upgrade by making sure that newer products are incompatable. This is something that is not just because it would promote to much bloat in operating system size, it is simply to make sure that all of the people using microsoft products need to start using ALL new Microsoft products. They also promote writing excessive code and superfluous features in an effort to require greater system requirements to run their applications. Why do they do this? To make sure that in addition to getting all new Microsoft products you also upgrade that computer your on as well.
     Why would Microsoft care about upgrading your computers?! They don't make them, and they won't ever touch the industry or else risk being forced to break up for being a monopoly. What's the next best thing? Make sure that you have preferential treatment from the people who make the hardware that people using your computers use. What processor does your computer use? More then likely an Intel. You've all seen those "Intel inside" stickers, and the reason is that the #1 operating system on the planet offers preferntial treatment to the hardware manufacturers who use products from their best little friend Intel. In return for getting Intel billions by getting 80% of the computers on the planet to buy new computers Intel adds features that, while do work for all operating systems, often only benefit windows computers or help accelerate certain windows applications. All of course, in the name of pushing profits through the roof for our wonderful stockholders! Hooray!
     So what the hell does this have to do with MSN Search? Well, Google now has to compete with MSN Search and could either go the way of Netscape and die off, or start a new revolution pushing us away from the bloated, corrupt and worthless Microsoft. What unfortunately Google needs to do is be EVIL. It needs to start enforcing standards upon the web that microsoft will be unable to compete with. They already have to compete with MSN Search bar, which is now installed with 90% of Microsoft's web-based applications. Fortunately Microsoft's web-browser empire has crumbled and people are quickly switching to FireFox, despite the fact that Microsoft is going to release Internet Explorer v7 almost a full year before it's announced release. People are tired of Microsoft's bullshit, and to prove their not gonna use Microsoft's new browser. What people will slowly realize as they begin to shift away from Microsoft, is that computers aren't meant to crash daily! Despite what current computer use is like computers are meant to run weeks if not MONTHS without stopping once! That's right, computers are useful, no matter what windows has you believe!

And as a side note: I've always been anti-microsoft, I just hate writing about it because there are already so many fucking articles about it on the net. I've just been added to the cluster, but at least it doesn't suck.

Posted by Kickmyassman at March 8, 2005 10:37 PM

I can speak on this matter, having both a mac and a PC. I like Mac, a lot, but many computers are like this. I had a Mac for 10 years straight(not the same one) and for style, advanced programs, and awesomeness it is superior in any way. But not being a film editor, a garage band mixer or an avid iPod user, I find it frustrating. Word is a superior program than anything Mac has, including the Mac version of the product. The Mac Icons(toolbar things: minimize, maximize etc) are frustrating. They are circular(I dont know why) are small, and dont work all that well. The Mac basic programs are mind crushingly awful. To get any work done you have to get Microsoft Office, which is better on a PC.

Internet explorer is far from great, bu I havent noticed a difference between Firefox and it. Firefox doesnt kick out as often, but I will live when I load a page and get kicked from IE. That was it. Hardly worth the download time, as a result I wont bother getting it.

My Computer does not crash every day, it rarely freezes(tops once every two weeks) which is comparable to my Mac of the same age. I hate the Microsoft company(the only reason I got a PC was because I thught Microsoft was forced to scede Windows) for being a monopoly, but I have little issue with their system. I could have misread and you might have meant their CPU unit, I have a dell so I dont know about that. I have little issue with Microsoft, and for someone who isnt a specialist I am satisfied with the PC, just as good, if not better than a Mac for my purposes.

Posted by: Brian at March 9, 2005 02:48 PM

no one comment on this, I want to yell at brian first

Posted by: kit at March 9, 2005 05:16 PM

Why? I simply stated my beliefs, Firefox isnt all that great, and IE is more what I need. I was also saying that I didnt know what you meant by all this stuff. Windows is just fine, it isnt great, but I cant see where you are coming from on the crashing daily thing. I thought I put in a hint that you might need a more specialized program, but I dont. I am not up at 11 programming java, Windows is fine. What system is better? It would be nice if there was a better system, but untill that happens, I'll settle for Windows or OS

Posted by: Brian at March 9, 2005 07:48 PM

Pointless Anecdote below!:

At the most recent Macintosh convention, one guy traded three really good tickets to the Grammys for one ticket to see Steve Jobs' presentation. Meanwhile, in the nearby PC/Windows convention, Bill Gates' presentation crashed twice. Kinda sad considering he's the president/CEO/lord high everything else and his thing crashed more than a fed up user with a blog.

Posted by: Eric at March 9, 2005 09:26 PM

Reality Check. It was the Grammys. Who the hell cares. He probably couldnt sell them and traded them to get some sort of value return.

Posted by: at March 9, 2005 09:29 PM

Oh, and I cant wait to be pounded for saying that about Windows, try and do it soon, I dont think I am going to stay up to be insulted.

Posted by: Brian at March 9, 2005 09:30 PM

MSN search? Never heard of the thing. I could be completely wrong here, but I think it is unlikely to outplace google. Google became popular because of its usefullness, almost all schools promote it, despite the fact that it doesnt come preinstalled w/ anything. MSN search, unless they really can do it well, won't be that likely to do well, I don't think. Internet Explorer may default to, but I have never seen someone search from there.

As for you saying google invades privacy through gmail, I disagree. A machine searching the text of your email and providing you with ads just doesn't seem like anyone is actually invading your provicy.

Agree about Microsoft, but I will still remain a devoted Windows user, because sadly, as you said, Microsoft makes stuff compatible for only windows, plus games tend to only come out for windows.

Posted by: Andrew at March 9, 2005 11:56 PM

     MSN Search came out just a few weeks ago, more then likely no one knows about it. But the point is that they are pushing their product strong into the market. Try downloading the latest copy of MSN Messenger, it will actually automatically install the MSN Search bar unless you specifically ask it not to. In fact some people have even found problems when MSN Search Bar is installed that it can't be removed if you had any previous installation of google toolbar. Google already released code in the google toolbar installer to counteract this, but the point is that MSN has the power to shove their product upon every windows user on the planet and they'll try their hardest to do so.
     As far as the whole invasion of privacy thing I never said they did. I was simply making a point that google seems to be picking up a lot of things that just make me feel on edge. They've been doing things that, while not technically harmful, just seem creepy if put in the wrong hands.

Posted by: Kit at March 10, 2005 04:01 PM
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