June 18, 2005

Hey look Ma! I'm in Osaka!

     So I made it. After 5 days of orientation and about 18 hours worth of flying I am not only in Japan, I am also in my host family's home. Brian, if you thought my Japanese was good then good googly moogly we both fail. Fortunately they speak a decent amount of english so I'm not too lost. Anyway, I won]t be making too much of a post today, but I'll have a camera soon enough and then I'll show you guys what it's like here. My host family apparently runs a Japanese "love hotel," where couples can pay for a room. This is apparently a respectable business in Japan because there is so little space and therefore very hard to get any privacy. It's actually way too hard to descibe any of this right now. I'l post tommorow/when I get a camera. Sorry about the lack of good postage...

Posted by Kickmyassman at June 18, 2005 01:44 AM
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