July 04, 2005


     So I said there'd be an article which unfortunately could get written because I didn't have access to a Half-life using machine. Instead I have a random monty-python video and a short little ditty about spam.
     So pretty much everyone who has been on the internet for more than a month has gotten some spam before. I, being no exception to this group, have gotten much spam. But nowhere more prevolently than on my blog. For the most part you guys don't see the hundreds of bogus posts I get regularly, because I have systems to take care of it in the backround, but even today I had another 13 spam posts that weren't caught by my systems, but you guys DID see the first time when I was unprepared (see here). Imagine that that still happens everyday... about 6 times. In a nutshell? I get a lot of spam, and today on Wikiedia the featured article was about spam. It turns out that spam is named after a monty python sketch, which is now provided on my site, here. Sorry that I don't have too much else to say, but today is just that kind of day.

Posted by Kickmyassman at July 4, 2005 04:19 AM

Did you get that from the school library? Hhahaahh. Sigh. I luv Monty Python... now- it really is important to know if you got my email because I don't really have any other way of contacting you. It's been a week, and I need an answer.

Posted by: Jack at July 4, 2005 02:40 PM

Sorry about the double post, but... :D HAPPY FOURTH!!!! :D

Posted by: Jack at July 4, 2005 02:41 PM

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Posted by: Me at July 8, 2005 04:53 PM
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