July 13, 2005

A quick walk through Japan

     So the other day I was in Kobe, and I thought: I should make a mini-slideshow thing to show these guys what a brief walk through Japan is like. So I walked all the way up this big hill in Kobe to a temple, then at the temple, I walked all the way up the stairs, and walked behind the shrine at the top. There I found more stairs! I walked up those and found another shrine! And behind that?! A little walkway through a garden with more stairs! Which led to some little unstable platform with an awesome view of Kobe. Unfortunately, I need a little longer to get it working... Sorry... Check back later today...

--Edit: So after many hours of slaving... It's UP! HOOOORAY! Sorry the "high-def" isn't very high-def at all. Later today (today my time, tonight your time), I may upload the ultra-super-ridiculous quality pictures, but I can't do that here (Abeno highschool). Anyway, watch for the comments!
Check it out! It's Japan!

--Edit 2:
     Some more pictures:

Why, it's a vending machine with kitkatbars! I must buy some!

Here it comes...


Because I ain't eatin' no pocky for women!

Unless it comes from a POCKY VENDING MACHINE!! But it was out of order...

A Negima game?! Crazy! (But man, $70? A lot for a game...)

This was right before I actually got on one of these. It went all the way up the mountain!

Something I thought Alex would like (tell him to look Jack!). Side note to Alex: I bet I could've asked her how to wang chung.

Because I thought you guys would like something that actually looks like it's from Japan. This is at Nanzenji temple. They also have a very cool aquaduct here.

And just so that you know, they may look bad quality, but that's because I didn't want them to take up all the space on my server. I have a really nice new camera which I got here in japan.

Posted by Kickmyassman at July 13, 2005 05:26 AM

Wow. I love that view, it looks beautiful. I really hope you continue to have a good time in Japan and bring us back some pictures! (wtf? Video games in a vending machine?)

Posted by: Sam at July 14, 2005 01:49 PM

I will do so, dutifully. Oh! And I(we) really appreciate the slideshow- beautifully done and not bad quality at all either. Takes some of the edge off not actually being there ;)

Posted by: Jack at July 14, 2005 06:54 PM

Not a video game vending machine, that was just me taking a picture of a video game. Though there IS a vending machine that sells womens underwear. I'm looking for that one, when I find it I'll take a photo.

Posted by: kit at July 14, 2005 07:43 PM

(wtf? Women's underwear in a vending machine?)

Posted by: Sam at July 15, 2005 12:44 PM

Very good reading. Peace until next time.

Posted by: WaltDe at August 31, 2006 12:58 PM
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