July 15, 2005

Some random Japanese TV

     So in Japan, Volleyball is really popular. This being said, it also means I end up watching quite a bit of it simply because my host parents do. Yesterday while watching, I saw a commercial which really made me smile. Check it out here. The song I don't understand at all, but the words at the end translate to: "Such peace I've never seen before." (This part comes from someone else, I can't read it) And the voice-over says: "'New enjoyability, Heiwa." (That part I got on my own). So what else is happening? Not a whole lot. School here started again, but it's only 3 classes a day. Unfortunately, the clubs that I normally bum out in haven't happened for the last two days, so I've just sort have ridden my bike really, really far. What have I seen? Sometimes a lot, sometimes practically nothing. But you'll probably see some pictures eventually.
     In other news since I normally only have one or two classes each day, I spend at least an hour in the morning on the net. As with most schools, they have quite a bit of blocking going on, which I, of course, have been trying my best to circumvent. What have I managed to do? Nothing. I am just as incapable now of getting on my email, aim, or any good websites now as I was when I started. They only have Flash 5 too so even scuzzstuff doesn't work (some games)! But I found something that's really great as a aimexpress substitute: terraim. No install, 1 exe, and in the settings you can make it store information in a file instead of the registry if you don't have access. Why can't I get through, I hear you cry. Because the connection is directly firewalled, so all ports are blocked save for 80.
     And as a final note, counter-culture (one of my favorite webcomics), is ending! Could someone please back-up the site for me in case I don't get back before it's gone? HTTrack should be easy enough for anyone to use and get it for me. Basically? Brian: Download this for me. I'll be on AIM tomorrow morning (that's tonight to you) and I'll walk you through it.

Posted by Kickmyassman at July 15, 2005 05:09 AM

Kit, do you want me to put it on Scuzzstuff?
Reply/E-Mail me if you want it.....

Posted by: Cavalkaf at July 16, 2005 05:00 PM
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