November 30, 2005

Because I needed something for November

     So, I suppose most everyone has abandoned this by now. I mean, this is day 36 that has no update. The fact that someone might notice this within the next month would shock me, but this is all besides the point. I'd like to lie to you and say that I'm coming back on my daily update schedual, but truth be told it's been busy, and I don't know how much time I'll be able to start devoting back to the blog, or when. I may start updating with just little things until I get back on track, at which point I'll make my full blown response to banned ip. I hope to end the conversation at the next interval if at all possible, because it's really just pointless, because even if we do prove someone right, nothing will come of it. So here's something of an infectious tune for all those out there with their eyes still on me:

Oh... I added some extra code to my site so now you have to listen to all music on the site. Direct linking and embedding will result in hearing this. Working on a mix of php and htaccess to do something similar to the banners and buttons on the homestar mirror. Sorry if you really like the banners and buttons I provide, but they're killing my bandwidth so I'm going to start making the best of it by randomly making ads for scuzzstuff appear. Currently, I'm just allowing the forced move proliferate through all the browsers, so it doesn't do anything yet. If you don't like it, too bad. My bandwidth, my rules.

Please note: These extra spaces are just to even out the side bar!

Yep, spaces.

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