August 07, 2004

Grump grump grump

     Sup everyone, I know, I know.... I said daily updates for two weeks and I totally shot that out the windows when I missed doing it yesterday. But, like I said, I had work and poker. Anyway, I only had one doodle and didn't have much of a story so yesterday's post would have been incredibly generic anyway and I would have sucked too much story out of today to make any kind of interesting post. Well, here I go:
     Ignore this paragraph, this is a nerd's only thing. Unless you want to hear how I can talk, even though I am nice enough not to bore you. Yesterday's work was a total bitch. I went to staples and got an internal wirless card for the guy that I'm working for and then we went to his house and I installed it. They're trying to set up this acient machine as a fileserver, but I'm not sure that the 40gb harddrive that they got will work with the current bios. And if I have to flash the bios I am going to be fucking pissed. Sadly enough, I didn't even get to finish work there cause they didn't have any ethernet cable to hook up their machie to the network. AND THEY HAD TWO MODEMS IN THE SAME MACHINE!!! WHY?! Unless they were like wardialing then there wouldn't have been much point. and... myep. That was the job I did yesterday. And I just realized that even though it's my birthday tommorow, I said I would come back to finish the job. God damnit I'm a fucking idiot. Well, I'll go there and do work anyway because I know that nothing ever happens on my birthday.
     And the weirdest thing happened. I can't think of anything that I want. Nothing... It's really weird, and I can't figure it out. I just don't want anything. I'm waiting for two games to come out, that's it. Nothing. And it really makes me angry. There should be something that I want to get. Something I hope for, that I really want to do. I don't know. ARGGGG!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! The only reason I can think of for the lack of fanfare about my own birthday party is cause from a young age I've never had non-family birthday parties because everyone is on vacation and I didn't have many friends anyway so I wouldn't have really invited anyone. The most celebration I've had about my birthday parties was in the last two years where I went to dave and busters. And even then it wasn't like ULTRA SUPER PARTY TIME it was like just an arcade.

Humph... I hate this weird feeling that I should want more, but don't.

Oh, doodle

Oh... right... tommorow is my birthday.

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 7, 2004 03:28 PM

You have my sympathies, but stop acting like anyone reading this has a clue what you're talking about with the techno stuff. The most I could get out of it is that they don't have something that you need to do something so you'll have have to come back on Sunday. Of course, it could just be me being an ignorant idiot.

I've had the same problem, thinking of thinking of something to get, for several years now. Until my last birthday, where I got the FLCL DVDs, I had just been going for money so there would be no need to decide. Now, I think I'll be be wasting my presents on anime DVDs for a few years. Next up is the Boogiepop Phantom box set [Under the Gravity's Rainbow :)].

Did you ever think that your parties could have been "ULTRA SUPER PARTY TIME" if you had invited me? Did you ever stop and think about that, huh? No one ever thinks about poor old Brian. /jk

Posted by: Bio at August 7, 2004 07:00 PM

i understand your tech frustraion more than most people.

if theres nothing you want but two games that are going to come otu... why dont you just ask (insert name here) to preorder it for you on amazon. then when it comes out, it is shipped directly to you.

Posted by: louie at August 7, 2004 09:43 PM

the only two games i could think of that i cant wait for are half life 2 and battlefield 2... unless they fuck up choppers like they did in vietnam. thats why i didnt buy vietnam. cause desert combats better and free! ok soory im ranting. this isnt my blog.

Posted by: at August 7, 2004 09:45 PM

I have the same birthday present problem. That's where stupid fashion magazines come in handy--I can look at them and go, "Ooh, shiny! I want that!" and it becomes something for the ol' birthday list. I'm going to buy you a zombie, unless I can't find one within my price range ($5-$15), in which case I'll have to search through my room crazily, going, "Hmm--dried-up nail polish? Kit'll love it!!!!!!!! *cackles, twitches, and crashes into dresser*" Or I might, y'know, not buy you a present. But if I do get you one, then you're obligated to get me one, so now I'm not sure...

Posted by: Rebecca at August 7, 2004 10:49 PM

Who posted comment 3? Well anyway, yeah, I'm waiting for HL2 and Paper Mario 2. I'm also waiting for Zelda too, but that's not gonna be out for like a year.

Posted by: kit at August 8, 2004 12:24 AM

i know i already posted sayin this- but whateva... this is sam g and i went to pyle a coupla yrs ago and i know some of you, so hi!

Posted by: sam at August 8, 2004 01:29 AM
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