August 08, 2004

Victories on the Birthday BattleField

Huzaa! It's my birthday! I'M 16!!!!
Anyway, here's the birthday Battle Field results which will be updated throughout the day:

People who've said "Happy Birthday!" (with or without the enthusiasm) (listed in the order recieved):

1) Liz (my sister) 12:31 AM
2) Rebecca (the quiz monster 5000) 3:06 AM
3) Sarah (wow, I still can't believe that she remembers me at all!) 9:32 AM
4) Sam (the one who started using my blog comments section as a personal shout-out board) 12:44 PM
5) My Mom (who really, was the only one polite enough to wait till I was awake) 12:54 PM
6) Carol (the person who has me do the out of sync 1:01 PM
7) Barbara (who always manages to raise a smile) 1:08 PM
8) Brian (yep, I know he reads my blog) 2:37 PM
9) Lauren (My other sister) 4:32 PM
10) Chris (Lauren's Boyfriend) 5:45 PM
11) Felipe (a linux buddy of mine) 9:04 PM

Points for how nice they've been (my mom always wins so she's just not up here):
1) Sam invited me to mini putt, got me a present (metropolis DVD), and actually went to mini golf with me!
2) Brian who invited me to go to a theme park
3) Liz for being first on the list she gets big points
4) Sarah remembered my birthday
5) Rebecca who remembered my birthday and some other stuff
6) Barbara who I'm not surprised remembered my birthday
7) Chris well, nothing to amazing, but at least he said it
8) Lauren she's my sister, of COURSE she remembered
10,000) Carol who gave me more work (boooooooo!)

Posted by Kickmyassman at August 8, 2004 01:22 PM

A very happy birthday to you Kit. Now, I don't have any gifts for you this second, but some time after health ends (this wednesday) I was planning to go to an amusement park and you're invited. If you can find time on this Thursday, Friday or any weekday next week (preferably one of the Thursdays) then I'll be glad to have you. I know you don't like roller coasters, but it should still be fun.

Posted by: Bio at August 8, 2004 02:37 PM

happy birthday kit. i need to give you something but i dont know how to get it to you seeing as how i cant realy go to bethesda right now.

Posted by: louie at August 9, 2004 10:26 PM
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