October 23, 2004

No one's right here, but that's not my point

     Please no comments on your personal beliefs on this. I'd also kind of appreciate it if you didn't point out any logical flaws or anything. This was purely an argument based on our beliefs. And just as an FYI, my point with the gravity thing is that if I was pushing against my house my house would also be pulling itself back. Like I said, I know I normally like and want comments, but today, I really want this to be here to make you think.
An interesting conversation.

-- Just Some Mild After-burn from my brain --

     So here's just a few questions that I couldn't get out of my head while in the midst of my argument. If you truly don't fear death and want to be with God, don't you pray to die? Don't you wish everyday that God would bring you to his side sooner rather than later? He never points out why there is a point to this existance. Also, if God created the universe, then who created God? And if God just is, than why can the universe just be? It doesn't make sence. Honestly, I really wish I could believe in God, because in a lot of ways it would be very comforting. It would make me feel like my existance had a purpose. But honestly, I think about God too rationally. Basically the more I think about religion, the more it seems like something created to have two purposes:
1) To give people comfort over death. Because hey! Who wants their existance to be terminated no matter what they do?! No one, that's who. So people made religion and than instilled belief into it by seeing things they couldn't explain and calling them miracles.
2) To give people morals. If there was no religion, in a lot of ways there wouldn't be any reason to be moral besides the fact that people would reject you... but people wouldn't reject you if there was no religion... you get my drift here?
     Now this is in no way to suggest that I don't agree with many of the morals in the bible, I just can't believe in the stories wrapped around them.

Posted by Kickmyassman at October 23, 2004 11:59 PM
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