April 30, 2004

Mitch has crappy spelling.

Yes Mitch... Your spelling is atrocious. Anyway, we had a great time yesterday we drove to this town where everyone lives in the same building. Yep. Crazy stuff. Oh! Right, I wrote all about the trip there (it's not quite done, but I'll slowly update it while I'm here) and so I'm going to post that in the "extended entry" section (the link at the bottom of the entry). The award ceremony for my Dad (not just my Dad, like 50 people also recieved awards) was today and they showed a really funny picture of Dad (he looked like a Mexican refugee or something haha!). It turned out his award was just because he was a member of the Alaska Bar association for 25 years (impressive, but not quite what I thought he was getting). And so anyway, the important part of this blog entry is in the extended entry section, CHECK IT OUT!

Trip Through Alaska

     We started out in the morning, the day was cloudy and it had been raining. We all got into the golden rental Pontiac Grand am. There was an envelope stuck in the windshield wiper that was a warning to Dad not to park below the 6th floor.

     “Garbage,” Dad said, as he crumpled the letter up and chucked it onto the dashboard. The car lurched out of the parking lot, making odd noises and screeching as we slowed to pass the cashier. We passed out of the garage and through the city. Dad turned to Grandma and said:

     “So, Grandma, do you think you can afford to drop off your prescription now and get it when we come back?”

     “What? I didn’t bring my prescription. I didn’t think we were going to get it now.”

     “Well I only came this way to drop off your prescription.” Grandma handed me a map and asked how we could get from Minnesota Ave. to New Seward highway. I gave several options and we began to pass out of the thick urban region of Anchorage. On our right more and more of an area called the flats became visible.

     The flats are a strange area of deep brown sand with small canyons and lakes carved by a receding tide. The flats are normally covered by water, but every 6 hours, the tide flings back, digging the small canyons and channels that make the landscape interesting. The flats surround a brown-blue inlet, which, on the other side, was a city which was abandoned after an earthquake based tidal wave crashed through the city. On the left, I could see construction crews and train tracks below a high, cloud covered mountain horizon. Slowly, the mountains came closer and closer to the road, until there was a sheer wall ending at the road. The cliff wasn’t natural though, you could see small lines which were actually drilled holes that dynamite was dropped into before the cliff face was blown off. The rock face was varied in color; there was a deep gray-brown color and a lighter tan-sandy color. Unfortunately, the wall was so close to the road that looking at it made me dizzy, so instead, I looked out onto the flats and the inlet that was surrounded by them. The mountains on the other side of the lake were white at the top and melted together with the low cloud cover. Below, you could see long rivers of snow where avalanches had torn through the mountainside. The pine green color of the trees was patched with white where snow, left from the long winters, was still sticking.

     As the drive continued, Dad told me to look out for Dahl sheep. The sheep were not too high up at this time in the year because buds and grass hadn’t grown high up on the mountain so they had to come down low to eat. Almost as soon as Dad had finished telling me to watch out for them, we spotted one on a little cut out on the left of the road. It was a lonely looking fellow, alone on a cliff side, munching away at a small plant. But, because of our speed, almost as soon as we saw him, he flashed by us. A sign zoomed by on the right, warning us with big black letters: WATCH FOR FALLING ROCKS. We then passed by an open gate that said: Road Closed Due To Avalanche. The mountains backed away from the road a bit, and we could see the trails of old avalanches. Several of the avalanche trails deposited right next to the road in twenty foot high heaps. Pieces of wood and clumps of dirt littered the top of the melting heaps, giving it a dirty, tired look. Eventually, we passed a sign that said END AVALANCHE AREA, and we began to see a little more civilization. We could see in the distance a ski resort and we passed a small sign that told us that we were passing a town called Girdwood. Finally, we passed onto a curve in the road. The scenery on the roadsides changed to a much grimmer scene.

     The trees on the side were dead or dying, Dad said it was because the tidal wave that came through in 1964 gave salt water to the trees and killed them off. We passed by a river and spotted a moose. We passed another big curve in the road and we could see a tunnel ahead. A big blue sign on the right of the tunnel warned us to keep our headlights on. The tunnel was saturated a bright yellow from the lights on the tunnel sides, but we kept our headlights on anyway. Once we were out of the rather short tunnel, we saw a sign that said Toll Booth ahead.

     “I didn’t know there was a toll here!” Dad exclaimed, “Did you?”

     “No, I didn’t know either Walter,” Grandma said. We passed another sign saying to slow to pay toll as the road widened into a huge lot which was obviously designed to hold a huge number of cars but it was very empty now. A big truck blocked four of the lanes, and another smaller pickup truck blocked another two lanes further up. We read the sign and we were indignant at the price of twelve dollars. As we pulled up to the toll booth, we saw two people sitting in the booth.

     “Hey there! How’re ya?” asked the woman in the booth. The other man in the booth glanced at us before returning to reading his newspaper.

     “Just fine thanks,” said Dad, “So, how much is it to pass through here?”

     “Twelve dollars.”

     “Yeesh… I’m thinking about not going, how bout you guys.”

     “Well I think we should go. It looks like fun.” Grandma said.

     “Meh, I dunno…” I said, “Sure, seems like fun.”

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April 29, 2004

So, now that the first day has actually happened...

Hey everybody, now that I've actually managed to go through my whole first day, I thought I'd tell you about it. First thing that happened this morning was: a shower. Second thing that happened this morning was: realize that we left the suitcase with my underware and pair of dress shoes at home. Third thing: went and bought new underware. Anyway, we walked all around town and it turns out that Ancorage has a really cool musem. We walked all around town and stuff. Than we went back to the hotel where a convention (the one leading up to the big ceremony (not just for my dad!)) was happening and we took lots of free stuff. Some of the cool free stuff we got was: a stress smiley, a bendy man, and a bag. Anyway< this keyboard isn"t working< and they"re charging me $!@ (that"s twelve dollars) so I think I"m gonna go complain> See you all later>

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April 28, 2004

Hey! It's Alaska!

Look everyone! I'm in Alaska! For those of you who don't know what's going on, my Dad is recieving an award and so I'm here with him to see him recieve it. The trip here was insanely long though... gah... a full 12 hours on an airplane... Urrrgh... I left at 5 pm what time did I get here? 5 FRICKDIDICKIN AM! It was actually 6 am when we got to the hotel, but we arrived in Alaska at 5 am. But when we were landing in Seattle (the one stopover we had) it was really beautiful outside cause the sun was setting on this little inlet with a isand in the middle. Actually, it turns out the only reason we saw this was because we were about 10 mles off course... hmmmmm confidence in my pilot soaring here! We got to the hotel and it tuned out that we were only in the sixth floor 2 bedroom sweet. My Dad was all "can't we get a room on a higer floor?!" And I looked at him like "what the hell are you smoking?! Whatdda ya mean ONLY the sixth floor two bedroom sweet?! For god sakes at this ungodly hour (remember, at this point I'd been up fo a full 23 hours) I could be sleeping on a pile of bricks and not care!" And not coincidentally, he did the same thing at the airport and the rental car. "Can't we get a car with less miledge? how bout an SUV?" Urg... made me grumpy. Anyway, I'm in alaska and I won't be back till monday (apperantly I missing monday at school too! CRAP!) Thanks for checking out my blog! ciao! (note: ciao is the proper way of spelling chow).

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April 26, 2004

This is a test of my 56k

This is to see if I can put entries in my blog from my crappy 56k connection. Look! I'll be able to edit my blog in Alaska! Woo HOO!!

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Whoa! People are reading this?!

Dude! People are reading this! Holy crapmonkeys! And please post! POST! POST! POST! (Go Rebecca for taking the iniciative! (I spelled that wrong!)) Anyway, I'm going to Alaska on tuesday. If you have anything you need to say or whatever, nows the time to say it! I'll be back on like Saturday... I think... Anywho, I might not be able to update my blog so those people who are sooo bored that they need my blog to survive, can work on this while I'm gone. Note: I will up date it tommorow!!!

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April 25, 2004

I feel like a little red monkey...

After posting the second funny Alex conversation, I felt like a little red monkey in this song... or maybe this monkey... but the second monkey is a mean monkey... he's also been to Cuba. I've never been to cuba!

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Great conversations in Cyber-land

I've been having some fun talking to people and so I already posted some of my better conversations up here (like this and this) but I had a really great conversation with Alex Hill and so I though I'd post it along with some other really funny AIM conversations (that aren't mine). Anyway, check em out!

The conversation that Alex and I had.
The other conversation Alex and I had.
Why you should never get into Cyber-Sex... These conversations are actually from here but the internet is so inconsitant that I only trust myself to keep certain things active.

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April 24, 2004

Ha! I got it working!

I got my Atari working! It turns out my T.V. adaptor thingy needs to be all messed up to work good. So anyway, I'm giving all the people who sent me the stuff like 5000% ratings for helping me so much. They e-mailed me back and forth with help till I got it working. I was happy. Now I can't wait to get my games in the mail. And for those who laughed at my suffering (brian! I'll laugh in your face next time I see you!), you can just stuff it.

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April 23, 2004

Warning: Angry rant ahead

note to everyone:
Chappelle's Show is awesome. You should watch it.
note to everyone:
You are not any more black after watching Chappelle's Show. Therefore, unless you are already black, never use any of the following phrases unless you are talking about how funny Chappelle's Show is:
1) "Skeet! Skeet! Skeet!" This means male ejaculation, it is only funny on TV. Saying it just annoys people.
2) "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaah!" Unless you are Chappelle imitating Little John, this is also not funny, it makes me want to punch you.
3) "hhoooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!" Unless you are Chappelle imitating Little John, this is also not funny, it makes me want to punch you.
4) "Huuuuuuwhat?!" Unless you are Chappelle imitating Little John, this is also not funny, it makes me want to punch you.
note to everyone:
It is only acceptable to use these phrases in these contexts:
1) "Did you see Chappelle's Show last night?! It was sooo funny when he said (insert in context Chappelle's Show quote here)."
2) "Haha! Yeah... (insert in context Chappelle's Show quote here)." example of this specific one...
Person who doesn't annoy me #1: "Did you see Chappelle's Show last night?! It was sooo funny when he said Huuuuuuwhat?!"
Person who doesn't annoy me #2: "Haha! Yeah... hhoooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"
Person who doesn't annoy me #1: "hahahaha!"
note to everyone:
If you do use these phrases out of context, it shows that you're a giant poser who does nothing better than watch Chappelle's Show.
note to Andrew Felt:
This entire rant was aimed at you, and your unfunny gratuitous use of the word "skeet."

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April 22, 2004

I think I'm gonna go cry

The atari 2600... it... it... it won't turn on!!!

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April 21, 2004


Is: "L33T H@><0RZ" even as close to intelligent as "elite hacker" ? It's like saying...
"Not only am I not intelligent, but I spend enough time on my computer that I got tired of spelling things like a normal person!" Therefore, to be a "L33T H@><0RZ" you have to meet these criteria:
1) You must be fat. I know this because it is physically impossible to have enough time to learn leet speak and get the required amout of sleep and exercise.
2) You must have too much time on your hands. Otherwise, you would have done something more productive, like learning from a book.
3) You must be a total loser. Because otherwise you would have less time on your hands that you would spend with your friends.
4) You must have bad grades in school. Not nessesarily in every class, but passing home-ec isn't much of a feat.
5) You play too many video games. Otherwise, you wouldn't have even heard of leet speak.
If you do not fit into the criteria above, you should NOT speak the language that has become a horribly stupid fad, known as leet. Oh, and for those who have become so numbed by leet speak that they can't read what I've written above, here's is the gist of what I was saying:
"I FU><!|\|9 P\/\/N3D Y0U B!@TC|-|!"

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April 20, 2004

April 19, 2004

Those movie noobs

BigDog6700: so Alex, whaaaaaaat';s hapeening?
BillyTheZombie77: nm walter
BigDog6700: so, I'm gonna need to ask you start using the new covers on the tps reports
BillyTheZombie77: um
BillyTheZombie77: but
BillyTheZombie77: no
BillyTheZombie77: its my stapler
BigDog6700: did you get that memo?
BillyTheZombie77: (im gonna set building on fire)
BigDog6700: yes! I'm so glad you seen it.
BigDog6700: so many people are like whaaaa?
BigDog6700: and I'm all NOOOOOOOOOOOO!
BillyTheZombie77: those (movie) noobs
For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, watch one of the greatest comedies of all time... office space. Yes. I, with my superior movie watching skillz, am telling you to watch Office Space. That way, next time I say to you: "I... I'm going to burn down the whole building... it's MY stapler..." You will know what the crap I'm talking about. (note, I hate l33t speak, I was just using it here to joke about the whole noob thing)
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ohhhhhhh crap I missed a day

Well folks, I missed a day now... TWICE! Grrrrrrrr... Damn work. Anyway, I finished doing all the work that had swamped me (minus the math homework, but we had a substitute so that doesn't count), and now I get a day off... well, actually, I still have two tests tommorow so that kinda sucks..... hmmmmm... well whatever, I'm still happy to be free of that stuff. So what's new with me you ask? I'm going to help teach a class at Pyle tommorow after school, I'm waiting for the brothers chap to update homestarrunner.com, and I fixed cabs4u.org (yes, he ended up paying to get rid of the error message). One thing that sucks though, is that I really want the Atari 2600 that I ordered but for some reason, the deposits that are meant to go into my mom's bank account still haven't arrived despite waiting three days... maybe I mis-entered some data. Well either way, I'm just gonna wait till tommorow and see if it's there. Hopefully it's there now!

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April 17, 2004

What?! I thought William Hung was a good singer!!!

For those of you who don't know me well, I hate all reality shows in all forms. The only reality show I ever even slightly "got into" was survivor on it's second season. But most of the people around me seem to do nothing more than watch reality TV so I have stupid pop-culture refrences pushed on me all the time. One that I just recently learned about was William Hung. I didn't know anything about him, except that he is the star of William hung.net. Just today though, I found the video of William Hung that made him famous... this... Americans are really cruel! I mean I'm guessing the olny reason we liked him so much was to make fun of him! Or maybe... just maybe... people have just gotten so tone deaf by listening to singers like Britney Spears that they honestly believed that he is any good... *shudder*... What a horrible thought...

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A combination of work, purchases, and homework has completely swamped me... I have to do a self-test BCR, define a whole bunch of terms for social studies, do math homework, and an English project which was due yesterday (I got an extention cause I was swamped during the week and because I was sick on tuesday). Sigh... whistle while you work... la la la la la la... oh screw it, I've been having an exellent week for buisness, and a crappy week for school. I've nothing to whistle about damn it! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

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April 16, 2004


I got an atari! And it makes me happy. I also am getting "Pitfall!" (Note: The exclaimation mark IS part of the name!). Anyway, I was really angry because I'm making this website (Yet another note to those who think I'm a one trick pony because of this website: My client asked to have the website look exactley like mine, not my decision), and he asked for the pop-up menus on Advocacy and unfortunately although the product was offered as "free" it forced that annoying alert box onto the website! Gah! My first succesful pop-up menus ever... and THEY HAVE STUPID FORCED ADVERTISMENTS! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sigh, I'll have to fix that... and it was meant to be done today... fuck.

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April 15, 2004

Deadline...? Whats that?

I hate deadlines. Especially ones that come sooner, rather than later. Yep, I have to finish cabs4u.org for friday, and I have a project due on monday. This... blows... a lot... Especially because it means that you won't get to read anything interesting in my blog today! I'm just gonna keep bitching about this. All the stupid deadlines...

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April 14, 2004

Hey Nifty!

Nifty! I have a job with a big company now! I debug software they send me for moo-lah. Even though it's my uncle who owns the company I still think it's awesome. Oh right! I almost for got that I actually have homework today... and yesterday's homework... fudge...

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April 13, 2004

Wow, I must say...

Man I think George W. Bush is an idiot. Intelligensh? What's intelligensh? And why aren't you answering any of the questions? And the worst part is that he keeps getting his ass handed to him on a platter. But using all of his non-answer answers. Example:
Q: It seems like you're never admitting that you were wrong. What are your thoughts on this and why don't you take any responsibility?
A: Well... ummmmm... uhhh... I knew that they was gonna attack. But because we wern't on a war footing (?) we didn't plan for it. And most Americans didn't believe that we were vulnerable so we ummmm... uhhh... so we have to assure the loved ones of the troops in Iraq that this is an important task! And that is why...
See?! He didn't say anything! He just confused the hell out of me! I think that if I ever had a conversation with George W. Bush, it would go something like this. (Warning that file is pretty big, like 2 megs)

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I hate throwing up. Uuuuuuuuugh... Oh... and before I have to gag again, I made it so you can have anonomous posts. I'd still appreciate a name and email, but not required.

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April 12, 2004

Yay Atari!

I'm gonna buy an atari 2600. Yep. Anyway, I want to get one that has Pitfall!, Kaboom, Chopper commander, and some paddles as well as the joystick... If anyone has this I'd be willing to pay $55! Anyway, I just wanted to get some really retro games, see what the golden age of gaming was like. Yep. Stuff...

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April 11, 2004

Chilling at my Step-Grandma's House

For Easter, I'm at my Step-Grandma's house. We're all watching golf. I'm kinda bored. Oh! But one thing that's really crazy: One of the songs in chorus was composed (or maybe he wrote the words?) by one of the golfers!! Yep. Small world. The only reason I noticed him is because of his nifty name: Vijay Singh. Anyway, if someone from chorus reads this, put up a comment reminding me which piece of the music he did. It's driving me crazy! Oh, and a note for people who were concerned about stuff: I fixed the comments section of my blog so now it's possible to read the text.

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April 10, 2004

Oh, Right... Christ... That guy

Yep you remeber him folks, heeeeeeeeeeeeee's Jesus Christ! He died to forgive your sins and tommorow is the anniversary of when he freaked everyone out by comming back from the dead. Yep, if you haven't already guessed it, I'm pretty much an aethiest (did I spell that right?) and although I don't really give a hoot about Easter (besides cadbury cream eggs *drool*), I thought I'd put up a blurb about it. For those of you who don't understand the Christian religion, here is an outline:
* Chirst was born (Christmas).
* Chirst lived (Sunday mass).
* Chirst died (Maundy Thursday).
* 40 days where not much happened (Lent).
* Chirst comes back from the dead for one day (Easter).
So anyway, I've got all this stuff I need to do (2 websites, and 3 computer repair jobs) and of course for easter, I'm going to Front Royal to see my Step-Grandparent and so I have to pospone all this stuff till later in the week!

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April 09, 2004

I hate spaz

I set up my friend's new computer, but unfortunately, his old computer was infected with a virus and therefore so are all his backed up files. Now I'm gonna have to fix his old comp and back up all his shit. Damnit! Damnit to hell! Poop. He's getting all spazy now cause he thinks that the files that he copied to his computer were infected. I know they weren't, but he's still freaking out that he infected his new comp.

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April 08, 2004

Hey! I've been hit!

Hey! I'm picking up hit's for my blog! This is nifty! Anyway, I'm gonna start learning how to draw 3D... My goal is to make 3D as well as this. Anyway, I have to read The Once and Future King by Monday and it's gonna be tight! Keep reading and rock on!

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April 06, 2004


YES! I FINALLY FOUND THEM! Marshmallow's Last Stand, and Jumpin' Jacks! I also almost completely revamped the website! You can see the changes! I still need to fix the games section, but besides that, I fixed the:
*Museum section (Click on the helmet... It's the first homestar cartoon ever!)
*Old Toons (Click toons and select Jumping Jack contest... That's been gone for a long... long time)

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April 05, 2004

I've done some research and...

This is alway good for a laugh, did you know, that a computer with a 3.4ghz hyper threaded computer runs at the exact same speed as a computer with a 2ghz processor? The sad thing is, is that the only time a hyperthreaded comp out preforms any other computer, is when it's compressing a video in the backround! It's sad... You don't believe me?! Here! Look! try this! Another example, have you ever looked at te boxes of AMD Athlon processors? The box says "Runs at 3.4ghz!!!!!*" then the star at the bottom says "*Actual processing speed is about 2.0ghz, but when compared to similar products at the same speeds this processor out preformed them. " or something very similar. Anyway, this leads me to my pont, hate intel! yes, that's right, hate intel! Want to know why? They have the ability to offer us up to 24ghz computers at a price lower than the current price! BUT for some reason (more than likely a wish to not have to upgrade machines) they refuse to release this technology! WOW, WHAT ASSHOLES!

A note for those that are really, very angry... although all that I have told you is true, you do have to understand that releasing these new processors would require a revamp of almost all our current technology. They would need to make new motherboards and such to integrate with the new processor so it's really not so evil of them to do this, it's just their problem is that they would need to train new people to repair this new technology and they're scared of what that would mean! They don't really quite see the slump that the computer industry is in. But the moment that this new technology is released, everyone will need to buy new computers, new software, and new everything! So it would really be a total revamp! Not just a home by home thing. So don't be too angry.

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Ahhhhh... nothing...

Planning to put a new game on the network when I get back to school. But hey, I've got all the time in the world. Oh! Oh! And I'm gonna rebuild my cannon! It's gonna be awesome. I'm gonna start launching it by friday, when it's all done and dried.

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April 04, 2004

Hey! Where'd my hour go?!

Think about it, there was no midnight last night.... Isn't that crazy? But... then again, we had two midnights just a few months earlier... interesting... Another awesome fact about today is that it's 04/04/04! WOO! I think the only one that will be really awesome is 12/12/12, eight years from now. or maybe, similar to me, be born on 08/08/08, at 08 pounds, 08 ounces (I was born on 8/8/88 at 8 pounds 8 ounces). Yep I'm awesome, and anyone born then will be awesome too.

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April 03, 2004


It's tommorow! YAY!

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April 02, 2004

Does anybody want a blog?

I think I can give like 20 ppl blogs, anybody want one? I'm still just thinking about this so don't expect too much. Anyway, you seen those AOL Top Speed commercials? You know, the ones where they go...
"We can rebuild him... better than he was before....
Bigger, faster, stronger............
NEW AOL TOP SPEED! We finally caught up to Netzero and Earthlink, than gave you the exact same product that we've been selling for years! YES! WOOOOOOOOO!!"
Wait.... that last part isn't there, but it really needs to be. It's kind of funny how NetZero and Earthlink offer the exact same product, except for they started about two years ago, and it doesn't require the bullshit interface like AOL. Also, the spam blocker from AOL has one major problem, it doesn't just block the addresses you choose to block, but it blocks all of the people from a domain. Like, you try and block asshole@yahoo.com But, unintentionally, you just blocked everyone from yahoo.com... Few people relize that. Yep, AOL sucks ass. Hey, you know what. Here, have some free pranks...... Actually, these are kinda evil. You'll have to e-mail me.

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Yes I found it!

Check it out everyone! I finally found the missing King of Town joke page! I've been asking the Brothers Chap to put the file called "kingpaper.html" back on their site for a whil now, but, instead, I found it myself! Woo Hoo! It's like the most worthless file on the internet! and I HAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!! Check out my newly completed King April Fools Page! I also finally figured out why you couldn't visit the easter egg on the main page. Now, if you manage to find it, you can see it!

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April 01, 2004


Homestarrunner is gone!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! LOOK! SEE FOR YOURSELF!!!
Homestar... gone?
I think I'm gonna be sick...... Noooo HOMESTAR! I LOVED YOU! Wasn't that enough? Why... I mean sure I archived the site, but... why?!??! WHY O WHY O WHY!!!!

Just Kidding! I thought it was pretty scary at first too, but I relized it in like 2 seconds. I wrote that stuff above to freak ppl out. Anyway, It's PUDDING!
Best April Fools Joke of the day:
But if, like me, you can't see past the first 46 seconds, try...
this one
That link is kinda slow, try mine:

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