May 28, 2004

What the fuck?!

How can a teacher assign two books, two packets, and and three poems in a half-an hour? HOW?!

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May 27, 2004

tengo un gato en mis pantalones

No hints! Figure it out on your own!

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May 25, 2004

I insane am going to day to do am do huh

I have really been doing nothing but playing jumper for the past two days. Leave it be, it's a game made by satan...

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May 24, 2004


Ahhhhhhh what a wonderous word... bloat... as well as absorb! You can be bloating on the couch while absorbing food! Orrrrrrrr.... bloating in a seat and absorbing more space! Or peanuts! BANANULAR!

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May 23, 2004


I basically have nothing to post, but I didn't want to miss a day... ummmmm... oh wait! Here are some things that everyone should have so that I can play with them:
     * Advanced Wars (a Gameboy game)
     * Animal Crossing (so that you're as big a loser as me!)
     * Blog
     * Ummm... I was thinking of something else...
     * An AIM account
     * A playstation2
Okay, I ran out of things to write dot dot dot

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May 21, 2004

Sigh... I'm depressed...

Man I hate myself... I failed TWO TESTS TODAY! One in English (note: 33%) and one in Japanese (note: no idea but around 60ish). I hate Ms. Hazard's nitpicky bullshit tests! I know 1 thing when I'm done reading something: THE GENERAL IDEA! I don't know how the fuck anyone remembers shit like names dates and whatnot?! I HATE HER FUCKING TESTS! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... Oh, and even better than that? I had a finished 20 point biology assignment IN MY HANDS and I fucking FORGOT TO TURN IT IN. HOW THE FUCK DO I FORGET TO TURN THAT IN?! I AM SUCH A FUCKING IDIOT! AUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Just so that you know, the deadline for that assignment was today at 3:30 and he never budges on this shit) Then I read Rebecca's blog, and I realized something... I'm never going to see:
1) Rowen (The semi-crazy girl who was a techer assistant in my japanese class)
2) Chris (Or something like that, he's pretty awesome, but I can never remember his name when I see him)
3) I know there's one more person on this list I'm going to miss, but I can't remember who... Rishi?! HOLY CRAP! RISHI IS GOING TO?! OH MY FUCKING GOD! I'M GOING TO HAVE TO HANG OUT WITH JUST SAM OLDAK IN THE LAB FROM NOW ON!! AUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!
On a happier note, I finally figured out why my home-brew server isn't working... my crappy isp (Verizon. their Motto? Taking steps backward everyday) blocks incoming requests for port 80 so my server (which used to respond to port 80 pings only) was block from use. Then I foud this really awesome website called which allows you to run a server with not only:
A) A dynamic IP address, but
B) A port redirect service
So check out my temp game website while I cry! Scuzz Stuff!

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May 18, 2004

Cool! Games for all!

I'm gonna start up soon. It'll have all sorts of cool games like and except not the same! Anyway, it's not there yet... but it will be!

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May 17, 2004

People have too much time on their hands...

Orgasmic Chocolate:,,2-2004223095,00.html
Now you can orgasm without even masturbating! GO HERMITS!
I really like this site called and they had this funny parody done by a bunch of people who are bigger nerds than I am. Check it out!
And the original...
And then there's another thing from which is called badgerbadgerbadger. Someone came along and made this... The only thing that may be more sad than the fact that these people made these things is the fact that I was bored enough to find them.


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May 16, 2004

I hate review packets

There's a real down side to review packets. If you don't already know, review packets are meant to ask the question: Do you remember everything we did this year?! But unfortunately, for those of us who the answer is blatantly yes, the review packets being assigned as homework simply leads me to point out: when I responded yes to that question, I MEANT IT! I mean, I often look over review packets to see if I don't know any of it (like in Mr. Ellstein's class where we covered only 2 out of the 100 points in the packet), but I don't need to be forced to do it! I HAVE A BRAIN! BELIEVE ME!!! NOOOOOOO!!!

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May 15, 2004

I'd watch this news channel forever

Chopper 4:
We shot down channel 7's pussy news van.

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May 14, 2004

I'm so ashamed... and disgusted...

So, out of lack of better stuff to do (cause I finished most of my work. shut up)... I watched the pokemon movie. It was horrible! My eyes! THEY BURN WITH THE CORNY ENDING! AND WHY THE FUCK WAS IT SO PUSSY TASTIC?! There were all these parts where people defied Mew2 and he was all "Fuck you asswipe. I know grains of sand more significant than you. Pussy." Then he'd pick them up and start crushing them into an unrecognizble mass when he suddenly pussies out and throws him into water. WHAT THE FUCK?! HE SHOULD HAVE KILLED THE INSABORDINATE FUCKER ON THE SPOT! AUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Than, at the end, Ash says: "We shouldn't focus on the differences in people! We should all be friends! Like giant, blubbering dipshits!" And jumps into the middle of the fighting Mews. Then instead of dying (like he should have) he turns into stone?! And all the pokemon cry and bring him back. ugggggggghhhhhhh... And of course Mew2 decides that they should suffer amnesia and forget the whole incident. Therefore, the whole movie was pointless and I brand the writers at wherever the hell this was written the shittiest writers ever. Yes, they should all be shot for this creation spawned from a giant pile of shit. Oh! And they had these crappy comercials trying to bring back the 80s with Teenage Muntant nija turtles that are, and I quote, "amorized." I have no idea why in the world they call them armorized because they look so ghettofied it's not even funny. The turtles wear like catchers outfits and football helmets. And in an attempt to prepare children to be a completly MTV controlled generation, Cartoon Network now employs an idiot and probibly the most immature girl alive to introduce all their cartoons on Fridays. My head hurts. I'm gonna stop watching TV now. Except the Simpsons. They're awesome.

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May 13, 2004

okay.... I just needed to post

I think someone is hacking my network. Yeah... The wireless connection light keeps blinking even though no one in my house has a wireless internet connection... and now my computer is acting funny and the internet isn't working good. I tried activating 128 bit encrytion, but then none of my computers could connect (note: I'm not stupid I entered the 26 character hex code before I tried using the net! Yes I'm sure it's right! shut up!). So I just went ahead and removed my antenna. Anyway, my sister came home today but she was all tired so it wasn't all super exciting like: "HI LIZ!" "HI KIT!" It was more along the lines of I got home and she woke up for dinner where she made a very groggy grunt/hello like phrase. So I decided to see what the linux club was at Pyle cause I need help setting up my linux computer, but it turned out just to be a bunch of nerds who argued about the efficiency of current proceesors. I now feel sad because I fit right in... *sigh* So that was my day. It was too hot outside and I can't wait for the cicadas, but I found out that at Pyle, 6th graders are eating them left and right... in fact they ate so many they had to put this note on the website:
"There will be no more eating of cicadas, living or deceased, while on school grounds. " with this picture at the bottom:

So Jamie (Werner), you eating a cicada just won't be nearly as exciting now.

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May 12, 2004

Wow. SARS is like nothing

I learned that SARS' worst symptom is a "overall feeling of discomfort." What kind of weak ass shit is that?! And look:

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May 11, 2004

Dentistry man! To the rescue!

Hey! I think I might be getting my braces off next week! Awesome! But I have to go in to the dentists today too. Which kinda stinks, but not so much. Besides that, not much is happening in the world of Kit. Except for I should probably fix all those typos on the main page... Yeah... that'd be smart. Hmmmm... Well... uhhhhhhh... bye.

I'm not getting my braces removed... damn

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May 10, 2004

Too mooshy

Whoa. Group projects are annoying. Especially with Will (Palmer). Whenever we get a good discussion going his ADD (I don't really know if he has it but...) kicks in and he's like:
"Wow! This is boring! We need to like have Walter find out that Ruth is getting an abortion while they're on the show!"
and we're all like:
"No, that would make it a trashy talk show rather than a panel discussion. Dumbass." So anyway, we've gotten like no work done on the skit and it's due wednesday. Yep. Oh! But I finally figured out how to steal some good code without actually stealing his code! I made this nifty stuff. Which I won't tell you about because of copyright laws.
Anyway, life is good. Except work. Work is not good. Except when I want to. Which is not often. Like I feel like finishing But it took effort... and now, the motivation is gone. Anyway, more people should e-mail me for no apparent reason. That'd be nice. Like if I started getting spam, I'd be happy. Want to know why? 'Cause it would give me a chance to make my spam blocker work well.

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May 07, 2004

Arg... I shouldn't have opened a buisness...

Soooooooo mucccccccccchh woooorrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkk... wants a revamp, I still need to do, and I still have makeup work, homework, and a group project due tuesday! Urg, sighhhhhhhhh... I are depressing myself.

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May 06, 2004


This guy is my hero. Check him out:
Well... he's French, but that won't stop me from being impressed by this dude. He's like a giant nerd, but he still went in front of all those people and preformed.

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May 05, 2004

I'm gonna miss Mr. D

So, from the looks of it, Mr. Davidson (the choral teacher at whitman) isn't comming back this year. This makes me sad. Because:
1) I do not like Reed. He teaches when Mr. D is gone and the sub doesn't feel like teaching. This makes my eyes twitch when he speaks.
2) We don't seem to learn much when Mr. D isn't there. The classes have become boring and repetitive... and # (also known as sharp).
3) Not even Reed and Ashley can keep the tempo. We slow down constantly troughout several of our songs and in Yellow Subamrine, we speed way up.
4) I have no fourth reason.
Anyway, Mr. D not being in school sucks for chorus. The reason he's gone is cause I think is his Mom died. But don't trust me on that one. It might be something totally unrelated to his mom and I could just be an idiot in smart pants.

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May 04, 2004

Whoa! I'm home?!

Hey! Look everyone! I'm HOME! HUZZA (It's way better than huzzah :-P )! Anyway, I have to make crap up... which blows. Yeah, mainly because I have to take a math test on material I don't remember. Yep. So... something interesting... to say... ummmmmmmmmm... well... there's a new sbemail. Which is nifty. Uhhhhhhhhhh... ummmmmm... Nothing interesting is happening right now...

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May 01, 2004

Well, I almost ready to come home am.

Yep, I just got to the point where staying up till 9 Alaska time (1 am Eastern time) isn't all that bad. And yes, now that I'm used to it, I'm ready to come home (not sunday you fools! MONDAY!!). The cool thing was that today, when I logged into my blog I saw this! There are more comments than entries! Huzza! Anyway, not too much exciting has happened here. We went to a weird resturant for breakfast, then went shopping for the day. I got presents for all my family except my Mom (I have no idea what she would want from here) and so I'm feeling pretty good. Oh! And I got this really cool duck... you know! The kind that dips into water than goes up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up...

and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up... and down... and up...

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