November 30, 2004

I have odd taste in music

     Sup everybody, I was going to do a rant, but unfortunately I had to walk the dog and now it's too late to do something that thought intensive. So instead I'm just gonna do a little piece on my music choice. Now I'm sure you all know lots of people who have *ahem* odd choice in music, but mine is not nessecarily "way out there" just varied, dorky, and somewhat internet based. When I say internet based I don't mean that I downloaded them illegally I mean that they were concieved and created on the internet. So here's the cd I decided to make:
1) Dimitri Shostakovich Chamber Symphony For Strings Op 110a Allegro Molto
2) Choas Engine (Neutral Milk Hotel)
3) Kryptonite(Three Doors down)
4) King of Carrot Flowers (Neutral Milk Hotel)
5) Carol Of the Bells (Some Choir)
6) Ningyo Hime (Chobits Ending theme)
7) Final Fantasy Song (Ocremix)
8) Frostbite (
9) Holland, 1945 (Neutral Milk Hotel)
10) Istanbul (They might be giants)
11) Orchestral Ocarina songs (Lengend of Zelda, Ocorina of time)
12) Don't Let The Rain Come Down (Kingston Trio)
13) Snowblind (System of a down)
14) Oracle For Hire (
15) Chilie Con Carne (The Real Group)
16) March of the Sinister Ducks (can't remeber who this is by)
17) Jazzy Mario Tune
18) Spiders (System of a down)
19) Advice - FLCL Arragement (The Pillows)
20) Title of the Song (Da Vinchi's Group)
21) Night Santa Went Crazy (Weird Al)
22) Naked As We Came (Can't remeber who this is by)
23) Ants Marching (Rockapella)
24) Azumanga Daioh opening
     Yeah, I know it's kinda weird, but that's just what I like to listen to. Anyway, I'll probably post these tunes on the net, slowly but surely... hell, I already got a couple up here from earlier blog entries!
Ningyo Hime (Chobits Ending theme)
Azumanga Daioh opening
Don't Let The Rain Come Down (Kingston Trio)
The Final Fantasy Song (Ocremix)
This one isn't from a previous entry, but I liked it enough to upload it:
Ants Marching (Rockapella)
     Anyway, you can feel free to post about your odd choices in music or whatever. Just nothing that's really stupid. And when I say really stupid it has to be less stupid than lobster magnet to be postable.

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November 29, 2004

Nerd Test

     Well everyone, once again my entry (as seems to be the pattern as of late) is going to be short. Yeah, yeah whine whine blah blah. Well not much has been happening and I don't much feel up to many angry rants. So here's something to keep you guys busy while I try and think up something for the next coupla weeks. It's called the "nerd purity test" it tells you how much of a nerd you are with five hundred quetions to which 95% of you should answer "false." I, on the otherhand managed to get a decent nerd score. And, pleases finish the test yourself before looking at my score.
     The nerd test

Just a few of my thoughts while taking the nerd test:
BigDog6700: If I drive fast enough at the red light, it'll appear green?!
what kind of nerd would make that conclusion?!

Johnsri: no idea
: i dont drive
: do you even get that joke?
BigDog6700: gah!
Johnsri: nope
: I'm such a dork
BigDog6700: Have you ever argued with someone over which of two computer types/OS's is better? (Macintosh vs. IBM, UNIX vs. VMS)
When I read this I immediately said: "well duh!" then grabbed my temple and went: "Oh dear god I'm such a nerd"

Okay, here's my score.

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November 28, 2004


     Regular expressions scare me.

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November 27, 2004

Just in case

I'm posting this entry just in case I don't get a chance to later. I'll probably improve it around 1 am.
     So anyway, today there was a party at Sam's house where we played gamecube, poker, and ps2. Oh yeah, we ate pizza too. That was pretty much it. Anyway, since I'm still at Sam's house I probably shouldn't bother updating, but I feel like it. Here's a link to something nifty just as filler: yes, a lobster magnet

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November 26, 2004

Part two for cookie code

     Okay, since I didn't really feel like making much more of an entry than yesterday I'm just gonna make a part two to yestaerday's entry. Now a second cookie gives you a date of last visit.
     The last time you visited this entry was: . Yup... that's it.

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November 25, 2004

I'm keeping track of your every move

     ...Well, I'd like to pretend I am anyway. This entry is going to mostly be devoted to a cookie test I'm doing. Everytime you press the refresh button or come back to this entry on the same computer, it will remember how many times you visited it before! Well... almost. If you wait more than a year, than the cookie will expire and I'll no longer be able to keep track of you. Also, if you ever clear your history (via whatever browser your using or by an application like windows washer) it will delete the cookie and I'll no longer have the information. And the final thing you can do to delete it is if it is flagged by a spyware deleting application such as Ad-Aware (which is probably the greatest application ever made), it will be deleted. Whew! Lots of exceptions huh? Well it's still a cool piece of code:
     So since you last deleted your cache, you've been to this entry time(s). Now if you're scared of the fact that I've been keeping track of you, you can delete my cookie by clicking on the following button:

Anyway, that's pretty much all I feel like posting tonight. G'night.

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November 24, 2004


Happy Turkey Day Everybody!

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November 23, 2004

Java 3 looks like either a) A challenge or b) An impossibility

     Well after taking a look through the first chapter of my programming 3 book I'm wondering whether I can do this. Sure, I catch on fast, but 12 weeks is a lot to miss. It's a lot of applet coding from the looks of it. Something which I've only dabbled in. But more importantly, it's a lot of "inheritance" and "abstract classes." It's not important that you understand these concepts (I know what they are), but that they rely heavily on them for eveything, and that they are complicated and odd and hard to use. But you know what? I feel like another angry rant today (man, I must be angry this week... this is my third one!).
     There's a guy next to my in Japanese who owns an Xbox. Now, personally, I don't hold very much against Xbox (hey, it's not a bad system as far as the Xbox originals are concerned), but when someone advocates for them above PS2 and computer, all hell breaks loose. Now, this person sitting next to me happens to be one of the elusive few who says: "Xbox is the best affordable video gaming system on the market today!" Now here's my two cents. Xbox is a badly, hastily built, and bulky system that was thrown out onto the market in an attempt to spread microsoft's rein over the market today. But this isn't goint to be a rant about microsoft. It's going to be a rant about Xbox. Xbox, in all it's monstrosity, is something that was made by some hack who "was flying back from visiting [my girlfriend] and I had just got a new laptop and I was trying it out on the plane and I was thinking about graphics cards and I realized that we could make a machine that had much higher performance than anything else in the industry." To quote Maddox: "Yeah, it's called PC dumbass. Real revolutionary idea. Take existing hardware, throw it together in a big clunky box and call it a console... Blackley thought he had the formula for a great system because all the components were there for a great system (and they are): a powerful graphics chip, a beefy hard drive, a fast processor and DVD capabilities. What he failed to realize was that just because you have all the raw material to make a great system doesn't mean it's going to be great. Saying the Xbox is a good system because it's powerful is like saying you made a great painting because you used the best set of paints." This is pretty much the whole argument I have as far as Xbox's design, but one of the major points that my "friend" here brought up was that you actually have people on when you log on to any of the online games, whereas on PS2 there's never anyone on. Here's my question to you: Would you rather pay a one time charge of $50? Or pay a one time charge of $50 for the first year and a headset, followed by a $10 a month charge for the rest of your life; that will more than likely include a practically impossible to cancel contract and huge strings attached (such as any cancelations before a perscribed date will cost you $50 dollars extra)?
     Well certainly! You say, you want the first one! Why would you enter such a stupid aggreement for number 2? Well the answer is, is that people are apparently "never on" PS2's massive networks. Well the truth of the matter is that there are tons more people on PS2's networks than on Xbox live's. It's just that on Xbox live's networks, since there's only probably 10 good games, everyone is conjested onto those servers, so it creates the illusion that there are more people there. When, in actuality, the people are spread thinner because there are tons more, better, online games on PS2. So while you spend 15 minutes looking for one good open game that lasts several hours (depending on what game you play), you could instead go out and buy a different system with worse games and a smaller selection and make yourself sure that there is always someone on to play your shitty game with you! Anyway, I just think the Xbox is an overpriced badly designed system thrown out on the market without any forethought. All of the games are either badly made or bad ports of games from other systems. Like Halo. While I do concede that halo is an excellently made game with fantastic graphics and gameplay, it was a computer port. It was originally going to be a computer game, when microsoft purchased the product. And I must say that Halo 2, while also being an excellent game, reminds me far to much of pokemon's re-release of the exact same game with more features over and over again. Certainly I'll play it and enjoy it, but I won't endorse the system, I think it's a piece of shit.

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November 22, 2004

A sign that made me think...

     So as I was alking home today, I saw a sign that I've seen a million times before, and I'll see it a million times again. It was a tiny sign that read: Drive with care, walk with caution. Now certainly this seems like a logical sign to put up and try to meekly suggest that people should take responsibility for their actions. And you know what? People don't want to take responsibility. Now as much as it seems like people want their independance, what people really want is to be controlled to the dime. For every action to be regulated, and then some. What the really want, is to not know that they are being regulated. They want everything to be safe and secure and controlled, and yet still feel as if they have free will. That way, they can just blame it on the system when anything goes wrong. Now really, we all know this isn't blantantly true, but it is subconciously true. Think about it:
     How many times have you been experimenting and when it turned out what you were doing was wrong or what you were doing hurt someone else? I'm sure more than once. And what did you do when it turned out to be unfavorable? You blamed it on someone else. What was your last resort? To let the blame fall on yourself. What people want is to make sure that any mistakes they make are planned, or planned for, so that when they make the mistake there are no negative consequences.
     Now, of course, at this point I've just fallen into the usual psycho-babble that makes these conversations so interesting. This is a simple truth: Of course everyone wants full freedoms with no negative consequences! Who wouldn't?! But of course there's only two ways to achieve this:
1) To have a completely identical and regulated society that everyone makes the same mistakes at the same points. That way you can feel like you have freedom, because you make you own decisions, but really, those decisions will be planned for so they can plan how to react to them.
2) To have death and destruction in the streets so that no one has to follow laws.
     Of course neither of these are possibilities, and so people will of course have to shelve some responsibility for their actions so that they pay a price for mistakes. Which really, if anything, is something I'm willing to do. And as my wonderous quote (or rather, Mitch's wonderous quote) says (which clearly states my opinion on the matter): "One who is willing to sacrifice a little privacy & freedom for security deserves neither." -Ben Franklin My thought is either one or the other. I like my freedom and my thoughts. Unfortunately, too much of America is willing to sacrifice their freedom for security. Now before you bash me for saying that security is unimportant here's my thoughts on the matter: There is a big difference between security and saftey and freedom. Three completely different things. But they do have a conflict with one another. Having too much security inflicts upon freedom. Having to much saftey inflicts upon freedom. And having too much freedom inflicts upon saftey and security. Certainly there needs to be restrictions on freedom for saftey reasons. For example you shouldn't be able to scream "FIRE!" in a crowded movie theatre. But there shouldn't be so many saftey regulations that inflicts upon daily living. Unless, of course, that means that it takes loger to design and build your cars or grills. But I think that the degree of security that we have right now is outrageous. You do realize that we've given the government rights to unreasonable search and seizure don't you? Well we have, and you know what? As long as America is piss rasist and stupid we will continue to sacrifice freedom for security. And in my opinion it's not worth it.

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November 21, 2004

My life is dull

     Well all of today was spent doing homework and working on and homework, so not a whole lot interesting to report. I'm thinking about getting a new computer very soon, because a game that I actually give a rat's ass about is coming out. Yes you guessed it:
     Half-Life 2. Yes, after three patient years this orgasmically awesome looking game is coming out and dear god do I want it. Now most people say to me: "Kit, if you want it so much, why don't you just download it?" Well to those people I have three things to say:
1) Fuck you.
2) This is a studio that I actually feel like supporting, and you know what? If you like a game a whole lot and you want more games like it to come out in the near future, you'll buy the game legit and make sure that some programmer gets to eat for a week.
3) People who wanted download the game are the reason it took so long to come out in the first place. Someone really wanted the game and so he installed a keylogger on one of the main bosses computers. That caused most of the engine to be re-written. Time? 6 months. Next, one of the key programmers leaked a very early beta version of the game, causing another need for engine re-writes. Time? One year. (note: this is the reason for #1)
     People nowadays need to learn one of two things. Patience (HA! HAAHAHAHA! Like you fucktards will ever learn patience), or to participate in the actual construction process (Oh right, only about 1000 people could plausibly participate, max... so scratch that one). In other words there's really no solution to the problem, it's just something you'll have to learn to deal with because you know what? People will never be able to wait for it, or some fucked-up idiot programmer will decide to show off "his" cool new program to his friends and accidentially send it to everyone on the planet. So in otherwords, I choose to wait and support the studios which release products I enjoy whereas most of America chooses to recieve quick and stupid satisfaction and in the end actually wait longer than if they had just waited out ther first period. Hey! That sounds kinda similar to Les Miserables. Where Jean Valjean tries to escape twice and triples the length of his sentence? That's you America.

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November 20, 2004

I say: Making and maintaining a games site: hard

     Well folks, for about another half hour my games site is going to be down. Why? because once again my server has crashed. You may be saying to yourself: how in the world does your server keep crashing?! Well, quite simply put, because my machine can't handle the newly humongous number of requests it's been recieving. On an average school day there is over a couple hundred megs of games downloaded from my site. That's a huge tax on my bandwidth (which I'm freely giving to you people), but more importantly it's a huge strain on all my protective software and especially my resources. For example:
     Between the hours of 10:30am and 12:30pm (normal lunch crossovers for Pyle and Whitman), I normally recieve about four hundred connections. now to keep that in perspective that's approximately 3 to 4 threads per download and so technically that's 1200 to 1600 connections to my computer in the span of two hours. evenly dived that's about 10 connections per minute. Now think of my moinitoring software:
     If it takes 10mhz to moinitor one connection then it takes 100mhz per minute, or half of my total processing power on my computer. Now, if I normally have about 72% processing power free than all the sudden my processing power drops to 22%. At this level I now also have only about 1 megabyte of ram remaining. At less than 5 megs of ram norton antivirus becomes incapable of mointoring my computer and freezes everything to inform me this is so. Thus halting everything until I get home and hit the enter button. It's also difficult to find games that are "actually" fun. The reason I mention this is because I don't like sites that offer tons of games, only 1/16th of which are fun. I like sites that have like 30 really good games.
     But even more important than just having good games is that they aren't going to become obsolete. So very many of the games on have either become broken links or pages that have big white spaces in the middle. That's no good! In fact, it makes it harder not only to play the games, but it bothers you when you move on if it was marked as a good game. All of the games I offer are hosted from the place they are offered, thus guaranting that they will not dissapear unless I made a mistake, or the whole rest of the site goes down. The only real issue with this method is that it requires not only a huge amount of coding per-page, but it also requires my to break down a huge number of games that are heavily encrypted to prevent people like myself from stealing them in the first place. And despite the fact that I've learned so very much about this sacred art of stealing flash games, flash director games are still beyond my grasp unless they are maintained in a single file. Delirium is a good example of a game that is a flash director file. It's all inside that one file, so it doesn't need me to hack it to find all it's other resources. A good example of a game that needed a lot of hacking to find all it's maintained resources was the Mystery of time and space. And for those of you who've already noticed, even that is an incomplete hack (the final level has no text and the "TO BE CONTINUED" screen is no where to be found). But a good example of a game that is a DCR that I'm incapable of hacking is both loop and rampage on I'm still working at learning an effective method of stealing dcrs, but don't expect anything soon. Anyway, I'm done ranting, and the site's back up. I'm going to bed.

     After using some seriously modified browsers which logged all the files downloaded, I was able to catch all the files that I needed to hack rampage. It's now part of the site. and all this after what? Two and a half hours of work? Pssssh, those other sites don't know what their missing.

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November 19, 2004

I'm going to bed

I'm too tired, just finished another night of doing the play... I'm gonna head to bed early...

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November 17, 2004

The main point I was trying to get across, only shorter.

What I hate about Bush, only more concise

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November 16, 2004

Speech: I should be writing it.

     So, once again, just some random facts:
1) The Seven Sisters:
     Is an informal way of referring to Ivy League Colleges whaic are: Barnard, Byrn Mawr, Mount Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith, Vassar, and Wellesley.
2) The Mason-Dixon Line:
     The Mason-Dixon line is the southernmost boundary that divided Pennsylvania from Maryland. The line was set at c.39 degrees 42' 26" north by the two British surveyors Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon who marked out the land between 1773-1777. Before the Civil War, the line represented the division between the Southern pro-slavery and the Northern free states. In common usage nowadays it represents the informal division betwen the North and the South. The Line is one of the possible etymological sources for the terms 'Dixie' and 'Dixieland'.
3) Zip Code:
     The term 'ZIP' is an acronym for the Zone Improvement Plan.

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November 15, 2004

Due to lack of time...

this week will be filled with random trivia! That's right! Due to the fact that I won't be getting home until around ten thirty to eleven each night, in addition to writing a speech, this week's entries will be filled with one to three random trivia each week. On to the factoids!

1) Acetylseryltyrosylserylisoleucylthre
is the longest word in the English language meaningTobacco Mosaic Virus, Dahlemense Strain (note: yes, I did type all that in myself... yes, I know I have no life) (note2: it's 1,185 characters long) (note3: I missed a line or something, cause mine's only 1,171 characters long)

2) A Burmese king named Theinhko was killed by a farmer whose cucumbers he ate without permission (931 AD). Theinko's Queen, fearing civil disorder, smuggled the farmer into the royal palace and dressed him in royal robes. He was pronounced King Nyaung-u Sawrhan, and was known as the 'Cucumber King'. He later transformed his cucumber plantation into a spacious and pleasant garden.

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November 14, 2004

I am out of pants

     Yup, and until I get some, I'm Peter Pantless (for the few of you who get that joke (aka Brian and myself) you play to many video games and have way too much free time on your times). Anyway, I just though I'd give you an update on my life. As per usual I joined tech crew and it's absorbing a lot of my time. As per usual unfortunately. So Since last friday I will be spending 14 hours at school every day until this wednesday. Yup. From 7am to 11pm. And the real bummer? There are so many freshmen techies that I only have four jobs (including the one job that the entire cast and crew has to do together). So it's basically Alex and me waiting for our three cues. But there's even more of a downside than this! I have to deliver a three to five minute speech in English on thursday and have to turn in the outline for said speech on wednesday. The I have a chemistry test sometime this week. Which actually doesn't concern me (I think it's easy points), but it's still just one more thing on my plate. Anyway, I really have to get to work on homework. Sorry this entry is so short and crappy.

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November 13, 2004

Music: It's in the air.

     Well, recently there's been talk of my friend Alex starting a band. He says that he'd like me to sing for it. I started to really think about it and I realized that we could have a band a lot like They Might be Giants and just have a lot of fun with our music. I won't mention the other prospective people that could come be in the band just in case they said no and then when the band came together and people said: "Hey weren't you meant to be in the band?" And we get like a group following and they feel stupid and then at least other people won't know about it. Anyway, I thought I may as well post the tunes I've made to date and give a little backround.
     Now just as a heads up not only is most of this music not good, it's also short, and unfinished. Due to my complete and total lack of musical training in any shape form or fashon, all my music is written by ear and therefore it's almost impossible for me to write accompaniment. So enjoy what you can, and if you like a tune: post about it! and then continually yell at me until I get off my lazy ass and finish it. And if you'd like to lend me a hand at finishing a tune, I can sing it for you on the comp and send it to you, and then tell you how I want the accompaniment done (I know I said I can't write accompaniment but the point is, is that I hear it when I think it, I just can't phase out the other parts, so it becomes a jumble).
1) Silence for Sam (orignally known as just plain silence):
     This song began one day at summercamp. I was a swimming instructor there, but before my teaching job started I had to help get the carpool kids to there camp rooms. One morning it was raining and I thought up this tune. When I hear it I think it sounds like one of those old silent movies. The high-medium-high-low part at the beginning is rain. The parts where the strings go up are when things happen. Here's the scene: A limo is blocking a roadway, (first action strings) a car scids to a halt about a fifty feet away from the limo. (bells up) a man in a buisness suit jumps out of the car with a briefcase. (third action strings) he gets in front of his car, facing the limo. (bells up) He screams to the limo. (forth action strings) A door on the limo opens a man begins to emerge. (bells down) The man completly gets out of the limo, a girl bound and gagged is in tote. (fifth action strings) The man from the limo yells to the man from the car. (Bells down, double beat) The man from the car chucks the briefcase the whole fifty feet. (Strings down, double beat) The briefcase lands at the man from the limo's feet. (Bells and Strings up, double beat) He opens the briefcase and you see a shot of $100 bills (note: I think this should take place in Paris, so $100 in pounds/Euros, not dollars). (Bells and Strings up, double beat) The man looking into the briefcase smiles. (first gong) He shoves the girl towards the car. (second gong) she stumbles and falls to the ground. (third gong) She looks back at her captor and her eyes widen. (fourth gong) The man from the limo blows a hole in her head. You see this shot from the girls perspective, looking down the barrell of the gun. The man from the limo returns to it and flees the scene. I have yet to complete this song, but the rest of it is going to be the man stumbling around town, crying. It ends where he jumps off a bridge.
2) Music I think
     This song's origin is from during my biology finals. Don't ask how this came from that it just did. It wasn't nessecarily that the exam inspired me. It was actually the answer sheet. I pretended that the dots were notes and that's where the first measure came from. Then I just started from there.
3) Kinda Mysterious (also known as songolichious):
     This song was inspired from Noir. Don't know.

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November 12, 2004

And after 10 long, dull, and uninteresting days: He's back!

     Hello everyone. What's going on. Yup 10 whole days. It was a long time wasn't it? And those of you who missed my blog: awesome. It makes me feel like I'm doing something. Anyway. This entry has to be a tad more rushed than usual, as per due to the fact that I re-opened later than expected. Almost 40 minutes later than expected. Ack. Okay, here we go:
     So this week was way more action-packed than I normally like my weeks. Since I'm on running crew for the play, I had rehersals till seven on tuesday and thursday. But the really awesome thing that happened on monday, wednesday, and today was that I finally got my six hours of in-car out of the way. So now on December 1st, I'll be able to get my license. Hooray! But now on to tech (that's running crew to all you non-techies out there). We're doing Les Miserables as the school play this year, and for those of you who've read the book, you already know there's the large scene with the baracade and the revolution. Well we have a 7-foot-tall wall of junk as the back of the centerpiece platform. And so in thirty seconds or less with no oral commands we have to rotate two 700 pound platforms and center them. If it's not done in thirty seconds, than half the cast gets crushed by a giant platform. So after two rehersals we've managed to narrow the time down to... about a minute in a half. Aka: not good.
     Anyway, not too much else left to say except for: has started updating again. So check it out. Ciao.

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November 02, 2004

Election Day, 2004... A day that shall go down in infamy

     Today, my heart is racing. I know that the election results probably won't be declared for a couple weeks, and there's already foul play in the air... and yet... tonight is special. Something that I don't think anyone will soon forget...

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November 01, 2004

A little early in the day I know... Okay. Fine. A LOT earlier in the day than usual

     Yeah Yeah, I know. Most people aren't even up this late, but oh well. I had something to write about and I felt like writing about it now. So here we go!
     A long while ago, I got a "MobilePro 400" personal PC. It's quite cool looking... wait... I have a picture around here somewhere....
*Oh yeah... I forgot about this...*
*Is that... no... wait... what's THAT doing here?! Ack! I did THAT?! WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME??!? I mean.. um shuffle?*
Ah here it is!

     Yep, it's a pretty nifty thing. I got it for free from My good friend Thomas H. The thing's achient, and runs windows CE 1.0, but it's pretty cool considering. The only reason that I brought it up is because I had an old PC Card modem lying around that went to my old windows 95 laptop. I thought: Eh, the old thing probably doesn't have internet capabilites (let alone being compatable with my PC Card Modem here...) but why not give it a shot? So I plugged it in and behold miracles of miracles! It WORKED! No need to install drivers or anything. Needless to say: I was psyched. You would be too if your old, useless Personal Computer just turned into an awesome internet portal. I imagine I can set it up to wardial and do all sorts of crazy crap. In the meantime though, I installed Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer 1.1 and so now not only can I check my email, I can get on the net! Woo! Who knows what evils I'll commit to with this? Only time will tell.

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