October 31, 2004

I am writing this entry without thinking it through.

     I want to play Animal Crossing, just to see what halloween is like there. I dunno, I'm tired. I have a fog machine. I am repeatedly using the word 'I'. I am writing fragments. I say: Hooray for fragments. Hooray.

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October 29, 2004

Halloween happened, several death threats followed

     Who's one of the very few people in this school brave enough to come in wearing a clown costume? Me, that's who.
Why yes, I am aware that I'm the biggest dork in the universe, thanks for noticing!
And check out dem shoes!

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October 28, 2004

Woo! Halloween!

Mwhahahhahaha! I'll be comming to school tomorrow... exactly the SAME as LAST YEAR! MWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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October 27, 2004


     Yep, things around here? Waaaay to serious as of late. Like, I haven't even used the word like in like... 10 entries! Oh wait... I never use like... gotcha. So anyway, to balace out the serious factor here's what I'm gonna do:
     1) I'm going to say this: These are my opinions, don't take anything I say here to heart... well... I shouldn't say that, but don't take everything here like it's written in stone. It's my blog for god's sake! A BLOG YOU FOOLS!
     2) I'm going to post this video. It's funny and it's not politically charged... And hey! It's catchy!

     3) Going to go off on an inane tangent:
     So anyway, I got this bottle of Nesquick yesterday, and I know they spell it Nesquik now, but I think that's stupid so I'll continue to refer to it as Nesquick thank you very much. Anyway, like I was saying, I got this bottle of Nesquick, and I opened the cap and I was about to pull off the seal when suddenly I noticed: WHOA! There's MOLD on the can!
     Yup, crazy I know, so I took it down to the main office to ask for a refund cause for a buck fifty, I expect my cans to be sanitary man. So I went to the office and asked Mr. O'Yang (OO'Yang? Orange? ...however you spell his name. I wonder where he's from...) who to get a refund from and he asked for what and I showed him the bottle and he went: "That's disgusting! Go talk to Mr. Cambell." And I did, and apparently the cafeteria vending machines are different from the coca-cola machines so I had to go talk to one of the Cafeteria ladies. She was nice and gave me a refund, which I promptly went and got a new, clean bottle of Nesquick with. Yay!

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October 26, 2004

Kit is a blog Nazi?!

     Well I was told today that I'm a blog nazi because I dicatate what people should and should not write in their blogs. I guess it sort of did come off that way. And I did seem to say: If you write about your daily life without any abstractions, you're dull. Which, in my opinion, I think is kinda true. But I shouldn't say: don't do that or I'll chastize you severly! I should say: if you're my friend I already know what you do each day, I'm there! But if I don't really know you reading about your day gives me come insight into who you are and what you do. Anyway, here:

Liz: you are a blog nazi
Auto response from BigDog6700: GLARGNOKBLOFNOFSKI!
Liz: your friends should be able to have them and post whenever they want
Liz: it is not up to you to dictate what makes a "good" blog
Liz: gar
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: damn straight
BigDog6700: no blog for you!
Liz: I'm just saying
Liz: it's awful of you to dictate what your friends can write
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: I don't dictate it
Liz: they read yours without laying down assinine rules
Liz: assanine
Liz: whatever
BigDog6700: hahahaha
Liz: dont
BigDog6700: good word thopugh :- P
Liz: laugh
Liz: pooper
BigDog6700: poop
Liz: shit
BigDog6700: it's just cause I've read a lot of them, this was the system I had for checking what I think is a "good" blog
Liz: well
Liz: you sound like Hitler
Liz: so there
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: bummer
Liz: haha, exactly
BigDog6700: didn't mean to...
BigDog6700: it's just a system
BigDog6700: a system!
Liz: well
Liz: you don't present it that way
Liz: it sounds like "I won't read it if they suck"
Liz: "and don't bother asking me to"
Liz: instead of "I hate reading them for this reason"
Liz: "and here's my system of figuring out what i like and what's interesting to me"
Liz: anyway
Liz: whatever
Liz: just saying
Liz: I would cry if I'd asked you to read my blog and then it broke that system
Liz: hehe
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: well
BigDog6700: the only two things that I said make a blog "suck" is when you just write loooong yammering pages upon pages about your day
(like just talking about what you did) or writing like once or twice than quitting

Liz: well
Liz: I'm just saying
Liz: if Hitler had a blog
Liz: ...
BigDog6700: what?!
Liz: haha, I'm kidding
BigDog6700: I said I liked two of them!
Liz: I just think you sound a bit, er, authoritative
BigDog6700: and the other ones I said just didn't interest me
BigDog6700: GRUMP!
Liz: well, think about that poor boy that you used as an example of boring
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: Alex's?
Liz: whoever
BigDog6700: he agreed with me
Liz: probably only out of embarrassment
BigDog6700: and said that he basically just liked to post reviews on his CDs
Liz: also, sometimes people need to just write about their days as a diary kind of deal
Liz: and you can learn a lot about them by what they think is important to mention as part of their day
BigDog6700: yah
BigDog6700: I guess
Liz: haha, I'm done now
Liz: just giving you a hard time
BigDog6700: it just doesn't make for particularly amazing reading that's all
BigDog6700: which is wy I try my best to avoid myself in my blog
Liz: I like the ones about your day far better than the ones about things you find online
BigDog6700: I only write about my day when it's particularly interesting or if I can tie it to something
BigDog6700: or when I'm out of time and need to cop out
Liz: well, I always like hearing about it because it makes me feel like I know more about your life
BigDog6700: I guess that's why I'd read someone who I didn't know's blog
BigDog6700: but my friends all do pretty much the same things
Liz: gotcha
BigDog6700: so I never really hear anything new and I assume they don't want to hear about my day either
BigDog6700: like
BigDog6700: the one four page paper I wrote on my day certainly was a different perspective deal
BigDog6700: it was meant to make you see a day from my point of view
BigDog6700: but that one also kinda devolved into a ramble
Liz: ah
Liz: well
Liz: I don't mind rambles
Liz: just computer words I don't understand
BigDog6700: :- P
BigDog6700: the main reason I avoid ramblems is because 9 out of the 10 webcomics I read all have some form of rant/ramble at the bottom
BigDog6700: and those, to me, are just a tad tiresome to slog through
Liz: gotcha
BigDog6700: mind if I post portion of our conversation?
Liz: haha, nope
BigDog6700: cool
BigDog6700: at least I got another perspective

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October 25, 2004

All sources say: Writing a blog: Hard.

     So as of late, this whole "blog" thing seems to be catching on. Several other people I know have been signing up to start making blogs. All of whom, much to their dissapointment, I informed that I would not begin reading until they had updated daily for one whole month. The main reasons I do this is to make sure that they are dedicated to making a concious effort to writing their blog (aka it's not just a fling for show) and two: to see what the general trend of their writing will be. Because after one month, they will be writing as they will probably write for the rest of their blog's "life."
     Take, for example, my good friend Rebecca T. She has been doing her blog for quite sometime. It is quite good when she gets the chance to update (which can be often, but not often enough), she updates with a goodly amount of material that tells me about what she's been up to and how her life is going. She keeps her blogs here, and here (Don't ask why there are two, there just are). Another person who as a blog (and who has had it for a while) is my friend Alex H. Alex's blog differs from Rebecca's quite a bit. Mainly, it reads like it was written while smoking pot. Not that this nessecarily makes the blog bad, but it certainly makes it different. It also describes alex on a more, day to day level. he doesn't nessecarily describe anything outside of it, so I don't particularly find it interesting. Then here's another one that sounds reads like it was written on pot, but this time it is pleasantly lucid, and says things like: "Have a Wonka bar" instead of comment. And to tell the number or people who have commented? "X people have found the golden ticket!" It really has a creative flair about it. Then you have the "newbies." These are people like Felipe or Adam. They are the ones who did it on a whim and I have a hard time imagining keeping it up very long. I already know that Adam did not complete his "once daily" for a month goal, and Felipe just started three days ago. Adam's and Felipe's.
     OH MAN! I almost forgot the most import blog of all! One which really got me started on writing my blog. I call him a vetran of blog writing, but unfortunately he let his blog die as of late. He restarted it as a "photo blog" but I don't like it quite as much. Anyway, the last entry he posted which goes towards the title is here. Anyway, yes, it is Louie A's blog, and silly little random entries like: this, this, and this. And he also had really funny reviews and crap like this. Made me think that writing a blog could be funny and make people want to read. Anyway, Louie's blog is the god of blogs, don't think that mine is better, it's just full of flavor whereas his is full of awesomeness.
     So anyway, that's my thoughts on blogs, and here's just some neat thigs that have happened to me as of late:
I keep getting these in the mail, but I've never complained about bad service or anything of the sort... I wonder why? (Note, I've blocked out most of this to prevent it's abuse of being re-printed)

And look! Old Navy wants me to have my own Credit Card! They even put my name on it!

That's all for tonight, g'night!

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October 24, 2004

Hey look! More dull, unoriginal people!

     So, if you came here about five minutes earilier, you probably noticed the spam on my site. Sadly enough it's the loser who called me a womanizer for playing Final Fantasy Tactics games. Yeah, he didn't try very hard today. He just described the porn he watches all the time and left. Then some other dude came in with him and described the TV he watches. Yeah, pretty much he-man porn and bad rap videos. Anyway, I didn't have to much of a plan for material today so here's yet another political video... hell, why not two political videos!

And for any people who feel like wreaking havoc on the spammer's bandwidth, here's their ip addresses: and

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October 23, 2004

No one's right here, but that's not my point

     Please no comments on your personal beliefs on this. I'd also kind of appreciate it if you didn't point out any logical flaws or anything. This was purely an argument based on our beliefs. And just as an FYI, my point with the gravity thing is that if I was pushing against my house my house would also be pulling itself back. Like I said, I know I normally like and want comments, but today, I really want this to be here to make you think.
An interesting conversation.

-- Just Some Mild After-burn from my brain --

     So here's just a few questions that I couldn't get out of my head while in the midst of my argument. If you truly don't fear death and want to be with God, don't you pray to die? Don't you wish everyday that God would bring you to his side sooner rather than later? He never points out why there is a point to this existance. Also, if God created the universe, then who created God? And if God just is, than why can the universe just be? It doesn't make sence. Honestly, I really wish I could believe in God, because in a lot of ways it would be very comforting. It would make me feel like my existance had a purpose. But honestly, I think about God too rationally. Basically the more I think about religion, the more it seems like something created to have two purposes:
1) To give people comfort over death. Because hey! Who wants their existance to be terminated no matter what they do?! No one, that's who. So people made religion and than instilled belief into it by seeing things they couldn't explain and calling them miracles.
2) To give people morals. If there was no religion, in a lot of ways there wouldn't be any reason to be moral besides the fact that people would reject you... but people wouldn't reject you if there was no religion... you get my drift here?
     Now this is in no way to suggest that I don't agree with many of the morals in the bible, I just can't believe in the stories wrapped around them.

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October 22, 2004

My sentiments exactly


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October 21, 2004

I wish you people would comment dmanit. It's not like I'm asking for money or anything!

     So I guess I don't really have a whole lot to talk about today. I guess I should mention that Ms. Song is considering making a different set of projects for me because she just recently decided to divide the class into two sections: one slower, one faster. I'm hoping that this may become a class split three ways: slow, fast, me. Yeah, I know that's kind of an outrageous hope, but I want the AP credit and I want to learn the rest of Java. Though honestly, we've learned all that the final exam is going to on, and we're not going to learn to make Applets EVER so the class structure is a tad ridiculas considering the fact that I'm practically done learning all the non-applet based things I can learn. And I've already learned a good chunk of Applet programming as well because I already knew windows programming structure, and Java is basically the same.
     I really have to stop ranting about that. In fact, in a lot of ways, it goes against a promise I made to myself at the beginning of 9th grade. That promise was rather simple:
     "I live in a neighborhood of rich, snotty, stuck-up little pricks, and they bitch and moan about every plausible facet of life depite the fact that an easy life has pratically been handed to them. So I will try my best to avoid any type of frivolous complaining." These compalints that I've heard range from stupid things like complaining about being tired (who the fuck cares if you're tired?! NO ONE. You want to know why? because they're tired too, and they're not bitching about it), to it being too cold in the class (YOU KNOW WHAT?! THE REASON IT'S TOO COLD IS BECAUSE YOU WERE BITCHING ABOUT IT BEING TOO WARM A MINUTE AGO SO WE OPENED A WINDOW!). People... no, I shouldn't say people, that's too broad a generalization. The children in Bethesda (or at least the majority of those going to Whitman) are stuck up and don't even realize it. In fact, the only two things I ever really complain about are Ms. Song, and other people complaining too much. I know it's a hypocritical thing to do, but I can't stand you people! That's why I'm such a giant anti-social, it's because I all the people who are incredibly stuck up, and don't even recognize it.
     Take Jack for example. I want to say that overall Jack is a tad annoying at times, but overall, he just seems like a nice, kind of eccentric guy. But, almost everyday, he comes in saying one of the following two things:
     1) "Aw man, I am so tired... you know, the only reason I'm awake is because I was able to get a cup of coffee at lunch."
     2) "The reason I'm so hyper right now is because I had like three cups of coffe at lunch because I thought it would wake me up because I'm so tired right now."
     And just as an FYI to those of you nodding in agreement with me, you're no better. Have you ever just started complaining about how much homework you have? Guess what? NO ONE CARES. Want to know why? It's quite simple, everyone has a lot of homework, not just you, and everyone else has just chosen to deal with it rather than tell the rest of the world. Ever say: "Aw man this computer network sucks soo much." ? I'll bet you have at some point. And you know what? Compared to some professional network made by people paid thousands of dollars an hour to watch and maintain a network, sure, this network sucks cock. But considering the state of most schools around the country, not only are we blessed to have a operational network, we're fucking kings because we have MORE THAN 5 COMPUTERS. I mean sure it's not the greatest thing in the world, but considering the fact that there is a computer network at all, stop bitching. Good god I hate this neighborhood.

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October 20, 2004

Someone who I think is going to grow up to be a very sad and lonely person...

     So most of you don't know Adam. He's an odd fellow, I guess I really can't describe it. I feel like.. like Adam is going to grow up to be that guy who doesn't trust anyone and always steals others work. Well, I guess that's how he is now... but... I can't really describe it. Most of you have read Catcher in the Rye, and when Mr. Antolini talks to Holden towards the end of the book, he says something along the lines of: "I have this feeling that you are going for a horrible fall... this fall... it may be the kind where you sit in a bar hating anyone who comes in the door... or maybe you'll just work at the office, chucking paper clips at the nearest stenographer..." I can't say that I feel quite like that is going to happen to Adam, but... something like it... Here was my conversation I had with him...

Adam: hello
BigDog6700: hello
BigDog6700: you know what's funny?
Adam: whats up
BigDog6700: Easyreader implements that buffer read thing you were talking about
Adam: LOL
BigDog6700: yup
Adam: That is the biggest SHIT IN THE WORLD
Adam: Do you know how to do that?
BigDog6700: just gpoes to show you that it's not perfect :- P
Adam: BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(System.in)
Adam: then you can use:
Adam: in.readLine();
BigDog6700: bleck
Adam: see how easy?
BigDog6700: what I really want is a read letter
Adam: I didn't even open a bok
Adam: *book
BigDog6700: like getch() from C++
Adam: yeah
Adam: gets()
Adam: puts()
BigDog6700: well that's why your applications are only mildly cool
Adam: lol
Adam: yea
Adam: I sucks
BigDog6700: yup
BigDog6700: and I read the book
Adam: You are a serious nerd
BigDog6700: and I don't suck
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: Adam
Adam: You actually are obsessed with the fact that you know everything
BigDog6700: you are sooo much more of a loser than I am
Adam: you should get a life
Adam: yeah right
BigDog6700: it's actually pitiful
BigDog6700: like honestly
Adam: I actually have a girlfriend
Adam: (2)
Adam: seriously
BigDog6700: hahahahahaha
Adam: YOU?
Adam: who ... your mom?
BigDog6700: so? I want a girlfriend, but the relationship I'll get into will actually mean something
Adam: seesh
Adam: I dont even care about her
BigDog6700: wow
Adam: Its kind of spontaneous
BigDog6700: your such a dipshit
BigDog6700: I have 0 respect for you
Adam: I can sort of manage without trying
BigDog6700: in fact
Adam: you sukl
Adam: But its okay
Adam: and nice ..........
Adam: WOW
BigDog6700: you know the really sad thing with you is Adam?
Adam: cool
Adam: nice
Adam: woah
Adam: no thx
Adam: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam: YES
Adam: woohooo
Adam: !!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: here:
you call me a nerd and yet you continually seek my approval and respect. and despite the fact that I voiced to you that I don't respect you and
that I don't like talking to you because it raises my blood pressure, you CONTINUE to talk to me and try and impress me. When really,
everything you've done has made me think less of you. I hope you read this and catch on to the fact that you can't impress me without being a
person who isn't knolwedgeble about anything and, if anything, values their ignorance.
Adam: okay
Adam: thanks for the sermon
BigDog6700: wow
Adam: I feel soooo much better
BigDog6700: hahahahaha
BigDog6700: yeah, I'd thik you'd say that
BigDog6700: but the sad truth is there Adam
Adam: lol
Adam: Thanks. I'm SURE that your going to become a diplomat when you grow up lol
BigDog6700: hahahaha
BigDog6700: doubt it
Adam: ya
Adam: seriously
Adam: if especially with that ideology

BigDog6700: that's not what a diplomat does dumbass
Adam: okay okay thanks
Adam: whatever
Adam: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: I would if you'd stop trying to bring me down and stop trying to impress me with your stupid crap
Adam: okay
Adam: you want me to tr?
Adam: *try
Adam: shit
Adam: gtg cya
Adam signed off at 7:49:17 PM.

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October 19, 2004

Essay finally done... but brace face is back... sort of...

     SO I finally finished my catcher in the rye essay (blarg I hate formal writing), but in it's place I got a retainer (top and bottom) which kinda dampened my joy of essay completeness. Anyway, since it's late tonight and I have a test and homework to do, I'll just post my incomplete story. I know, I know. But I promise I'll get more of this one done, SOON. (Note, this story not only promises to be my longest yet, it also is going to have the most character development and actual non-one-scene based stuff happen.

End of Progress
By Kit Sczudlo

     I woke to a gentle warming sensation throughout the blanket. I smiled and tugged my blanket closer, even though I knew what was going to happen next. The blankets began to pull back, and tiny sensors in my body picked up the wake up routine. I was suddenly filled with energy, and felt like staying in bed was silly! Why should I waste such a beautiful day? Tiny monitors checked all throughout the room checking my current plans and what had been planned earlier in the month. A small chipper voice called out from a speaker on my bedside table.

     “Good Morning!” it said as I sat up in bed putting my feet onto the ground, “How are you doing today?”

     “Mmmmmm, good morning!” I said with a stretch, “Just fine thanks for asking.” Suddenly, a pair of slippers appeared out of the sides of my bed and slipped onto my feet.

     “Great! Fantastic! Good to hear!” sometimes it seemed like the computer tried too hard. “Would you like to hear a run-down of what has been planned for today?”

     “Sure,” I got up and walked towards the bathroom, the computer changed speakers from the one on my table to the one next to the bathroom door.

     “Alright! Here we go! 1) You should remember to take a shower today! –Love Mom.” Hahahaha, it seems like Mom must have been messing with the scheduling routines again today, “2) You have a lunch with Mr. Perriot at 3 o’clock.” Oh yeah, I’d forgotten about that… “3) You have a family dinner tonight as dictated by mandate 339130-27718 Article 2, Clause 6.” Ugh, I always hated the government mandated “family togetherness night,” but I guess not all families have a nice a relationship as ours.

     “Is that it?”

     “Oh no! There is one more thing: Today there will be a town meeting to discuss another uprising in sector 6.” Oh no, not again. Those bastards from underground just have no concept of progress…

     The artificial lights click on in their huge, ominous way. Like they did every morning. I couldn’t stand it. It sounded like someone turning on the world’s largest fly zapper. And not just any lights. These lights were our sun. They covered the ceiling of our underground abyss. One by one, the lights clicked on at exactly 6:38 every morning. Regulation… It’s the bane of our existence. When I think about hell, I think I realize something. It could be the most pleasant place in the entire planet, but all it would have to do is loop. Forever. Unchanging. Regulated to such a degree that everything could be predicted down to the last molecule of dust. And we would be forced to do the same things over and over. But what would make it hell is that we wouldn’t be able to think about anything but what we were doing. We would be forced to just watch and feel the same thing. Our minds would try and wander, but wouldn’t be able to think about anything but the task at hand. Minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, and year after year… the same thing… forever.

     I rolled out of bed and tried to plug my ears so that I wouldn’t hear the lights turning on. I hated that noise. It was slowly grinding away at me. It was like having an alarm clock that you could never get rid of, whose bell you loathed. The little buzz got through to me. BZUL…ZZZZZZZZZZZ...

     “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I punched my hand into the wall next to my bed. It made a hole in the cheap plaster that the government made the inside of all our houses out of. I pulled my hand out bloodied. I clenched my fists. We shouldn’t be made to live like this. No one should ever have to live this way.

     I sat up in bed. I dragged my hands across my face to pull the sleep from my eyes. I looked around my room. Man, what a dump. The whole room was probably only seven feet across, 10 feet long. But I’m not really sure. A small mechanical drawer sits at the foot of my bed. It rusting over in several places, and the old little display is cracked. It’s ancient by today’s technology, but you get what you can from the dumpsters. Hah, the dumpsters. Look at me! I’m pulling probably the most valuable item in my possessions from the dumpsters. But then again, the people on the surface dumped valuable things all the time, it was just a question of determination to get to it first.

     I stood up and walked to the drawer. I wish it worked like it used to, but I know that the days in which this hunk of junk worked are long past. I pushed on the little LCD display. A faint “GOD MONIG” appeared on the display, cracks causing most of the letters to disappear. I pushed a few buttons so it would a least make a single type of clothing. At some point you could just press a few buttons and it would automatically unfold and iron a piece of clothing out and display it in the tope drawer. Now I pushed the button for shirts and the thing would start howling. I yanked the drawer open. The thing shut off. I had to tug it several times to get it all the way out. Chips of rust flew off it. I sifted through my tiny pile of raggedy shirts and found one.

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October 18, 2004

Ugh, essay

     Okay, I have to work on an essay today. Bleck, I hate doing cop outs but there's not much of a choice today. Oh yeah, just FYI for those who saw the Frizzies thing as a cop-out because of a lack of material, I had plenty of other things to write about, I just liked making that. And for those of you who saw it as a coup out because it was a "quick fix," here's the mongomongous amounts of code it took to make that work right:
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT">function mpgvid1(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:nompgvid1()\">No Frizzies</a>\n<br><OBJECT ID=\"Player\" width=\"320\" height=\"240\" classid=\"clsid:6bf52a52-394a-11d3-b153-00C04f79faa6\" codebase=\"http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/ en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=5,1,52,701\" standby=\"Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components...\" type=\"application/x-oleobject\" name=\"frizzies1\"><param name=\"url\" value=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/fightingfrizzies1.mpg\"><param name=\"uiMode\" value=\"none\"><param name=\"AutoStart\" value=\"True\"><param name=\"TransparentatStart\" value=\"True\"><param name=\"AnimationatStart\" value=\"False\"><param name=\"ShowControls\" value=\"0\"><embed type=\"application/x-mplayer2\" pluginspage=\"http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/ Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/\" src=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/fightingfrizzies1.mpg\" width=\"320\" height=\"240\" showcontrols=\"0\" showdisplay=\"0\" name=\"frizziesembed1\" showstatusbar=\"0\"></embed></OBJECT><br><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnPlay\" VALUE=\"play\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.play()\"><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnStop\" VALUE=\"stop\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.stop()\"><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnPause\" VALUE=\"pause\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.pause()\">';whatreplace = document.getElementById('mpgvid1');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function nompgvid1(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:mpgvid1()\">Frizzies!</a>';whatreplace = document.getElementById('mpgvid1');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function bananaphone(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:nobananas()\">NO MORE BANANA PHONE! AHHHHHHHHH!! I\'M BLEEDING IN THE BRAIN! AHHHHH!!</a>\n<br><embed src=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/bananaphone.mp3\" width=\"70\" height=\"26\" type=\"audio/x-mpeg\" autostart=\"true\" autoplay=\"true\" loop=\"true\" controller=\"true\" hidden=\"false\">';whatreplace = document.getElementById('bananaphone');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function nobananas(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:bananaphone()\">Mmmmmmmm Bananas!!</a>';whatreplace = document.getElementById('bananaphone');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}</script>

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT">function mpgvid2(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:nompgvid2()\">No Frizzies</a>\n<br><OBJECT ID=\"Player\" width=\"320\" height=\"240\" classid=\"clsid:6bf52a52-394a-11d3-b153-00C04f79faa6\" codebase=\"http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/ en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=5,1,52,701\" standby=\"Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components...\" type=\"application/x-oleobject\"><param name=\"url\" value=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/fightingfrizzies2.mpg\"><param name=\"uiMode\" value=\"none\"><param name=\"AutoStart\" value=\"True\"><param name=\"TransparentatStart\" value=\"True\"><param name=\"AnimationatStart\" value=\"False\"><param name=\"ShowControls\" value=\"0\"><embed type=\"application/x-mplayer2\" pluginspage=\"http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/ Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/\" src=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/fightingfrizzies2.mpg\" width=\"320\" height=\"240\" showcontrols=\"0\" showdisplay=\"0\" showstatusbar=\"0\"></embed></OBJECT><br><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnPlay\" VALUE=\"play\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.play()\"><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnStop\" VALUE=\"stop\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.stop()\"><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnPause\" VALUE=\"pause\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.pause()\">';whatreplace = document.getElementById('mpgvid2');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function nompgvid2(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:mpgvid2()\">Frizzies!</a>';whatreplace = document.getElementById('mpgvid2');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function bananaphone2(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:nobananas2()\">I get the point kit, stop showing me this bullshit.</a>\n<br><object classid=\"clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000\" codebase=\"http://download.macromedia.com/pub/shockwave/ cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,29,0\" width=\"550\" height=\"400\"><param name=movie value=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/bananaphone.swf\"><param name=quality value=high><embed src=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/bananaphone.swf\" quality=high pluginspage=\"http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" width=\"550\" height=\"400\"></embed></object>';whatreplace = document.getElementById('bananaphone2');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function nobananas2(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:bananaphone2()\">The effect of too many bananas on the brain</a>';whatreplace = document.getElementById('bananaphone2');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}</script>

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JAVASCRIPT">function mpgvid3(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:nompgvid3()\">No Frizzies</a>\n<br><OBJECT ID=\"Player\" width=\"320\" height=\"240\" classid=\"clsid:6bf52a52-394a-11d3-b153-00C04f79faa6\" codebase=\"http://activex.microsoft.com/activex/controls/mplayer/ en/nsmp2inf.cab#Version=5,1,52,701\" standby=\"Loading Microsoft Windows Media Player components...\" type=\"application/x-oleobject\"><param name=\"url\" value=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/fightingfrizzies3.mpg\"><param name=\"uiMode\" value=\"none\"><param name=\"AutoStart\" value=\"True\"><param name=\"TransparentatStart\" value=\"True\"><param name=\"AnimationatStart\" value=\"False\"><param name=\"ShowControls\" value=\"0\"><embed type=\"application/x-mplayer2\" pluginspage=\"http://www.microsoft.com/Windows/ Downloads/Contents/Products/MediaPlayer/\" src=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/fightingfrizzies3.mpg\" width=\"320\" height=\"240\" showcontrols=\"0\" showdisplay=\"0\" showstatusbar=\"0\"></embed></OBJECT><br><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnPlay\" VALUE=\"play\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.play()\"><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnStop\" VALUE=\"stop\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.stop()\"><INPUT TYPE=\"BUTTON\" NAME=\"BtnPause\" VALUE=\"pause\" OnClick=\"Player.controls.pause()\">';whatreplace = document.getElementById('mpgvid3');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function nompgvid3(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:mpgvid3()\">Frizzies!</a>';whatreplace = document.getElementById('mpgvid3');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function bananaphone3(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:nobananas3()\">I get the point kit, stop showing me this bullshit.</a>\n<br><object classid=\"clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000\" codebase=\"http://download.macromedia.com/ pub/shockwave/cabs/flash/swflash.cab#version=6,0,0,0\" width=\"480\" height=\"415\"><param name=movie value=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/badgerphone.swf\"><param name=quality value=high><embed src=\"http://kit.kitkorp.com/archives/badgerphone.swf\" quality=high pluginspage=\"http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/index.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash\" type=\"application/x-shockwave-flash\" width=\"480\" height=\"415\"></embed></object>';whatreplace = document.getElementById('bananaphone3');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}function nobananas3(){replace = '';replace += '<a href=\"javascript:bananaphone3()\">Where I originally discovered banana phone</a>';whatreplace = document.getElementById('bananaphone3');whatreplace.innerHTML = replace;}</script>

There, happy?! It's an entry!

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October 17, 2004

Over dose on childrens bennadryl in umm... uhh...

     Have you ever wondered what it's like to be going into a drug-induced sleep even though you really don't want to? It's like someone sort of pushed your concious brain into submission. Imagine that you are in someone else's head, barely able to control your actions while your body is slowly stopping moving.

--A Quick Note--
     Sorry I couldn't make it to your MCYC concert Rebecca! A combination of an English paper, my parents hosting a block pary, and the fact that I felt like falling alseep in a pool of my own drool kinda made it impossible for me to. I owe you like a box of cookies, cause I feel bad.

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October 16, 2004

I feel no need to explain myself

     "So that's three days of cop out... is that some kind of record?" --Sam
Not anymore Sam, not anymore...

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October 15, 2004

And now, fighting the frizzies

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October 14, 2004

Fighting the frizzies, at eleven

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October 13, 2004

Fighting the frizzies, at eleven

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October 12, 2004

Grag! I hate missing school when there's work to be done.

     So once again I missed most of school today. Not because of something good like getting my braces off, but because I was sick. Blarg. I hate being sick. Especially when I didn't want to be sick because that would mean that I had twice as much make up work than if I'd not been sick. ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!!! And the funny thing was is that I held out going to the nurse till the middle of second period, then when I went there and said I just wanted to lay down for a period, she told me to either go home or go back to class. So, since I wasn't felling up to par at all at that point, I chose to go home. Grump. I got to sleep, which was good. But then (since I had already missed so much school) I didn't have any homework so I just ended up finishing punching in all but one of my mario tunes. Here you go:
Underworld tune
The star type song
Oh right, and the finished project. The finished product is missing three of the mini tunes that go between the second to last and last song (For those of you going by my naming system, between Overworld 2 theme and Platformin'). The tunes its missing are the victory tune from Super Mario World 1 (I think) and the distressy music that is from somewher in mario I just have no clue where. Oh right and it's also missing a snippett of music from the secret cloud world in Super Mario World 1 when you have the blue yoshi. If you have the sheet music for that, I'd be forever in you debt!

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October 11, 2004

I think someone put vaseline on my teeth when I wasn't looking... or felling for that matter...

     Yup. Braces: gone. More on this at eleven... or maybe we'll fight the frizzies! Yep, I'm just a tad bit ecstatic. Mainly because even though I got a day off of school to go get my worst enemy off me, I ended up spending the whole day in one form of dentistits office or another.
     It started at ten, when I got my braces off. Immediately after that I was rushed to the desntists' office where I got my teeth cleaned. The I went out to lunch for an hour reprive. While out to lunch, I noticed a contest across the street with one of those box with money blowing around and they had a big stand next to it and we ended up signing up for the lottery drawing and my mom was able to name a tune and got a chance inside the money box. I wish I'd had a camera on me cause they blindfold you to keep the paper from cutting your eyes and to make it a little bit harder. So my mom was desparately grabbing at the air and stuffing money down her blouse for the ten seconds they gave her. She ended up grabbing $16 bucks. We also apparently we won the lottery drawing, but we had already finished my dental appoints by thena and that's skipping ahead anyway.
     So after this one hour lunch break (during which we ended up getting pizza and my first music CD I ever purchased myself. It was They Might Be Giants: The Spine). I went back to the dentists and had a cavity filled and a bunch of sealants applied. So after I was done with this grueling 3.5 hour dentistry filled day, I was ready to head home, kick back and relax. But of course the moment we got home we got a call from my orthosdontist informing me that my mold had not come out and that we'd have to come back to take another. So we did. It made me gag. But now my day is done, and I was able to enter two more mario tunes:
Platformin tune
The song from the end of Super Mario Bros. 2

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October 10, 2004

A simple statement


Translation: (Good eveing chaps, I thought it would be polite to inform you that my teeth correcting equipment will be removed tommorow.)

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October 09, 2004

Where I live

     So, I thought that today, I'd show you where I spend probably 19 out of the 24 hours in each day sitting working on crap that will probably never benefit anyone. So, here I go:
Here's the general idea of my "workspace." I flip back and forth between the computer on the right and the computer on the left, depending on what I'm working on.

Here's this computer that I do all my horrible experiments to. It has no frame because I always swap one of three hard drives into it. One has windows 2000 as a base system, one with Mandrake linux 10.0, and one with Knoppix revisions.

I have the ability to plug up to 38 computers hardwired into my network.

here's the left half of my desk.. note the large pile of cables mixed directly with papers. I think they've become one...

the other, not-left half of my desk. This one has lot's of random pointless crap. Like a voltage meter!

This is where my computer cables get together and breed. They do this without notice and quite spontaneously they'll sunndely try a hostile takeover and go for computer-cable revolution... Oh yeah, and those are I-Openers if you were wondering.
"And that's why Kit can never leave his post..." --Brian

I think he lives here...

Here's my rather useless stack of backup-servers. The only thing that would ever really make it crash though would be a poweroutage... which would take out the back-ups too... So they're never normally on anyway.

The kool-aid purse:

And the alcohol coin (note: duh it's not mine, I found it):
To thine own self be true. Unity Service Recovery. 3 months
God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference


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October 08, 2004

A quote I just reeeeeealy wnted to post

"So Kit, does knowing all sorts of different kinds of programming languages increase the size or your internet penis?" --Sanjeev
"I can't even draw stick figures. I always draw then lines curved... and no one likes a wavy stickman." --Brian

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October 07, 2004

I finally got that f***ing application working

and you know that conspiracy movie I showed you? Got some Washington post attention. Note: both these files are enormous to maintain readability.
and the continuation.

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October 06, 2004

Applets and other computer related crap

     Okay, so once again this fucking thing managed to delete my entry. Fortunately this time the blame lies squarely with the server, not the application though. So anyway, as I am now re-typing, this entry is mostly about computer crap so feel free to zone out reading this. Anyway, today I worked on making applets in Ms. Song's class today, so basically I started ignoring her and I just worked on my own crap independantly of the class. So I wrote an applet which worked pretty well, but I couldn't figure out how to make multiple actionListeners. Like the idea behind multiple action listeners is to make it so that one button does one thing and the other buttons do other things. Rather than having all the buttons do the same thing. So I ended up having a looooong, drawn out, and in the end, pointless conversation with Ms. Song because she didn't have a clue.
     After school, I went to the Black & White to set up a couple of their computers. And I stayed there till like 4:15 and I still couldn't get them all up and running. Like, I guess I'll have to apply a NetBEUI protocol to the ethernet controllers? But it's still like: "FUCK! WHY ISN'T THIS STUPID MACHINE WORKING?!" So I won't be eating lunch tommorow. But I digress.
     So I'm thinking about contributing $20 to Dominic Deegan's webcomic artists to give him the boost he needs to start doing webcomicry as a job. It would be pretty cool to get seven updates a week and full color strips every sunday. Oh,and I found out that Paranoia Agent is comming out Oct. 26th, and Negima Volume 3 is either comming out the 13th or the 26th. And I'm gonna find out when the hell Azumanga Daioh disc 5 comes out at some point, and I'll buy Boogie Pop Phantom! AND THEN I'LL KILL MYSELF AS I REALIZE I'M ADDICTED TO WEBCOMICS AND ANIME!

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October 05, 2004

Airing out my dorkdom

Eh, I could've eaisly done an entry today, I just felt like posting my Mario music entries. Anyway, originally, I heard some guy called the Blindfolded Pianist who played a bunch of mario pieces really well, and I liked his randitions of it enough to the point where I wanted to punch them into my midi maker and have them to play with whenever the hell I felt like it. So anyway, here's what I've got so far:
Duh, you all know this one.
I can't remember where this tune came from, but it's my favorite mario tune.
The tune from underwater. The second time through it's meant to be stacatto, not lagato, but I didn't know how to change it, and I felt lazy.

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October 04, 2004

Half days are nuts

     Wow, is it really almost halfway through the first quarter? Man time flies, you know? Yup. Well, today was crazy as the title suggests, and yet nothing really happened. I might as well give you my mini-review of Kanon because that's all I can really think of doing for today.
     My dear lord Kanon was amazing. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to watch it all the way through. And at some point this week if I have enough time I'll probibly watch it through again. Yeah, I know I'm a dork but here was my thoughts on it. I really liked the artistic style. It wasn't anything particularly fancy, and it really doesn't look nice in close ups of faces, but it looked beautiful overall. And the music was very nice and placid. You really didn't even notice it most of the time because it was so well blended into the moments that they decided to use it. The main character was named Aizawa Yuuichi (For those of you who don't know about Japanese naming that means his last name was Aizawa, first name Yuuichi). He was a pretty down to earth guy, he was kinda whiny at times, but it was pretty great because he always made fun of the girls he hung out with. Not maliciously, but enough to the point where you could believe he was a real person, not some perfect knight in shining armor who came to save everyone and get all the girls. The Premise behind the show was that Yuuichi's parents were diplomats or something of the sort that required them to move around a lot, and so occationally, Yuuichi was forced to live with his relatives. Seven years ago, he moved to this small town where it snowed quite often to live with his aunt and cousin. Their names were Akiko and Nayuki. The show begins where after these seven years he is forced to move back into the town but he's forgotten almost everything and everyone he ever met in the town. The family characters were interesting...
     Akiko wasn't a very moving charater in a lot of ways simply because how she acted. She only remembered things when it was good for a plot point, and she never voiced her ridiculas beliefs on the subject. But her kindness won you over and you feel bad and good about her in the end when the story begins to revolve around her. Then Nayuki has a kinda...

     Anyway, all in all I liked her character, and she has probably the greatest morning face ever. Next up is the school cast. Most of the other plotlines stem from people Yuuichi meets in school, and have a tendancy to not be such heart-wrenchers, and due to the fact that this was based on a dating simulation game, the characters here had a tendancy to lack in backround information. Which was really my only complaint when it came down to the characters. You didn't really get to know where they were comming from sometimes. The first two people you meet are Misaka Kaori and I think his name was Kitagawa Jun. Kitagawa Jun ends up just being a side character who gets no attention overall, and Misaka gets a mini-sop story of her own, which doesn't actually center around her, it centers around her sister Shiori. I thought they went a little overboard at the very, very end of the series with her story, but you'll see what I mean if you ever watch it.

     The you meet an odd and interesting character named Mai. Mai's storyline is at best confusing, despite how you feel about it at the end.

Anyway, I could go on to my favorite character Ayu, and some of the other not so important ones, but I really need to head to bed. Night all (note: I might finish this tommorow...)

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October 03, 2004

A few quick claculations

BillyTheZombie77: how mayn anime dvds do you have now?
BillyTheZombie77: a kajillion?
BigDog6700: DVDs? or actually complete series?
BillyTheZombie77: btoh
BillyTheZombie77: both
BigDog6700: Well, for each series there's 3 dvds
BillyTheZombie77: tellme both noombers
BigDog6700: hold on
BigDog6700: I gotta think
BigDog6700: lets see
BigDog6700: I own...
BigDog6700: Please Teacher
BigDog6700: Excel Saga
BigDog6700: FLCL
BillyTheZombie77: (huzzah)
BigDog6700: Chobits
BigDog6700: Read or Die
BigDog6700: Azumanga Daioh DVDs 1-4
BigDog6700: Kanon
BigDog6700: Metropolis
BigDog6700: Ah! My goddess!
BillyTheZombie77: AH!
BigDog6700: Ah! My Goddess the movie
BillyTheZombie77: i know
BillyTheZombie77: oh
BillyTheZombie77: nvm
BillyTheZombie77: lol
BigDog6700: .Hack// Sign
BigDog6700: no, I mean I own Ah! My Goddess the movie and Ah! My Goddess the series
BillyTheZombie77: k
BillyTheZombie77: i got it
BigDog6700: and that's it
BillyTheZombie77: howm any is that?
BigDog6700: let's copunt!
BillyTheZombie77: lets copulate!
BigDog6700: 10 series
BigDog6700: which adds up to...
BigDog6700: 24 DVDs
BillyTheZombie77: wooo
BigDog6700: which is an outrageous number of hours of Anime
BillyTheZombie77: yeah
BillyTheZombie77: it is
BigDog6700: lets count the number of hours!
BillyTheZombie77: lol
BillyTheZombie77: can you make me an illegal copy of FLCL?
BigDog6700: each episode is on average 25 minutes
BigDog6700: 139 episodes (about...)
BigDog6700: 3475 minutes of anime
BigDog6700: which is...
BillyTheZombie77: holy poo
BigDog6700: 57 hours of anime
BillyTheZombie77: (exploding mind)
BigDog6700: giver or take a few
BillyTheZombie77: (boggles!)
BigDog6700: wee!

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Lack of blogdom

     Yup, I know, oh well. I just didn't get around to it for two days. If you're psycologically scarred from my lack of updates, then you need to get a life. But if you were bummed, I understand. Anyway, some nifty things happened while I was "gone" so I'll post.
     So on friday the men's choir had to sing the StarSpangled banner at the homecoming game. We did surprisingly well. I thought it sounded nice minus the kinda odd feeling of singing into the mics and haveing our voices come back like a split second after us, so it was like a big ass echo which was kinda hard to sing with. But it worked out in the end and Mr. Davidson said if we'd been in a competition, it would've been a 1... not a 1+ cause it wasn't perfect, but still pretty damn awesome.
     Then I came home and waited for my DVD. Sam came over, and he'd just got a set of nunchucks in the mail, so I pulled out my set and I showed him what I knew. Sure, I'm not fantastic, but I'm better than sam. Don't believe that I'm a nunchuck kinda guy? Well I am so there. Anyway, he also showed me Def Jam Vendetta despite my desparate pleas againt it. It wasn't really all that bad a game as far as gameplay was concerned, but it was ridiculas how obvious it was aimed at clueless white people (no offence sam). Like, they used the word bitch for shock value, and the people were using all really overused phrases that blended into mainstream America. All in all I thought that the fighting system was't all that bad, but the overall game was pretty awful.
     The next day I woke up crossing my fingers that my new Kanon dvd would be here. It turned out it wasn't, and it actually showed up right as Sam was walking out the door. But instead of just being able to watch it I ended up going out driving to the Home Depot. It was my first time on the freeway and good god is merging at 60mph a frightening as fuck. So we made it alive to the home depot, and I just went into the BestBuy next door and tried to get on the internet. They fixed the original issue which was that they allowed you to visit bestbuy.com, and all you have to do at bestbuy.com is enter:
<a href="http://www.google.com">a</a>
into the searchbox and then click on the "a" in the line that reads
We’re sorry. We did not find any matches for a.
     It will take you to google.com, and at google punch in the web address you're trying to go to and it will automatically give you a link. Then you can feel free to browse the net! But like I said, on some of the computers, especially the laptops, they put up some sort weird demo application. But I'm smart! So I figured out a simple way around those. Find a laptop with built-in wireless. At the demo application main screen, there should be a code identifying the demo code in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. If you double click the demo code (I'm not quite sure where, but you have to hit somewhere on it), and the screen will minimize onto the desktop where you now have adminstrator access to the computer. For those of you who are good with computers you should already know what to do, for the others...
     All you have to do it go to the task bar in the bottom right-hand corner, and find the symbol that looks like two computers. There should be two identical ones (except one may have a big X over it and the other might not). If you hold your mouse over them long enough, one should say: "A local area connection has been unplugged." Double-click on the other one. There should be a screen up that reads something like: "There are several wirless networks available please select one below:" Click on the netowork named "Best Buy" (or something like that, just not the one named "HP something"), and check off the option that says: "Allow me to connect even though this network is not secure" And viola! You now have internet access! If not, you probably have to edit the DNS settings which basically means: Move on, that computer is no good.
     Anway, we got back home after a while, and I invited Brian over to watch Kanon with me. We ended up going to Caltor, and we ate dinner, than I felt like seeing in Negima volume 3 was at Barnes and Noble and we ended up having quite the adventure...
     So we got on the Bethesda 8 track and were heading into Bethesda, when suddenly, the bus driver pulled over, opened the doors, and said:
     "Hold on one second I'm gonna go get a sandwich! And he ran into subway and got a sandwich, while we all sat there bewildered. So then we made it to Barnes and Noble and got off. It turns out that Negima 3 won't be out till sometime between October 12th and October 26th. SO I placed an order for it and they'll call me when it gets in. Then the exciting part of the night happened. So we were heading down to blockbuster, and we passed the Dunkin' Donuts, and I said what the hell, wanna donut? And we went in and we asked what she had and she said "Just gimme a tip and I'll give you them for free. Actually, if you guys would take out the trash for me I'll give you al the donuts you want because they all go in the trash anyway. " So we too a whole bunch (Brain still says it wasn't enough), and took out the trash in exchange. It was fucking awesome, we couldn't stop laughing the whole way home.
     Anyway, we watched Kanon and ate donuts. Kanon was really, really sad and the donuts were really tasty. and that's what happened over the past two days.

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