September 30, 2004


     Okay, if there ever was a more pre-programmed president than I'd probibly punch myself. He just repeats the same arguments over and over. CONTRADICTION! GEORGE W. BUSH SAID THAT YOU CAN'T "FLIP-FLOP" OR CHANGE YOUR POSITION BASED ON POLITICAL WINDS OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT, BUT THEN HE SAID THAT HE CHANGES HE POSITIONS BASED ON POLITICAL INFORMATION BUT HE'LL NEVER CHANGE HIS "CORE VALUES." GAH! You fail at speaking. But what I was really impressed with was John Kerry! Wow! He like actually looked presidential, and he also was able to present his opinions, it wasn't him being flustered at being asked somethnig about his military record. AND KERRY IS ACTUALLY ATTACKING BUSH!!! FINALLY! He stopped just trying to defend himself and finally said: "Hey look! Bush is a fucking idiot!" He pointed out all his flaws and is finally succeeding. I'm convinced that after tonight, Kerry's standing in the records will improve substantially after tonight. Bush made to many mistakes to stay in power. I hope...

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September 29, 2004

....Insinuates Paranethesis man from the sidelines

     So anyway, as I've told you all now a million times and counting, I'm applying for an independant study. Today was really the final straw. I asked a simple question:
     "What's the difference between a double and a float argument when being passed to an overloaded function?" (Note: even if this doesn't sound simple it really is something that should be eaisily understood by anyone with programming knowledge in java)
     To which she responded: "Ohhhhhh... You don't even know the difference between a float and a double? You should have learned about that at the beginning..."
     "What?! No, that's not the issue, what's the difference when being passed to an overloaded function?" Really there should be about 20 more minutes of conversation like this, but for brevity's sake I'll keep it to her answer at the end.
     "There is no way to define a difference when you pass a double or a float to an overloaded argument which is why the function is ambiguous."
     "WHY DIDN'T YOU JUST SAY THAT TWENTY MINUTES AGO?!" Anyway, I ended up explaining it to the whole class because Ms. Song can't explain for beans.
     Sorry for ranting on Ms. Song like that, but it's really starting to drive me up a wall. So onto other things I'm doing (aka Anime)! I found out that they're apparently making a Negima! anime show. From the sounds of it, it's going to be based very closely on the Manga, but for some odd reason they chose to make the female protagonist's eyes both different colors... it's rather distressing. Aside from that I watched the first two episodes of Kanon and decided I'm going to buy the series. And I have to ship back that Read or Die DVD and get a new one. Anyway, tht's all for today cause I have to read Catcher in the Rye.

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September 28, 2004

Ever feel like people are stupid?

     Barbara and I had a long conversation about faith in humanity. I fell strongly on the side of: I have 0 faith in humanity and people in general are stupid and wothless and will never learn from their mistakes. While Barbara tried valiantly to hold the position of: well only some people are that way. But I at least got as far as most with like an hour of conversation. See what you think.
     Anyway, I'm tired and I'm gonna hit the sack early. Night all!

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September 27, 2004

Today was... to say the least... odd...

     So anyway, today was odd. Very much so. Why you ask? I'll tell you:
I was asked to drop a class in order to help fix the school network. Yeah... in chemistry, a guy came in and gave the teacher this note:

(Note: the signature is blocked because yes, I am just that paranoid)
     So, how many of you know Mrs. Baker? Anyone? Anyone? Didn't think so. Apparently it's some supervisor of some sort and really it was Dr. Goodwin calling me down to talk about leaving my programming class or comming in after school to help work on the school network. I kinda have to leave the exciting part of this story out, but that's for my own personal gain.
     Anyway, outside of that if I didn't already tell you (which I'm actually fairily certain I did), I'm applying for an independant study in my Java programming class. There several reasons I'm doing this. Mainly, it's because my teacher is kinda incompetant and because I'm learning more from the book than I am from her. But what really drew the line for me? We took a test in her class and there was an odd word on the test: instantiate. Now, I don't know about you, but instantiate is not a word in my vocabulary. So I called over Ms. Song and asked her what the word was. When she failed to describe it to me I asked her if it was meant to be initiate. And she responded the initiate and instantiate were the same thing.
     "...excuse me?"
     "Initiate and instantiate are the same thing."
     "Instantiate isn't a word Ms. Song."
     "Yes it is, it's the same as initiate." Then she walked away. See, I wouldn't mind if she would admit that she didn't know the difference, or that she had made a typo, but no. She had to rationalize it out to be a whole new fucking word. I wanted to scream out "WHAT THE HELL?! JUST ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG!" But I couldn't really do that, so instead I decided that I'd apply for an independant study. Yup.

in·stan·ti·ate ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-stnsh-t)
tr.v. in·stan·ti·at·ed, in·stan·ti·at·ing, in·stan·ti·ates
To represent (an abstract concept) by a concrete or tangible example: “Two apples... both instantiate the single universal redness” (J. Holloway).

Okay, so it turns out that instantiate is indeed a word. And so, a lot of my argument for leaving the class is lost. But, in my defense, she did use it completly out of context so it didn't make any sence! So it technically should have been initiate, but she used a word that was in the book, which means something completly different.

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September 26, 2004

Before my mom comes down and kills me

This is an entry telling you that I ran out of time because I was doing homework and I stupidly decided that reading a comic was better for some odd reason. If you see me tommorow, please slap me and say "STOP READING COMICS YOU STUPID FUCK!"

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September 25, 2004

Kit you so crazy!

     Tom: "Hahahaha, thanks Al. And now, in other news, Tenn Titans had a marathon today. Here's Lisa with more on that stroy."
     Lisa: "Thanks Tom--"
     Tom: "My name is John damnit! I'm the substitute for that ungrateful bastard!"
     Lisa: "I couldn't care less! Now, onto the story: Some crappy show on Cartoon network known as 'Teen Titans' had a marathon today where they decided to kill off probibly everone's favorite character known as 'Terra.' Possibly the only character with a personality that doesn't make you feel like killing kittens. Back to you Tom!"
     John (apparently his name isn't Tom, who knew?!): "Grumble... bitch... Grumble... Oh! Uhhh... Thanks Lisa! *Aherm* In other news, Mystery Manga: Will it ever be finished? Our special investigation tonight proves: Probibly. Tune in to watch my bastard of a doppleganger Tom talk about it. Now onto the weather with George."
     George (dressed for some reason in a sombrero): "Thank you vary muuch Amigo!"
     John: "Uhhhhhh... you're welcome george... what are you doing?!"
     George: "Ye-ace! Today's weethar was looking guud: Theer was soctial eektivvities on the whore-izon, but at the leest minuut, a flurry of 'wuurk' came iin and runiid iit!"
     John: "..."
     George: "Beeck tu yuu John!"
     John: "... Umm... thank you George for that uhhhh... interesting weather report... Yeah... this job sucks ass I quit."
     Quit: "Thanks tom-"
     John: "What the hell?! Who are you?! AND WHY DOESN'T ANYONE REMEMBER MY NAME IS JOHN?!"
     Quit: "In other news, the whole rest of the staff quit and Kit's brain fell into a bad loop of newscasting. Here's some bologna that looks like a suit of armor!"

     Quit: "Back to you brain!"

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September 24, 2004

Read or Die!

     Is the name of the new anime series I just got today. Huzaa? Huzaa! It also has the slightly more suggestive name of R.O.D. Okay, I got distracted, here's why... Just Select DN pilot and read on. Prepare to be confused to hell. Good god! If a plot could get any more convoluted than I'd shoot myself in the foot. Oh yeah, and in case you can't seem to figure out what to do after reading the pilot: just select DN Chapter 1, 2, etc. After the pilot the characters become consistant and the plot takes shape. I've read through 30 and I really just have to go to bed...

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September 23, 2004

Negima vol 2 was good, as was Azumanga Daioh

     So tell me: Have you ever seen the marvelous breadfish? Then you must! Click the link below to see it. (Note, this was stolen from here).

     So anyway, if you were suprised by yesterday's cop out you weren't alone, I was too. I actually had stuff to say it was just kinda writers block/time issues which made me feel too iffy about puttin up a full blown but rushed and stupid entry. Anyway, yesterday is what was exciting so yesterday will be the main focus of today's post.
     So yesterday was the last day that the Native American people were in the house so we had a big dinner upstairs and it was fun. The really cool part was when they all started pulling out gifts for Mom for letting them stay and it was like a really cool Native American vase and a moccasin and all sortsa crap. And then this one lady showed us what she had been making which was a hand beaded purse which had a picture of like three humming birds and a coupla flowers and it was really detailed and made with beads that must've been designed to be used on single hairs. It was awesome! I wish I'd taken a picture actually... Then they left this morning and that was that.
     Anyway, now on to slightly more current events, on the news they recently noted that some dude on his blog noted an issue on the news and posted it. And some other guys who had blog read it and posted it, until there was a huge number of people and everyone knew that there had been some glaring mistake on the news at some point. Anyway, on the news yesterday, they commented on how the "bloggers" (as we now seem to be called) were made out to be the check (like checks and balances for the supreme court and the president and all that?! you know?!) on the news media. Which, oddly enough puts me in a rather odd light. I don't really think of myself as some political avenger: fighting to keep that media from being wrong! But it was just funny because in my NSL class Mr. Elstein was aking if anyone knew what a blog was and the whole class just pointed at me and said very loudly: ASK KIT! And of course I had to change his misconception that "bloggers" made their blog for a living to keep the media in check.
     One really cool thing that's been happening recently is that we've really buckled down to learning how to speak Japanese in Japanese class. And I've learned I can make a fairily decent sentence on the spot. Though one funny mistake I made was that I thought that "Pick Up" in japanese was the same as "I'm going to pick up my friend." Whereas really it means like lift, not "pick up." So that sentence must have sounded kinda funny. "Why yes that bus just lifted alex above it's head (wait... buses have heads?)! It was quite amazing!" What else... what else... well, that's pretty much all that interesting that's happening. The only other thing I can think of is that I'm going to apply for an independant study in Ms. Song's class because I'm already better at it than the teacher. It always make me laugh when she goes "OHHHHHHH!!!!! I get it now!" Because I just explained something to her for 20 minutes. Alright, peace, I'm out.

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September 22, 2004

Alls well that ends well... I think...

     Okay. I'm making tommorow. and here's my story. Yes! Yes! I know it's horrible! No! It doesn't have any basis in reality! No, I'm not going to kill myself! Just take it damnit before I decide not to cop out!

By Kit Sczudlo

     I got up. Just like every morning. The alarm wasn’t quite ready to go off. Nowadays, it didn’t really matter weather or not the alarm was on or off, it didn’t wake me up. I rolled out of bed, unprepared for another day. I got up and turned off the alarm before it went off. God I hate that noise. Like the screeching of a thousand crows at once, it drilled into your mind, it tore at you sanity. No one likes their alarms. They are there to disturb one of the greatest things you can experience, dreams.

     Dreams, I wish I knew what they were like. I never have dreams anymore. Sleep, for me, is flying through an endless void of darkness, thinking of the future, where everyone dies. Time waits for no man they say. The only things I ever remember from my sleep are the horrible nightmares that I have. Nightmare of what’s to come and of what will be. Nightmares of a post-apocalyptic future where no one is happy. People are sightless wrecks who were destroyed by their own negligence. That’s the only reprise I get from my dreams, the people always brought it upon themselves. Bastards, I hate them all.

     I walked to my dresser and pulled out some clothes. It didn’t matter if they matched, no one pays any attention to me nowadays anyway. I stumbled my way to the bathroom where I went pee like I do every morning.

     “Hurry the fuck up Kit! You’re going to make us late again god damnit!” Mom screeched from the kitchen.

     “JESUS CHRIST MOM GIMME A MINUTE WILL YOU?” She was always doing that. She only thinks of herself. She doesn’t care about me. No one does. I got my shoes on and went downstairs and got my backpack together. I heard a honk from outside, bitch… she didn’t even wait for me. I walked out side while mom continued to honk the car.

     “KEEP IT DOWN WIIL YA?!” Yelled our neighbor. He was such a dick. The only time he ever talked to me was to tell me what a fuck up I was and how I looked like an idiot in those baggy pants and long shirt. I got in the car. Mom turned on the usual liberal trash. The radio just wouldn’t shut up about how horrible the world was: “WAR IN IRAQ, BUDGET DEFICIT, BUSH IS A FAILURE, ECONOMY FAILING, etc…” Man, the liberal radio’s good for one thing, depressing me.

     I walk into school after my usual “try not to fail today” from my mom. Bitch, she doesn’t care if I fail. The people there are always so annoying, they push and shove without so much as an excuse me. Like sheep, or rats in a maze. All scurrying to get to a prize that only one can achieve. Being rich. Ha! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Well, one out of a million might make it, but even then, they’ll get tired of a perfect life and kill themselves, it’s just the way it goes. I get to my class, it’s first period, I sit laid back with my feet on the chair in front of me, there’s not many people in this class and there’s a lot of desks.

     “Mr. Sczudlo, and I do use the term ‘Mr.’ lightly,” my teacher said with a hint of anger in her voice, “would you care to answer the next question?”

     “Fuck you. I don’t have to learn anything in this shit school,” Ha, I though of that line on my own. I’m not some punk who just steals all his lines from movies and TV. The teacher told us we could work on homework for the rest of class, I got up and walked out, I didn’t need to do my homework anyway, I didn’t care if I failed the class.

     I walked outside and took a breather. I didn’t need anymore of that teacher’s crap. I pulled out my smokes and my CD player. I had my regular choice of System of a Down inside. I jacked it up till it was so loud I couldn’t her the bells, or anything else. The rest of the world was silent outside my music. It was qued up to Deer Dance, a song about a group of kids who pushed around a group of adults with assault weapons. It was a good tune. Sometimes I wish I could do that, just come in and start shooting. But I couldn’t buy guns on my own and mom wouldn’t get one for me. Bitch, she didn’t care about me.

     I flicked out the last off my cigarette with the last words of Deer Dance echoing in my ears, my first period class was over. I decided I may as well head for my second period class. It wasn’t that I cared, it’s just that this girl was there. She was awesome. I wanted to see her.

     I walked through the school. The other kids backed away from me as I walked towards my next class with more music playing. They all had the same idea in their head. The one those capitalist fuckers from way up high put there. “He’s a bad egg,” they’d say, “Don’t go near him, he’ll corrupt you.” They all believed that kind of trash. Like if I got too close, I’d pass some disease that would change them into little clones of myself. Delusional bastards. I walked up the stairs. The bell rang, I was late.

     I walked into my next class. It was some stupid art class. I saw the girl I was into on the other side of the room. We started drawing, the teacher wanted us to draw fruit or some such bullshit, my grim reaper looked much cooler. The teacher walked over, took one look and my paper and walked away. She cared in the beginning, but she stopped once she realized that I didn’t give a shit less about her class. She sometimes would give me D’s saying that despite the fact that my art was off-topic, it was drawn well enough to pass. Bitch, I didn’t need her generosity.

     The class was dull, and after it was done I walked out of the class. She was so pretty, I waited outside the door for her to come by. I saw her starting to come through the door and she walked by with her little posse.

     “Hey,” I said casually as she walked by. She stopped dead in her tracks and looked at me.

     “Like you’d ever have a chance with me goth-boy?” She said in her preppy little high-pitch voice, “As-if! Go find some fat chick to pork.” Her little posse giggled and walked away with her as she continued to stride away. My heart skipped a beat. Bitch, wouldn’t go out with me. Hell, shouldn’t even talk to me. I walked away, from the class, from the girl, from everything. My eyes blurred at the side I was crying.

     It tunneled my vision, I’d forgotten what it was like to cry. I walked out the school, out of the rat maze that held all the stupid bastards who kept up the illusion that they could achieve greatness. Ha. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I was laughing. Laughing at this… this futility. It didn’t matter, I wasn’t going to be the one to achieve this greatness, I was going to be the one who kept up his tortured artist routine long enough to get to the street corner. I was going to fail. Nothing was ever going to go my way. This was the end…

     Sigh. I hope that son of mine hasn’t screwed up too much today. My cell rang out of my purse. I pulled it out.


     “Yes… Ms. Berry?”

     “This is she, may I ask who’s calling?”

     “Yes, this is the security officer from the school, I’m calling to inform you that your son did not come to any of his classes after period two. Do you have any idea where he is?”

     Sigh… “No, I’m sorry, I don’t, I’m on my way home, he’ll come back there eventually.”

     “All right, thank you for your time mam.”

     “No problem.” Sigh… He was doing it again. Getting into fights, not showing up for class. God… Kit, what do I have to do to make you do you work? I pulled up to the house and put the car in park. I walked up to the house. The door was open. Maybe Kit was home? Ugh, he didn’t even try to run away this time.

     “KIIIIIIIITTTT!!!!!!” No answer. Guess I’ll check around. I went up to his room and turned on the lights. No one. It always scared me to see his room. He looked like he belonged to an occult he had so many posters for the punk rockers he listened to. They all looked like they were dying, shells of men. Odd colored eyes and pale skin. They all looked dead… I walked over to the bathroom and opened the door. Blood was puddle at the base of the door. I raised my eyes slowly, and I saw Kit, in a pool of his own blood, with a CD player looped on a song screaming no remorse.

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September 21, 2004


     So, I guess it technically wasn't an "insult" per se? But it's still pretty bad that he was able to say anything. Point being, yesy, it's true... for the first time in about a month I busted my "once daily" blog entries. Really, like I said, it was a lack of time and material. Sigh... I know I don't have to make excuses to you, but I still feel like it was a break in trend that really shouldn't have happened. Anyway, I have some stuff to say today (fortunately) which is somewhat interesting. And, if I feel up to it I may post another story. Which is by far my darkest yet.
     So anyway, what happened yesterday was I went to see a Native American cultural show type thing. The reason we went was because my Mom agreed to host a few of them while they're here. Wait, this is getting to confusing: I'll start over, from the beginning.
     So about four years ago the govn't approved a new Native American museum to be built on the mall in D.C. which is the last possible spot to put anything on the mall at all! So today, they actually opened it, and there were over 500 different tribes there all welcoming the new museum as happy as could be. But, now to explain where I come in:
     About two weeks ago, we learned that the Ute tribe had a tie to my Mom's school, and the school offered to have them stay for the opening of the museum. Well, my mom decided to have a couple of them bunk here and so I got to meet them and whatnot (I even saw them on TV! How awesome is that!), and we also got free admittion (I don't know how to spell that!) to a mini cultural-fest where we watched them dance and cook and speak and whatever. It was pretty cool. My favorite was this girl who came out in a dress covered with bells so the every time she jumped: JINGLE JANGLE JONGLE! So anyway, on the news tonight, I saw them dancing in the streets and it was very cool. Besides that not too much is up except schooly place and whatnot, but not too much to speak about on that repect anyway.
     As far as I'm concerned the only really mildly interesting thing that's happening is that I special ordered Negima volume 2 at Barnes and Noble and it finally came in, but now I have to actually get there at some point this week or it goes back to the shelves. Ugh, I may even have to pull out my bike. And for those of you who don't already know the back brakes are permenantly semi-locked up so riding my bike is a real workout nowadays. Oi.

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September 19, 2004

Some substance perhaps?

     Hullo everyone, yeah, I know, not exactly the greatest entries ever. O well. Recently I've been running out of real material to put into my blog. I try my best to avoid the "continual rant" issue (aka bitching and moaning about my life on a daily basis), but I also don't want some boring, continual chat about my life in general. In a lot of was, this really has been just a chat about my life, but it's also had some life of it's own, you know? Well, anyway, my point is, is that I'm trying not to bore you here, but for the time being, I'm kinda flat on material. Wow, I used a lot of commas.
     So! What should I do about this depressing lack of stuff?! Well... I could post another story, but I didn't really like one of them, and the other one is just plain depressing. I guess I should really finish ice cream man... but not today. Today, I have homework. hmmmmmmm... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... well, here's a link to a movie I want to see: Team America Movie! by the guys who made south park. And... oh! Here's a funny video I saw on ebaums, not great, but good enough... And... that's it, That's all for today.

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September 18, 2004


     I'm at a friends house, I'm just posting to let you know that I'm alive and to make sure I didn't break my "once daily" trend. Anyway, as a scapegoat, here's the link to my random image-gen.

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September 17, 2004

Birthday! ...oh... Next week...

     Okay, so today I was kinda stressed so anyone that I yelled at today... probibly deserved it, cause they're the reason I'm stressed. Anyway, I thought that tommorow was Rebecca's birthday, but it turns out that it's next week. So I feel stupid. Anyway, I'll write a real entry sometime tommorow. All I'm going to say today is Hooray for Sakaki!!!!!!! (Azumanga Daioh refrence)

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September 16, 2004

Story! *Shudder* It scared me...

     Okay, I know I've been promising a story for a while and I finally have one. This one's a tad creepier than usual, and that's saying a lot considering how creepy my usual stories are. The story will be below, but here's just some general fyi stuff. Now up and running is This is meant to be more of an "in school" thing, but if you are chatless in some other city, it's open for all. You really shouldn't change any of the Information except for Nickname and Real name unless you know what you're doing. Aside from that, I purchased legitimate Azumanga Daioh DVDs 1-4 and I'll have to wait for 5 and 6 to come out before I can buy them. The scary thing? It cost me $90.90 for just these 4 dvds! AHHHHHH!!!!! But, I like Azumanga Daioh enough to the point where I'm willing to support the studio. Okay, enough of that! Here's the story! Enjoy!

The Subway
By Kit Sczudlo

     I heard them. I pulled my jacket tighter and shivers ran up and down my spine. They sounded like people screaming through lips that couldn’t get out of an “O” shape. The lights from the wall outside the subway flashed by in regular intervals, which showed the group of sad, disheveled people scattered throughout the train. These days, the train wouldn’t even stop unless someone pulled the stop line. And even then, the doors only opened in that section of the train. The train began to slow, the old brakes screeching us to a grinding halt. Someone in another car had pulled the line. Some of the people in my train glanced up to see the man leave. He had a bag in one hand, and a heady coat and hood that almost completely covered him. His appearances weren’t odd, but he was alone, which is a very odd sight in these subways. As the train began to lurch away, the man off the train glanced hurriedly back before he began to walk as fast as possible to the escalators. Many watched as we pulled away, wondering weather he would make it to the top before they got him.

     The train always made an odd sound as it pulled away, it sounded like a combination of a TV powering on and old, squeaky tires lurching into motion. It almost sounded as if the train was screaming as the power surged through it… More sounds came from above. Bloodcurdling cries from them. We passed the last stop before mine. The last stop before most people had to get off the train. I reached out from the cover of my coat and pulled the line. As I pulled the line snapped on one side. The usual ding which accompanied the line being pulled still rang, and as I looked up from the wire in my hand, the people in the train were staring at me. They all had such a spooked look, their faces looked so hollow. It seemed like they had all been on the train for years, and it had worn away at their sanity, sucking all emotion from their faces. They were all pale, as if they were afraid that we wouldn’t be able to leave because of the mistake I had made. But the familiar sound of screeching soon began, and they all looked away from me. The train stopped, I got up and shuffled to the door, I didn’t want to make myself any more known than I already was.

     The doors opened unto the station. It was covered in graffiti and the few remaining lights cast a sickly yellow light which covered only half the station. The center of the station was filled with debris. What looked like it was once a bench was now a big pile of rock with “FELDOR RULEZ” written in large, sloppy letters on it. There was a couple of odd shaped frames filled with garbage that had once had large colorful advertisements on them. Several people on the train I was on began to hurriedly shuffle along with me. We exited onto the platform, and began the agonizingly long journey out of the station. There was a small sort of half-escalator which connected the platform to a slightly higher one. Neither of these escalators worked anymore, and the city could no longer afford the armed guards to protect the technitions who worked on the dilapidated system.

     Several other trains had people getting off as well. It was like a race, who ever was last, would be a feast for them. I made it to the escalator, and ran up the stairs, my heart began to beat faster, as I could hear their cries get closer to the station. I was in a full out sprint as I got to the top, I heard a scream and whipped around long enough to see the man at the far end of the station getting pulled into the tunnel. I ran. Past the fare machines, I didn’t care if I hadn’t paid, I wasn’t going to die today. Their cries got even closer, there must be at least ten of them from the sounds of it. My coat began to whip around at my sides. I could see the first person get to the escalators ahead of me. I was almost there. Another scream, no… two… three! They were taking down people fast I had to escape, I wasn’t going to die today… I grabbed the side rail and began to dash up the escalator, I could hear them, I could see the light at the top of the stairs. The man ahead of me was almost there, I could be too… I began to fall back, there were to many stairs, and I felt it. An arm on my shoulder, I was still running, but my feet weren’t on the ground anymore.

     “no…” I said, the blue arm was across my chest, carrying me like a child. Back into the darkness… “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” I wasn’t going to die today…

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September 15, 2004

So jewish eh? Well I'm not! So I don't have to do anything tommorow!

     Go like 50% Jewish population in Bethesda! For those of you who may not know, we (as in Montgomery County "we") have tommorow off. Yes, this is good. And for those of you who are Jewish who have to do stuff: HAHAHAHA! YES! GO MY LAZY RELIGION! Really, I celebrate all my catholic holidays, but I find that the Bible has waaaaay too many inconsistancies to be trusted, so instead, I choose to be realistic. Being a realist is similar to Aetheism, but you aren't quite ready to say "I believe in nothing." This is also know as being agnostic. But saying "I'm agnostic" sounds so stuck up and snobby... but then again, saying "I'm a realist" is pretty bad too cause that makes it sound like believening a religion is unrealistic... forget I said anything!
     Really (not only in defense of myself), I respect anyone who has enough faith in something to truly believe in it. I can honestly say that I have trouble believing the teachers when they give me an answer. Let alone some far-fetched tale of great power and suffering written by a people who put fevered and delusional women in places where they were said to have had visions of god. But hey, that's just me. Anyway, I've been working on my doodling power a lot, and I finally have a more refined style. I'm only gonna put up one of my doodles to try to just give you a taste of what I've been doing. Here's some chick who doesn't look too bad. The only issues I'm running into right now is drawing profiles (I can get the eyes, but not the mouth!) and getting some kind of breast on my women. They are all shots taken from the front, and they have 0 bust. I just can't figure out how to doodle it. Well, okay, I'll give you one more doodly, but only cause I'm in a good mood! Experimentation with profile.

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September 14, 2004

Score! Some crazy crap I found at 6:56 this morning!

Please note: I'm not just watching weird cartoons right now, this is actually jst an intro to a really awesome comic. here's the link.
Chapter 1
short p1/2
short p3/4
short p5/6
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Whatever happened to XJ9

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September 13, 2004

Okay, maybe I'm just feeling lazy today

     Okay, so as the title says, I wasn't quite feeling up to a blog entry today so instead I'm just gonna give a quickie for some news bout kitkorp, and then I'll drop you guys another video.
     So, on friday last week after I was seeing what people thought of my doodling, I was surprised to see that someone returned the favor by pulling out some of their own artwork. This, was Sylvia. I'm sure some of you knopw Sylvia as being the kinda creepy, kinda gothy chick. In either case, she has really nice style that I think I should totally claim for my site. So, at some point this week, I'll make a little ditty at which will host artwork that she makes. I think I'll make it something kinda similar to a blog, where evryone will be able to comment on it and it'll be organized by date and all that. Anyway, sometime this week... sometime...
And, as a cop-out for the lack of good entry, here's an awesome little preview of paranoia agent. Since there ain't too much English on the series yet, this clip doesn't have too much speaking and the little speaking it does have at the end is japanese, but you can catch somewhat of a drift of the series from the clip:

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September 12, 2004

I'm watching Anime so you will to

     So, I finally made an update to scuzz stuff, no, no new games, but now you can access at school. The only difference is now it uses port 7070 instead of 6565, which, for whatever odd reason, doesn't seem to be blocked at school. The only issue is that since it's hosted out of my basement, if a lot of people play, it'll crash down pretty quick. If you feel like saving me some bandwidth, you can start using this link to save my ass: This one, unfortunately, IS blocked by the school, but if you use the link at home my computer won't burst into flames when I'm not there to watch it!
     On a slightly different note, I was too lazy to find another political flash film, so instead, here's an anime flash thing. It's the ending credits to a show called Paranoia Agent. It looks really awesome (no not the ending, I saw a preview) and potsmokerific. So anyway, click the link below and it'll play the ending credits. Bummer is is that it's 17 and some megabytes so it takes a while to dl. Oh, and if you don't want it to do the whole Play a few seconds, wait to dl, play a few seconds, wait to dl thing, just hit the big pause button until the bar has turned completely dark gray, then just hit the big play button.

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September 11, 2004


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September 10, 2004

Harumph. Blog: A Blessing or a Curse?

     Well everyone, I'm gonna try and do a good length entry today, but I don't have all that much to write about. *Big Breath* Okay, here we go:
     Well, I know that recently I've kinda been treating my blog as a burden and not something I do for fun. But it's because I haven't really been up to par this week. Really, I've been feeling weird this whole summer. It all started when I started my regimine of going to sleep at three am and waking up at two in the afternoon. Since I didn't wake up early enough for breakfast and I don't normally eat till the second meal after I got up... I normally just ate dinner. Nothing else. Now, up until I started working, this was fine cause I didn't really get to much excercise so I didn't really need much food. But then I started my swimming lessons (note: I was the instructor, not the student), so I was getting a lot of laps in everyday and generally working out quite a bit. But after work ended at noon (note: it started at seven) I went straight to Whitman to work on my community service hours by working on the school network. Now, at school the schedual fluxates quite a bit, so I could stay anywhere between five minutes, to five hours. Normally the latter. And so since it took me about a half an hour to get home, I didn't really get home till five-thirty. So I got home around dinner anyway, after a goodly amount of excercise and brain work. I'm living on dinner. Well, I guess my body just adjusted because it never really bothered me and I don't really snack, so I just kept living on dinner.
     When work ended, Driver's Ed began and that ran from right after I got up to noon, and since that was already at Whitman I just stayed there till five again. The first time I really noticed that I'd stopped eating? Well, it was right after I went to California. Really, I just didn't eat till dinner. Sometimes I'd have a bowl of cereal, but I couldn't really get anything big down either. So even at my once-daily meals, I wasn't eating much. Sure, I still wasn't excercising very much, but it was a tad disconcerting. So after I got back, and school got started, I started skipping breakfast. No big deal, I never really have eaten breakfast before. I ate lunch just like usual. But when I get home everyday, my stomach feels really full when dinner rolls around. I can't even eat a full steak. Let alone sides. Half an enchilada is more than enough for me.
     Now this is when I started getting disturbed. Normally most people would be really happy they don't eat as much, but I've always had enormous appetite! I even used to snack, have breakfast, lunch, dinner, and then dessert! But now I can only finish lunch. In fact, eating dinner really makes me feel overly full, like sick full. Which isn't really how I'm used to operating. In addition to that I haven't really been getting enough sleep as of late (for obvious reasons) so writing my blog before bed in addtion to homework and real work is really a pain right now. But enough about my problems! What you guys want is the doodles!
     Huzaa for doodles! Recently, in Mr. Elsteins class, I realized that I already know the answers to the questions he asks so I can pretty much ignore him till he asks a question. So, in my spare time in his class, I've taken to doodling. Now, today specifically, I really should say that I doodled the whole day through, but whatever. Here's the stuff:
Okay, so after my first period math test I was bored, so boredom struck, and won.
Huzaa! Eyeballs!
That mullet scared me...
My attempt at drawing Sylvia and Alex, who are both in my japanese class.
Okay imagine this!
You're watching an episode of the apprentice (a show which I've never watched except that scene where he says: You're fired!) and Donald Trump is about to say his signature line when the other person goes:
"Screw you bitch! I quit!"
And Donald Trump goes:
"But you were mean to let me say... hrrrrrrrrgggggk!"
Gratuitously long transformation sequence...

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September 09, 2004

Another Video, since the last one was so popular

     So, anyway, since the last video was so popular, I though I may as well just post another video. This one isn't quite as controvertial, it's just a recruitment video for some group called True Majority Action. Click the link, it'll pop up, as per usual...

Besides that, I made another doodle in social studies class. I thought this one was blog-worthy and thought "What the hell?" and threw caution to the wind and posted it:
You'd be surprised at how hard it is to draw eyes. I can only do cat eyes. In fact, I have pages and pages of eyes that I've drawn that look super-unnatural.

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September 08, 2004

Explaining the conspiracy

     Many people watched the video yesterday and said:
While still many others of you said:
"Wow, that was interesting, but pointless... I mean it didn't say what it wanted to..."
Well, like Fahrenheit 9/11, the point was to present the facts in such a way that makes you question what you believe. Of course it doesn't present all the facts, nor does it present both sides of the arguments. But it's not supposed to. The point was to make you look at the facts: How could a plane that was tall enough to hit all three of the floors and wide enough to hit three different sectors leave one small, clean hole through only the first floor? The point was to bring up the inconsistancies in the story surrounding the story about the 9/11 attacks on the Pentagon. Not to say: "GEORGE BUSH IS DESTROYING AMERICA!" Got that? Now, on to more important things! Like my life!
     So, for those of you who don't know, over the summer, the majority of what I spent all my profits on went towards buying Anime. Yes, I've become a fanatic of the stuff, and as of right now I own 5 complete series. Anyway, the second series I got (Chobits) had a small problem which is that the voices got really badly out of sync in a few episodes. So I e-mailed the place about it and they said that they would open up a couple box sets and see if they all had the same issue. Sure enough, they said that all the DVDs had the same problem, and although that meant they couldn't send me a new one to fix the problem, they were willing to either give a free DVD or I could return the Chobits DVD for a full refund. I really liked Chobits a lot so instead I chose to get a free DVD. It's Ah! My Goddess.

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September 07, 2004

Conspiracy in the white house?

I thought this video was so awesome you just had to see it. Just hit the link and it will appear.

     Anyway, on a not so light note, some of you may have noticed that a good friend of ours, Richard Aranha, hasen't really been around. Well I found out today, that he was in India and he caught malaria. Ow. I really hope he's okay. Anyway, that's the reason he hasen't been around and he apparently won't be around for another week or so still. Sigh.........

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September 06, 2004

Needs some accompaniment

     Well, in my brains desparate attempt to escape what I call "a boring englishman's prattle" or, in more American terms, "some old guys rant about a fake diamond," I made some music. Now, for those of you who don't know, I have no musical teaching whatsoever, so all of my music is written by ear. So often it may be off in a place or two... but more importantly, I'm 100% incapable of writing my own accompaniment. So here's what I have so far:
Heavily influenced by my watching the first 15 minutes of Noir

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September 05, 2004


Well, it's official, this guy sits on his ass pressing the refresh button desparately waiting for me to update. Oh well. HAaaaaaaaaaa!!!! YES! Okay, in addition to that, they shouldn't be capable of posting comments anymore. But if they ever should again post comments again it's rather pitiful that he can't do much better than calling me a womanizer for playing a game boy game. The even better part is the fact that this shows what a boring piece of shit this dude is...
A quiz for you!
What do you do in your free time?
Why, I sit around insulting people better than me! They making crushing statements that make me feel like scum, but I still do it because I'm a pitiful bastard! Yes, I'm blindly insulting people I don't know! I'm the pussy who's only known as

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How's Life? Well, now that you mention it...

     With a title like that, you have to expect me to say something like: "Well, I've got this pimple on my back and I just can't seem to pop it..." (Just kidding! I'm backne free!!! (Bacne, like acne, only different)) Anyway, not much has happened since my last entry about myself, still haven't read my summer reading, my shorts are still in the wash (well, I hope they're in the wash...), and I'm still angry at the lack of social etiquitte in the world. The only mildly interesting thing I've done is play Final Fantasy Tactics advanced. It was good. Interesting battle system. Then summer reading.... don't distract me! I'M READING! What? I'm not using this as a way to escape it! shut up! reading! READING!!!!!!!

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September 04, 2004

Online is Darwin

     Some of you may have noticed the comment on the song the I linked to for Mr. Rogers about how the beat licked balls. I think it's fuckin' hilarious that these people who act like I'm such a nerd have so much free time as to still read my blog entries and comment. In fact, that plays directly into our next theme which is social Darwinism on the internet...
     Have you ever really thought about it? Sure, we all know that who we are on the internet is different than who we are in real life, but do we really know why? Well, here's my humble opinion, subject to your approval:
     When on the internet there are no real defining universal rules, no codes of conduct no reason to be civil. And then comes the non-confrontational issue. When you ignore rules of common conduct and choose to express yourself in a rude way, you know that you can just leave and/or walk away. You don't have to worry about infuriating a person to such a point where they hunt you down and make your life a living hell because what little information they may be able to find about you on the internet will more than likely not be able to lead them to much more than what they already knew about you. The second reason is survival. Very similar to Darwin's "survival of the fittest" theroy, the internet if filled with predators, prey, neutral, and people who do all three. The opportunist is normally the final option. Very defensive unless they see a weakness in another. Like hunting don the weak and the sick members of the herd rather than going for the strong, they protect themselves and yet still get the grim satisfaction of feeling like an "alpha-male."
     Then there are the ones who are already in power. The ones who own the forums (servers, games, whatever), or moderate because they are close to those in power. It's a very rudimentary version of a feudal system, there is one with absolute power who dominates over all, but has to carefully defend his borders and avoid insurgencies from others in power and large groups of "serfs" (the masses, the people who provide the substance for control).
     Finally, there are those who have no power and yet seek to attain it. These are the people who put down others and pull through the ranks to achieve repect. These people survive until another comes and takes their place. Often, the ones who achieve respect this way are the ones who have a complex enough understanding of the system to cheat it. This kind of respect is often short lived, and so power struggles to be just below a position of true power is always going on.
     Although this doesn't implicate much more than what is already known by most people I just felt like writing this article cause I felt all philisophical for some reason. Maybe it's cause I talked with Sam Gezelowitz? Hmmmmmm....
     Oh, and if you're wondering how that comment fit into the whole social darwinism theme, it's because I have power and I'm better then them simply because I have a website and a job. So, in an attempt to remove me from my position of power, these people show themselves to be "alpha-males" by putting their testosterone where their mouth is and insulting me. Which, in many ways, is a compliment to how much better I am than them, isn't it? The fact that they spent the time to read my stories or listen to my music demands respect in the first place, so what's to say these people don't respect me, and are afraid of the implications? Not much.

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September 03, 2004

For Mr. Rogers

Here's A link to some music I wrote.

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September 02, 2004

Meh, it's a title

     Well, I've found yet another webcomic to absorb my life. Even though I know none of you care, I'm loving webcomics. Here's my new one (DAMN YOU BRIAN!). Well, on to my day:
     I got one of my Anime series back today (Please Teacher), only to give it up again about 10 feet away from the classroom. Something nifty that happened was that I realized I already know java pretty damn well. So I made a little app which just says some stuff. What makes it interesting is that it calls several other functions and a whole nother java application. What was really crazy about today was that after school the entire men's chorus had to get fitted for suits. It took me 3 hours and 30 minutes to get fitted for mine. I waited in LINE that long. it took like 5 minutes to actually get fitted. Anyway, that was a dull day.

Not a big one, I just thought that you might like to note, that although Brian is the one who has the neverending supply, it was actually Rebecca that introduced me to my first webcomic! Yeah, she convinced me to read loserz which I dutifully did, and when I showed Brian he of course flooded me with the ones he reads. Hmmmmmm... how very strange...

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September 01, 2004

Ugh, upper limit tested.

     Well, just so that you know, yesterday was the upper limit of what I'll ever write about myself. I know it's a lot to read, and it's not particularly interesting, but that's a full average day for me. Anyway, not much has happened otherwise... yup, now you know my average day.

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