August 31, 2004

I wish books had all the answers.

     Well, today, I was feeling particularly tired. Not because it was any particular reason. I think my body just may be adjusting to East Coast time still. I had even gone to bed early and I still felt exaughsted. Blech. I woke up for school at 6:16 am, as usual, but I think my clock may be wrong. Oh well. I hopped out of bed and went downstairs where I immediately hopped on the couch and stayed in a not-quite-asleep-not-quite-awake state for about 30 minutes. When mom made her second pass while heading upstairs to get out of her pjs and into her work clothes she said:
     "Are you gonna walk the dog today Kit?" I said my yes in a usual chipper voice despite being totally exaughsted. I got up at about 6:45 and started to get together all my school stuff. As I went through my bag I noticed that I still had two oh my anime series left in my bag. I sighed and though about how my friends from japanese class had practically pillaged my collection.
     "I'll have to start nagging them like today about getting them back cause I know they won't return it otherwise." I sighed to myself. I hate loaning things. Too much uncertinty involved. As I finally had all my stuff together I looked at the kitchen clock. It was about 6:52. I went upstairs and got dressed and put on some socks. I was out of shorts, and all my clothes were in the laundry. I asked my about it and she said she had cleaned the shorts and they were all in my clothes bin downstairs. As I passed by the computer on the way to the laundry room I checked to see how my downloads were going. It had been a while since I had used kazaa, but I still remembered how long downloads took, especially the weird ones. One was currently downloading, but it said that it would take 243 hours to finish. The other one said that it was waiting, but it had already finished half. I cancelled the slow one and hiked up the accelerator. I got up and found my shorts, but they weren't the ones I was hoping for.
     Ever since middle school, I've been exceedingly cautious about the length of the legs on my shorts. I was basically called a queer for a year because I was too lazy to buy new shorts. So as I looked on at what my mom had cleaned, I was dissappointed to find only one pair of shorts that, in my mind, were socially unacceptable. Unfortunately, the day was hot and I didn't really feel like wearing sweatpants, my only other option. So, I put on the shorts with a shirt that really was too short as well.
     Oh well, no one ever really comments, I guess it's probibly all in my head. I thought to myself. And more than likely I'm right, but I never really could "read" social acceptances very well anyway. When I finally got my clothes on I walked up with my laundry bin passed the kitchen clock again. it was almost seven.
     Guess I should hurry up and walk the dog. I got my shoes on and thought about the fact that my sandles still smell horrible. I really wonder why my feet smell so awful... but I've tried everything, I should just live with it... I was pulling on my sneakers though, not my sandles, and so that wouldn't really matter today. I got the leash and called over sophie. She wasn't looking at me, and due to the fact that she's almost completely deaf now I had to walk over and tap her to get her up. I popped the choke chain on and we went out for our usual morning walk. I thought about how I might be late and therefore I should cut our walk short, but today I was a little spacy. So I walked all the way anyway.
     When I got back, mom was waiting sipping coffee at the door, I grabbed my bag after taking the leash off sophie. She dropped her tail with the realization we'd be gone for the day. It was kind of sad to watch her nowadays because she's just getting so old. Sophie is almost thirteen now. No time to think about that, I've got to get to school.
     I got to school after my usual 15 minutes of NPR and shifting the car for my mom while she drinks coffee. I jumped out of the car and waved my mom goodbye as I made my usual dash for school. Today started with homeroom again. Not that's particularly interesting. It just meant that the classes would be off again.
     I went to math where we worked on linear equations and functions and the difference between the two. As we walked through each step I felt like I knew most of it, and I was one of the only people to chime in when she asked a question. I corrected her once because she accidentially said that a linear equation was automatically a linear function, but it was rwally the other way around. Blah blah, yak yak, Here's your homework for today. It was another simple assignment that just takes a lot of time, but not effort. After that I had chorus, where I decided I was most comfortable in the mid range: low tenor high bass. But I really like tenor much more than bass, so I'm aiming for the former. I went on to Mr. Elestines class, where I realized that I still didn't like his class and I didn't feel like being in it. He's a nice guy (...most of the time), but I don't like him and he doesn't like me. So I think I may switch out of his class. On to japanese... mmmmmyep. Then I had lunch. The line system changed this year, and I actually finished my entire lunch before I was able to leave the line. I was there for almost 15 minutes. I went up to the computer lab, but Mr. Thomas wasn't there. So I just ended up doing nothing for the rest of my lunch.
     Around came sixth period and with it chemestry. My lab group consists of Jacob, Jack, Brian, and myself. Then the teacher gave us some silly algebra-ish stuff to do at home. Of course I did fine up until I needed to do a problem without calculator aid. I checked and I was wrong, but I left it unchanged cause it's better to be truthful and wrong than pull it out of your ass. After that I went to programming 2. Java. Yeah, I feel like I know what's going to happen: I'm going to sit in class and finish all my projects really early and learn everything from the book. I really don't like Ms Song's teaching. Even though she explains and knows (I think) what she's talking about, the way she phrases things always makes it seem like she has no idea what she's talking about. After I finished up that class I went to English. I had been dreading this all day. During the summer, I had been informed that I have to read 2 choice books and one required book. If this had been the whole story, than I would have probibly had no problem, but, this was NOT the whole story.
     During my 9th grade year we were meant to read Ender's game. This was the book which helps you understand what's happening in the sequel: Speaker for the Dead, a required summer reading book. My teacher, however, chose instead to have us read four plays instead of Ender's Game. Now, this means that I have to read two choice books and two required books! Which, I was completely unwilling to do. So, I've read about 5% of one choice book and both of the required summer reading books. Which is an issue because as I understand it: My English teacher does not deal well with students that ignore school work. All of this I take upon as my own fault but it still makes me worry.
     When I got to my English class my teacher made the announcement that she would not be in the class today. I was safe for one more day. Instead the head of the English department came and taught us instead. We talked about speeches and what terms and things to look for in them. It was somewhat interesting, but still I managed to lose focus and watched the clock.
     School let out with a quick bell. I dashed to see if I could catch Sanjeev on his way home. It's an old habit, I know, but I still like bumming out at his house until the bus comes. I waited up near Whittier Woods for a while, but I didn't see Sanjeev so I assumed that he had gotten out early and had beaten me to his house. I started walking, and I admired the scenery. I listened to a few of the dis-jointed conversations around me, but nothing caught my interest. Soon I was at Sanjeevs house, but a quick look around told me he hadn't gotten home yet. I waited at the bus stop, and then saw Sanjeev with his trumpet case headin' down the sidewalk. I met up with him and ended up sittin' around watching tv with him till about 3:30.
     I ran out to catch the bus, but I missed the 29. I waited around and as it turned out I hadn't missed the 32. I made it home and watched tv, checked the kazaa downloads. It turned out that I made it just in time to see the end of the download. It had one minute and a few seconds left. It turned out to be in japanese with subtitles, so I was dissapointed, but I still liked it. It was, of course, Azumanga Daioh, and I learned a new little ditty:
Tsukurimashou! Tsukurimashou! Sate Sate nani ga dekiru ka na!
Let's make something! Let's make something! Well then, I wonder what's going to be made?
     After that I watched tv. It was an average day, nothing too interesting had happened, I still had homework though. So after watching tv for a while, and realizing that I still hated everything that was currently on except for the Fairly Odd Parents, I started my homework. It took roughly an hour, not much, but enough to make me not want to do it. After I finished up I went down to the computer and read all the webcomic updates that happened today.
     I looked at Megatokyo and wondered what was going to happen to poor Piro. His heart it torn by his want to be with Nanasawa but he doesn't think he's good enough. And even if he did fall in love with her, what would become of poor Sonoda?! She love's Piro! And Piro can't seem to devote the time he needs to to really figure out what he wants. Sigh. I hate webcomics. Well, not really, I just hate how into them I become. I just wait for the next relationship to develope, it's more addicting than daytime drama, only more humor and better made.
     At dinner I talked about how I really just needed the book from my programming class and the AP credit from the final exam. I didn't really like or need the teacher. My Mom said that I should ask to do an independant study in the class so that I could move at my own pace and get the whole thing down at my own pace. I thought it seemed like a good idea, but I'm not sure how Ms. Song would react to being asked that. Especially because she is so used to having people just play games in her class. SO I thought about it. Then, my Mom said I should talk to my counsoler about switching out of Mr. Elestines class. Well, they seemed like interesting ideas, but I need to just get through the next two weeks and finish my summer reading.

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August 30, 2004

School to back? Learn have I not need for!

     Well, school... it's back.... again... And this year I feel particularly unhopeful nor expectant. I also really don't feel ready. Like, I just don't feel like this year is going to be any good. I've never really quite felt so bad about a school year since 5th grade when I realized that nothing I did at that point would have any effect on my future. If you've ever wondered about why my grades don't match most smart people's it's because I lost faith in the system in 5th grade. Sure, last year was better than usual, but that's not the point.
     At this point what's important is the fact that I got a homework assignment on my first day and I have to finish all my summer reading before next week. Like I did Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, but I didn't get my choice books done. Wishin' and Hopin' for some Azuamnga Daioh. It's a silly little cartoon bout some highschool girls who are all blatantly crazy. Which, if you're thinking, is exactly my kind of show. Here's some crap that I found on the internet while searching to see what episodes had been released... (note: if I can find a good clip of the show I'll probibly post it too):

Here's the cast!

Here's this little ten year old genius girl named Chiyo

And here's the little ditty that is the theme song. Extended version.

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August 29, 2004


Yeah, I know you thought I was gonna post a story well you know what :-P Anyway, have you ever seen something and wondered what it meant? I had one of those moments the other day:

I was walking home from school after school, and I saw this man on a moped, and he looked very similar to that old guy from the six flag commercials. With those big, thick rimmed glasses, and he was wearing a suit, but there was one big difference:
His suit was gray and covered with orange question marks. Yeah. I know. So I was staring at him from the middle of Old Georgetown road when he winked at me and made the left turn. Suddenly, a red VW bug barreled down the road after him and they were like viying for position at like 28 miles an hour. I was confused. Ow, my brain hurts.

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August 27, 2004

A ponderance on the concept of love

     Well, yesterday, at like 11:00am the packadge arrived with my Anime. So, after finishing backing up some important folder from some other persons computer, I watched an episode and a half. Then I went to the doctors office where I had my yearly physical and a hepatitus B immunization shot. He told me what I expected: "Ah well, yes... you're fine except just a little heavy. I'm a tad worried about how much excersize you're getting, but besides that you're just fine." The shot didn't bother me (I don't mind needles), but I felt a little queasy all day and man is the spot sore!. After I got home I watched pretty much six straight hours of Please Teacher (that Anime I gave you guys the preview for), and I got to thinking about love and what it was.
     When it comes down to it, I don't think much of love. It seems for the most part to be a hollow word overused be song and poetry writers. Than, on top of that, tv shows and Anime and whatnot always have fantastic situations and ridiculas circumstances which make it simple to see why they would fall in love, but is it really love? or just circumstance? Harumph. Bah humbug! (You're all lucky! I could've gone all mushy on you guys... but I have more dignity than that :- P).
     That's just me thinking out loud. what I bet you guys are really thinking is: "Whatever happened to Driver's Ed Kit? Did you end up taking it all? And why were there only 9 days if you needed 30 hours?!" Well, to answer your thoughts (Insert creepy music clip here): I didn't finish the last day of my Drivers Ed class due to the fact that I went to California. So today was really my last day. I passed all the tests with the 80% minimum so I don't need to take the final exam. While I was standing in line to get my final test graded, these girls were talking about how their bitchy friend accidentially threw out one of their cell phones. It was dull. And we had to watch all these videos with stars from the 1980s. And so! I DOODLED! I'm still at school right now, so I'll upload them later. Yup. I'm gonna write a story for tommorow.

Now you're all thikning: "Wait, I don't care about you Kit! And I didn't even remember that you went through Driver's ed! Why am I reading your blog! YOUR LIFE IS BORING! Oh.. right.. I don't have anything better to do."

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August 26, 2004

100 Entries E-Mail Distpatch

Just what the titles says. The emails for the 100 entries comments have been dispatched. I'm gonna add some more, and I need to make the second part. But it'll do for now.

Added three images:
Now there are 18

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A philisophical discussion

Sam: hey uh
Sam: guess what time it is
Sam: on monday
Sam: maybe
Sam: if u like my cd
Sam: ?
BigDog6700: uhhhhhh
BigDog6700: monday?
BigDog6700: school day?
BigDog6700: (it is!)
Sam: yes, and
Sam: advertise sam's cd on your blog shamelessly day!
Sam: (please?)
BigDog6700: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Sam: hahahahahaha
Sam: !!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: BRAIN HURTS!!!!!
Sam: haahahahahahahah
Sam: how could a one syllable word make me smile so much?
Sam: hahahahahaha
Sam: naw u dont hafta
BigDog6700: which one?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!
BigDog6700: OWWWWWWW!!!!11
Sam: no
Sam: brain?
BigDog6700: huzaa!
Sam: try duck tape
Sam: but i do need a way to get the word out
Sam: i'm givin ppl free ones to help
BigDog6700: well
BigDog6700: wait till your school starts
BigDog6700: put up a poster
BigDog6700: then have ppl ask you
Sam: yeah but honestly
Sam: a lotta ppl at my school are asses
BigDog6700: yup
Sam: yeah you already knew that
BigDog6700: :-[
Sam: and i'm worried ya kno
BigDog6700: eh
Sam: someone mite make fun of me or somethin...
BigDog6700: I mean
BigDog6700: you take a risk
Sam: true
Sam: plus
Sam: whats there to make fun of?
Sam: worst case
BigDog6700: and by gratuitusly advertising on MY site, you don't get the word out
Sam: true
BigDog6700: you get the word out to people you already know
Sam: jah
Sam: like you
Sam: and the ppl i gave it to free....
Sam: hahahahaahahaha
Sam: maybe it wasnt a good idea
BigDog6700: like people you know who got it for free
BigDog6700: see
BigDog6700: if you're good
BigDog6700: and want to show it
BigDog6700: then you take risks
BigDog6700: I'm not going to tell you you are or are not
BigDog6700: but sam
Sam: yeah
Sam: ?
BigDog6700: this is your choice, is this what you want to be labled as?
BigDog6700: forever?
BigDog6700: that's what you take
BigDog6700: regardless of weather or not you do it anymore
Sam: um
BigDog6700: it is your reputation
BigDog6700: this is what people will know you for
BigDog6700: and think of you as
Sam: um.
BigDog6700: when ypour high school friends see you at work, and they say:hey sam: still making tunes?
Sam: i can deal with that
BigDog6700: and others will find out
BigDog6700: it will be with you
Sam: i dont think it'd be that serious
BigDog6700: no matter what, where, who, or when.
: if you take it seriously
Sam: um
BigDog6700: but if you hand out cd's to your friends and they tell you they hated it then it stops there
Sam: ah
BigDog6700: you have to know what you want
BigDog6700: and if you want it
BigDog6700: is it something you want with you forever
BigDog6700: ?
Sam: um
Sam: i dunno
Sam: i mean now
BigDog6700: that's the decision you'll make
Sam: by selling a cd?
BigDog6700: the guru resigns
BigDog6700: :- P
Sam: dude
Sam: what percent of the time were u serious?
BigDog6700: 100
Sam: ah
BigDog6700: I mean
BigDog6700: I'll be IT man forever
Sam: haha
BigDog6700: *I.T.
Sam: yeah
BigDog6700: regardless of weather or not I want to
Sam: i'm already techno music man
BigDog6700: no
BigDog6700: not yet
BigDog6700: you aren't public
Sam: yeah i am
BigDog6700: you haven't shed this light onto yourself
Sam: i showed ppl the music i like
Sam: and since its not mainstream
BigDog6700: this is something that regardless of weather or not your school knows you do, they haven't affiliated the image with you yet
Sam: hm
Sam: so all this comes with selling a cd?
BigDog6700: yes
BigDog6700: it's something that's says you do this
Sam: aw well thats not too bad
BigDog6700: "I do this seriously and I want you to respect that"
Sam: yeah
Sam: i can do that
Sam: but if we hang
BigDog6700: "in fact, not only do I want you to respect this, I want you to pay to respect it."
Sam: YES!
Sam: W00T!
BigDog6700: but
Sam: but...
BigDog6700: that demands a LOT of people
Sam: true
BigDog6700: if it was you signing
BigDog6700: than that would require a talented voice
BigDog6700: and people can eaisily respect a powerful voice they don't have
Sam: well i'm doin musical this yr
Sam: and tryiin out for vocal jazz band
BigDog6700: whereas if it's something they cannot do, they repect it
Sam: ah
BigDog6700: *they can do
BigDog6700: they don't repect it
Sam: no i c
BigDog6700: yeah
BigDog6700: you see
Sam: well if i c u sun
Sam: lets audition the cd
BigDog6700: people could do what you do with almost as well, but it would only require time
Sam: true
BigDog6700: and that;s something, few people can sacrifice

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August 25, 2004

NO more numbers damn me!

     Well, I'm back. And despite the fact that school starts next week, I've pretty much fallen back into the usual pattern. I've got some new work from someone who wants to junk their computer. And I just bought a crapload more Anime (ahhhhhh!!!! I've gona crazy for anime!!!). The two new Anime that I'm getting are:
   * .hack//Sign
   * Please teacher
     Now, I know that second one sounds dirty (and to be quite honest, it is a little), but it's actually got an awesome sounding plot! Here's the gist of it (WARNING! 23Mb! Right Click and save target as!!!). Besides that I relly don't have to much to talk about. Except I'm gonna try Sure! I know what you're all thinking: "Has Kit gone crazy?! That's a scam!!!" But look!!! Justification!! So if you feel like lending me a hand, sign up! And go through one trial period! It doesn't need a credit card number. It only needs you address. And, if enough people go for it, there'll be free ipods for all. And, as additional justification, my sister's boyfriend does this ALL THE TIME. In fact, just this morning he recieved another season of highlander, and a wireless mouse and keyboard system FOR ONE TRIAL. He does it all the time to! He gets free crap all the time. So, I thought (after watching him mock me again) that I should give it a shot. And so, I gave felipe a helping hand and I'm going for it too!!!

If you are going to sign up and want to help me, please use either the link to free that I gave you adove or this link:

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August 24, 2004


Huzaa for 200 comment's!!!!!!!!!! Here's you Anime-tastic prize!!!
When Chobits goes from Comedy to Drama this is the ending theme (when the credits roll after dramatic stuff this plays)
This is the ending theme for FLCL by the Pillows
This is also by the Pillows and also in FLCL
Since there's so much pillows stuff, here's a picture!

Huzaa for linux!!!

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August 23, 2004


     Happy Dappy Birthday Andrew!!!!!!!!! Wow! So you're 16 now too eh? Nifty! Well, f you haven't already figured out, I'm back in Good 'ol Bethesda, and happy to be here. Anyway, Not to much interesting has happened between my last post and now, but here's the run-down anyway:
   * Got some Birthday Presents from my sister Liz while in California (Scary Movies 1, 2, and 3, an ocorina, and a pan flute) and managed to break the clay ocorina within about a day (GODDAMN YOU VIDEO GAME FINGERS!!!)
   * Celebrated my Grandma's Bithday with a big brunch
   * And watched a movie called Honey which basically had a bunch of stereotypical people doing stupid stuff. I thought the only good part was when the rich executive suddenly turned black.
     That was pretty much all that was interesting that happened on my trip. I'm home, and I've been up since five am. I r tired.

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August 20, 2004


In honor of this, my 100th entry in my blog 'o greatness, everyone who comment's on this entry get's a link to a random picture generator thingy. It'll be a week before you get it though! But you do have to post within three days! Here's all you have to do:
1) Post including you're real e-mail address
2) If you don't want anyone to know what your e-mail is than just put some gibberish in the URL field
3) wait a week, I have a lot of info to process to get this right!!

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August 19, 2004

Bloody Chest and Poison Oak

     Well Brian, I think you're the only one left reading this... except maybe Andrew, but he never posts so he may as well not be reading it. Anyway, if you are reading you should probibly post people! That's my mini-rant about how I think that people should post.
     Anyway, now to explain the title. Like I said, I had a surfing lesson about two days ago, but what I didn't tell you is that I didn't wear a wetsuit and the board was surprisingly scratchy. So my chest hurt a little bit (like I had spent a day at waterworld or something), but I didn't really think to much of it. Then, yesterday, when I went surfing (with a wetsuit this time!) I came out and my chest looked like a scraped knee. Yeah, it's all like covered in scabs and it hurts. Ow. owowowowowowowowowowow.... Sorry, just thought I should share my day.
     Now to explain the second part of the title. My dad apparently got poison oak for the first time and he's like:
"Don't pet those cat's Kit! They might have poison oak on their fur!" (Which can happen with outdoor cats) And I really laugh because I've had poison oak twice and poison ivy at least 8 times, and the outbreaks are so bad my doctor gave me a special perscription for some steroid pills to make it heal faster. And yet my dad still acts like I don't know what the stuff is. All I had to say to him is:
"Now you know how I feel." Besides that, not much is going on.

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August 17, 2004

Huzaa for Chobits!

     Huzaa! I just finished Chobits (an anime series that I absolutely love (huzaa!(HUZAA!!))) and really the only reason I'm telling you this is cause I felt like I must come off as the devil after yesterday's entry (okay really today's earlier entry but you know what I mean), and I thought I'd just give you the flip side of me. Chobits started out as a comedy which was pretty (ahem) male oriented, but towards the 15th episode it turns into a pretty girlish drama. And not to give anything away, but in the end it's a "love triumphs over all" kinda situation and it made me all warm and fuzzy cause I was like "HOORAY FOR HIDEKI AND CHII!!" And it was chick fliktastic. So anyway, this was what I expected to happen and it seemed like the way the story was meant to be. Where as in Manchurian Candidate, it seemed like the script writers didn't want anyone to be depressed so they made it all happy-go-lucky. Blech! YOU BASTARDS RUINED A PERFECTLY GOOD MOVIE!
     Besides that, I went and had some surfing lessons today. I did alright, but I kept not doing one thing (which, for sake of brevity, I won't explain) and so when I tried to stand up I wiped out. So after two hours (and only like 3 successful surfs), we decided we'd rent some boards and wetsuits and we're gonna surf like all this week. That's bout all that happened today. And for Brian, after episode 12, the out-of-synchyness goes away.

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Manchurian Canidate...? Interesting...

     Hullo. As if you can't guess from the title, I saw the Manchurian Candidate. It was an interesting movie, but it left me a little grumpy about the ending. It definitely had a "good will overcome the overpowering evil" kinda feel when it was done, where in my opinion it should have been much more dark and depressing. Sure, it may make me sound like a dark and depressing gothy kinda person to say that, I know, but it felt way to much like 1984 and Brave New World to have an ending like that. Basically, in the end...
Denzel Washington defies his programming and shoots the evil guy, despite the fact that he is "programmed" not to know what the hell he's doing.
In my opinion, it should have played out exactly how the bad guys planned it and you should feel like you do now. Which is this:

1) You don't have power, you never will, and the only way you ever would, would be if you were born into it.
2) No matter how hard you try, the enemy has the following upperhands:
     * They already watch you
     * They already have crushed "usurpers" like you and they will again
     * They have technology, money, and power
     * They know how to manipulate everyone around you to think that you're crazy
3) You have not, cannot, and will not ever beat "them"
     Think about it! These people already know you. They can't be defeated because they already control you. And if you want to know who "they" is, watch "Wag the Dog." It's the story of how a dog is capable of wagging it's tail. And why comparatively, the tiny "tail" of America (the government, major corporations, you name it) wag the dog. Instead of America controlling the tail, the tail controls the dog. WE LOSE! WE CAN'T WIN! HAVEN'T YOU READ 1984 YET?!

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August 16, 2004

If there were ever a more un-original title.....

     Well, I'm still in California, if you didn't already guess. So far it's been a fairily pleasant trip (but my dad is still turning everything into an argument and generally being bitter), but besides that I've enjoyed the like 5 minutes that I haven't been spending spastically running around. I finally got my old megaman X game back (it's been sitting up in my grandma's house for 2 years now, along with an snes and a couple other games) and I realized that it's probibly one of my all time favorite games ever. I know like every curve of the game (every friggin' retarded secret the damn programmers could imagine to hide in a game) and I beat the whole game in about an hour with only four lives lost. I got to see my sister who's been working at Miramax and CNN all summer (even though I technically did see her during my time in Michigan it wasn't nearly as exciting as L.A.) and she was telling me about how she's actually temping as the boss now because like 96.7% of Miramax was fired when Disney refused funding after several scuffles with the guys who run Miramax.
     What else, what else?! Ummmmmm... I'm kinda bummed cause I can't read all my webcomics (the like 15 that I now regularly read) cause at my grandma's house she has dial-up and the pictures are outragously high quality on most sites. I'm also kinda pissed cause my grandma's computer kick's some major ass even though she has no idea how to use it and her accountant refuses to use it cause she doesn't like how overly high tech it is (she's used to using a computer that's so old it has no hard-drive and instead uses two floppy disks (you know the old "floppy" floppy disks!) one has the program and the other has the data!) and so this awesome (well, not amazing, but it's a hell of a lot better than my crappy (but awesome!) computer that I regularly use!) computer goes to total waste. I have to stop using so many parentesies. That's pretty much all that's happened with me. I've been watching a lot of Anime, and I have like 15 movies that I brought with me. And I plan on playing a lot of Mario RPG. All right, I'm done. Oh, and just so that you know why these updates are happening so late at night, it's cause I'm three hours behind you people. So I'm updating this at 11:48PM, whereas for you, it's now 2:48AM So that's why these are late. Allrightgoodnight!

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August 14, 2004

5 Away from 100

     Sup everybody. I'm in California, I'm actually also in a mac shop abusiing the internet access that they offer. Anyway, I just wanted to get up a post telling everyone where I am and to tell you that I'll be back on the 23rd. Now, That's all I really have time for cause the ipod lady is booting me off. I'll put up a more complete entry when I get to where I'm going. Ciao for now. ALL RIGHT LADY JESUS CHRIST I'M GETTING OFF!

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August 12, 2004


     Sup everybody (yep, all 6 of you), sorry bout the lack of udate yesterday. But unfortunately after working from 6 to 11, and then getting home at 11:30, not only was I tired, but the internet was down. So after desparately trying to get the internet working for bout an hour I went to bed, updateless. But, as I just said, since really only like 6 people read this somehow I doubt that anybody really cares. But! On to the post!
     Yup, yesterday blew. It was kinda nice cause I finished all the "long term" work I had to do, but it was still work, and a lot of it. But after the people who's computer I fixed fed me dinner I was hard pressed to stay angry at them for no apparent reason. So after mentally exaughting myself trying to get the 450,000 things they needed to have done to their network to get it woking, I had more issues and then the issues had issues than one of the computers imploded for no apparent reason then the military guys burst in and it turned out to be a group of crazy revolutionaries who wanted pieces of suburbia for themselves. So after I killed the crazy revolutionaries (I actually just explained the inherent flaws in communism and their faces imploded) I kicked the evil issue ninja who lived in side their computer (actually I just said hey wait you don't exist! and he went I don't? and dissaperred).
     So that was the fun fun day I had yesterday (I'll never get the blood out of my t-shirt!), but it actually sucked, and I never want a job doing in-home computer it ever again. Then of course I came home to udate my blog and it turned out the the computer issue ninja hadn't really dissaperred (fuck I'm spelling that wrong aren't I?), but he'd actually gone to the computer issue ninja master and found out that he did exist and that the reason he had doubted himself was because he actually was meant to be on my computer. Not on the computer I was working on. So he stabbed me in the shins whenever I got to close to proving that verizon couldn't care less that I had important blog related work to do, and so now my ankles hurt. And that was yesterday.
     Today nothing happened.
     Tommorow, I go to California.
     In the near future, giant radioactive cats of doom? Only time will tell.
This was when I was finishing one of those "long term" projects
It was a person, now it's an egg
Mothers Against Raw Milk (MARM)
He just saw something he wasn't meant to see
Listen to Uncle Road Rage!
His pupils (irises?) didn't look right, so now he's a zombie
Huzaa for zombie
to make up for the lack of eyes in the last two doodles: here
I'm sure by "fight" she meant "argument," but I just thought it seemed funny.

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August 10, 2004

When japanese ATTACKS!

     Well, sometime yesterday I suddenly got the impulse to want to write a bunch of japanese. So I've desparately been trying to remeber all the Japanese (or Nihongo) that I could. I remembered the silly stuff which is fun to explain (like that the kanji for cat translates to "beast weed of the rice patty") but I found I lost a lot of words. I still knew like sentence structure, but I couldn't remember all the letters. So anyway, What you see in my first doodle is the culmination of as much Japanese that I could remember (of course not ALL that I remember, but it was amazing to me that I could write that many complete sence making sentences).
     Besides my flurry of japanese-ness, I had my teeth cleaned today. And apparently, because I didn't come into have them cleaned last year, I have to get $800 worth of work done to get some sealants! ACK! And for some odd reason, the lady who cleaned my teeth really put me off. I don't know why, she just made me angry. Well, I'm feeling lazy so I'll just end my blog entry here and leave you with doodles!

Here's my Japanesy accomplishment. Try and translate it!

Japanese girl saying "Hai!" or "Yes!"
Doesn't look right... Kinda ducky
This was supposed to be tedd from

Man the code for the hint and the answer was a pain in the ass, but I think it paid off! I stole it from shockwave's preloader code if you're wondering. Oh, and the reason that it's all on one solid line of code is because the blog program automatically places br tags at newlines so if you're looking to steal this code, put newlines after every semicolon.

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August 09, 2004

Well, birthday is done, let's see the damage.

Sup everybody, I finished my Birthday with minimal injury, and walked away with some pretty nifty gifts. Such as...
* The Lord of the Rings 1 special extended edition DVD
* The Lord of the Rings 2 special extended edition DVD
* The Lord of the Rings 3 not specially extended edition DVD
* A sonicare toothbrush
* A nifty 76000 in 1 gaming system complete with 2 controllers and a light gun thing
* The Big Labowski DVD
* A book of Dirty Jokes written in the 70s and therefore is horribly outdated
* The metropolis DVD
* and some other stuff which I'm not thinking about right now
Anyway, My birthday was fun, I went to dinner at the new Rio Grande and had waaay to many fajitas, then came home and played duck hunt with the nifty laser gun thing on my 76000 in 1 gaming maboober. I mowed the grass for like 3 hours cause my back lawn kept growing back as I mowed it (I thnk some of the grass actually snarled at me when I got to close), and then took a shower. I had fun trying to remember all the japanese I learned this year in drivers ed and I wrote some of the words down on the daily doodles. Yup, that's about all that's interesting that's happened. Oh, except I need to say that Louie was the final person to say Happy Birthday to me. Yup:

Meh, I like my noses more pointy than rounded
Angry Cow
Dog? Fox Thing? Meh, I couldn't remember "nu" in japanese... and why is he so light?!

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August 08, 2004

Victories on the Birthday BattleField

Huzaa! It's my birthday! I'M 16!!!!
Anyway, here's the birthday Battle Field results which will be updated throughout the day:

People who've said "Happy Birthday!" (with or without the enthusiasm) (listed in the order recieved):

1) Liz (my sister) 12:31 AM
2) Rebecca (the quiz monster 5000) 3:06 AM
3) Sarah (wow, I still can't believe that she remembers me at all!) 9:32 AM
4) Sam (the one who started using my blog comments section as a personal shout-out board) 12:44 PM
5) My Mom (who really, was the only one polite enough to wait till I was awake) 12:54 PM
6) Carol (the person who has me do the out of sync 1:01 PM
7) Barbara (who always manages to raise a smile) 1:08 PM
8) Brian (yep, I know he reads my blog) 2:37 PM
9) Lauren (My other sister) 4:32 PM
10) Chris (Lauren's Boyfriend) 5:45 PM
11) Felipe (a linux buddy of mine) 9:04 PM

Points for how nice they've been (my mom always wins so she's just not up here):
1) Sam invited me to mini putt, got me a present (metropolis DVD), and actually went to mini golf with me!
2) Brian who invited me to go to a theme park
3) Liz for being first on the list she gets big points
4) Sarah remembered my birthday
5) Rebecca who remembered my birthday and some other stuff
6) Barbara who I'm not surprised remembered my birthday
7) Chris well, nothing to amazing, but at least he said it
8) Lauren she's my sister, of COURSE she remembered
10,000) Carol who gave me more work (boooooooo!)

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August 07, 2004

Grump grump grump

     Sup everyone, I know, I know.... I said daily updates for two weeks and I totally shot that out the windows when I missed doing it yesterday. But, like I said, I had work and poker. Anyway, I only had one doodle and didn't have much of a story so yesterday's post would have been incredibly generic anyway and I would have sucked too much story out of today to make any kind of interesting post. Well, here I go:
     Ignore this paragraph, this is a nerd's only thing. Unless you want to hear how I can talk, even though I am nice enough not to bore you. Yesterday's work was a total bitch. I went to staples and got an internal wirless card for the guy that I'm working for and then we went to his house and I installed it. They're trying to set up this acient machine as a fileserver, but I'm not sure that the 40gb harddrive that they got will work with the current bios. And if I have to flash the bios I am going to be fucking pissed. Sadly enough, I didn't even get to finish work there cause they didn't have any ethernet cable to hook up their machie to the network. AND THEY HAD TWO MODEMS IN THE SAME MACHINE!!! WHY?! Unless they were like wardialing then there wouldn't have been much point. and... myep. That was the job I did yesterday. And I just realized that even though it's my birthday tommorow, I said I would come back to finish the job. God damnit I'm a fucking idiot. Well, I'll go there and do work anyway because I know that nothing ever happens on my birthday.
     And the weirdest thing happened. I can't think of anything that I want. Nothing... It's really weird, and I can't figure it out. I just don't want anything. I'm waiting for two games to come out, that's it. Nothing. And it really makes me angry. There should be something that I want to get. Something I hope for, that I really want to do. I don't know. ARGGGG!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK! The only reason I can think of for the lack of fanfare about my own birthday party is cause from a young age I've never had non-family birthday parties because everyone is on vacation and I didn't have many friends anyway so I wouldn't have really invited anyone. The most celebration I've had about my birthday parties was in the last two years where I went to dave and busters. And even then it wasn't like ULTRA SUPER PARTY TIME it was like just an arcade.

Humph... I hate this weird feeling that I should want more, but don't.

Oh, doodle

Oh... right... tommorow is my birthday.

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August 05, 2004

HUZAA! LOOK! I CAN DRIVE!!! ...sort of...

Hey everybody! GUESS WHAT!!!

I'll TELL YOU WHAT! THIS!!!!!!!!!!!


Once again I had written the entire artical and the fucking thing got entirely deleted. I'm gonna try and re-write the whole thing and if anyone bitches that it's crappy I'm gonna come to their house and kill them.

So... Anyway, right after I got back from getting my learner's permit I (to my complete and total surprise) went on a two hour driving spree. My mom hid it under the guise of "wanting me to learn" when really I just ran errands with her.
So, my first time driving a car... EVER I drove around a good portion of Bethesda and some of glen echo and D.C. So... now I have a pretty good feel for the car and an idea of how to drive. Yup that pretty much wraps up my day. Oh, and I'm gonna go fix some dudes comp tommorow, and then go play some what I believe to be friendly poker. So... anyway, here's my doodles for today... not so many as usual, but still quite a few:
I don't know why this one is so light. O well, it's a balding fat man.
Someone want to suggest I cut my hair again?! HUH? WHAT? BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The ninja Mushroom
The doodles started to get angry I stabbed one and they started to rebell...

Oh yeah, and just so that everyone knows, it's just 3 days till my birthday.

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August 04, 2004

More drawings

I'm totally hooked on this webcomic called megatokyo... I can't stand it.. it's so awesome... I'm desparately waiting for the next one to come out each day. And sadly enough, I'm doing this with several webcomics:
MegaTokyo, this one kicks ass but does require some video game knowledge. Also, to get some of the jokes you need to know L33t...
This one is just straight up funny
Go Loserz! W00T!
Jack... This one requires a high tolerance for disturbing themes and gratuitious violence. TV: MA+ Graphic Violence, Disturbing Themes, Nudity, and Hell... Literally
To get any of these jokes you need to have played far to many video games....
Anyway, those are all the webcomics I've read and enjoy (note: I've read all of all of those so I know what's there) And I would reccommend reading Jack with a skeptical eye cause it does seem to enforce some religious themes (like gays and abortion), and it's also really disturbing. Anyway, As for my day I've been working with knoppix (which you can really only get why it's cool with heavy technical knowledge) and I rushed home early to go work on some guy's computer but he couldn't today. Anyway, I was still in drivers ed today and so I have some more doodles. These ones are way better than yesterday's and are also mostly in pencil. Anyway, I put mini-descriptions in the links... enjoy!
Oh yeah, I stayed up too late last night... I were tired was....
My third attempt at re-drawing vengence dude... He keeps getting all... not right
My god that teacher just wouldn't shut up...
My god that teacher just wouldn't shut up...
It's a girl! I think.. I wish... okay so I'm trying
Oh yeah, the fire alarms kept going off at school today. Practically every 2 minutes a voice would come over the P.A. and say "There has been an emergen-" and then again... and again... I hypothesiszed about probably causes for such "emergencies"...
That's all for today! Have fun everyone...

Oh and just so that everyone knows, it's 4 days till my birthday...

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August 03, 2004

I dun't loike droiva's ed

Okay so I wrote like the entire thing, and then by some magically annoying mechanism my entire entry was erased. Well... fuck... Anyway, here's what I said already... again...
So I really don't like my Driver's ed teacher. He has this really annoying habit of explaining everythin on the video just before the video explains the exact same thing. It gets really annoying because he always follows his explainations about someone who died because they didn't do what he said they all died.
Anyway, I'll finish this update tommorow, in the meantime, here are the pics I drew today. These ones aren't quite so funny as much as just experimental:

I tried to make a DBZ Style guy, but he failed.
I tried to make the character again... I want to have some cosistant characters!
Another attempt at cosistant characters. This is the dihonor dude from yesterday
A dude in a car being stabbed... pretty straight forward
Hoodies and baggy pants
I tried to draw something cute but it went bad and became a squid...
After that much time having my brain drained via boring speeches
I thought this dude was pretty kickass...
(Insert Generic joke here)... Whoa! I just noticed he has no beard in the second frame... weird...

That's about it for today... night....

Oh yeah, and it's only 5 days to my birthday...

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August 02, 2004

Heeeeeeeee's baaaaaacccckkkkk!!!!!!!

Okay... after a long hiatis due to me... not doing my blog... Ummmmmmmmm... yeah. Anyway, an update:
So this summer has been a tad crazy, my buisness started to well... (insert your own damn pun!) and so I've been on my toes. In addition, I went on vacation for like 1.6 weeks so I haven't really been home or with internet access. But enough excuses on to what you want to hear:
DAILY UPDATES FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS! HUUZAA! And you'll be some of my artistic side because a large portion of my updates will be the "What I drew in Drivers ed class" section. Mmmyep.
Okay, this was my first attempt... The "S" is for sucks
I tried to put in two people, but they just became floating heads... go figure
If you can't tell, this is a guy in a robe... I kinda got carried away when I added leg hair
Don't ask why luigi, or how that joke became so bad, it's just that way...
The ass kicker 5000 (Now with traditional sounding phrases!)
HAAAAA!!! HAHAHAahaahaa... Eyebrows
Like I said, I didn't mean it to, he just became hitler on his own
My Randition of me, defeating what was becoming an exceedingly bad drawing

Oh just so that everyone knows: It's my birthday in 6 days

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